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Positions you can outsource to KDCI

Accounts Payable & Receivable specialist

Bank & Ledger Reconciliation specialist

Financial Statement Preparation specialist

General Accounting & Bookkeeping expert

Inventory Management & Accounting specialist

Ledger Processing expert

Purchase Order Processing specialist

Revenue Accounting expert

Sales Order Processing specialist

Art Director

Collateral designer

Creative Director

Design Quality Assurance specialist

HTML Email designer

Presentation designers

Print & Marketing

Product photo editor

Project Manager

Web & Graphics designer

Web UI/UX designer

White paper designer

Article writer

Blog writer

Content curator

Google Analytics expert

HTML Email Marketing designer

Landing Page designer

Link-building expert

PPC expert

Search Engine Marketing expert

Search Engine Optimization expert

Social Media Marketing expert

User Review Expert

Amazon and Amazon A+ specialist

Catalog management specialist

Content optimization specialist

Data entry specialist

eBay specialist

Home Depot specialist

Inventory Management specialist

Marketplace SKU Creation expert

Product Data Entry specialist

Product Data Management specialist

Product Description writer

Product Photo Editors

API developer

Back-end developer

Front-end developer

Full-stack developer

HTML5 Developer

Java developer

Magento & Magento 2.0 developer

PHP Web Applications Developer

Responsive Website developer

Shopify developer

Web Quality Assurance specialist

WordPress developer

Day-to-day operations with KDCI
We train your team for seamless integration
Your custom team is fully dedicated to your business needs and can seamlessly integrate into your existing business process.
Have full access to your team anytime.
Easily get in touch with your custom team by using Slack, Skype, as well as other online collaboration and project management tools.
Your team grows
with you.
Your custom team grows and evolves together with your business, ensuring you always have a team you can rely on.
We work on improving your team.
We work with you and your team to further improve and optimize your workflow and business processes.
Services we offer

Accounts Payable & Receivable

Bank & Ledger Reconciliation

Financial Statement Preparation

General Accounting & Bookkeeping Inventory

Management & Accounting

Ledger Processing

Purchase Order Processing

Revenue Accounting

Sales Order Processing

Art Direction

Creative Direction

Design Quality Assurance

HTML Email design

Motion Graphics

Presentation design

Print & Marketing Collateral design

Product photo editing

Project Management

Web & Graphics design

Web UI/UX design

White paper design

Article writing

Blog writing

Content curation

Google Analytics

HTML Email

Marketing design

Landing Page design


PPC advertising

Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Optimization

Social Media Marketing

Amazon A+ product management

Catalog management

Content optimization

Data entry

eBay product management

Home Depot product management

Inventory management

Marketplace SKU creation

Product Data Entry

Product Data Management

Product Description writing

Product Photo editing

API development

Back-end development

Front-end development

Full-stack development

HTML5 development

Java development

Magento & Magento 2.0 development

PHP Web Applications development

Responsive Website development

Shopify development

Web Quality Assurance

WordPress development

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