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How much does it cost to outsource to the Philippines?

The outsourcing cost in the Philippines varies based on each job function. For example , if you are looking to outsource your call center, the average cost for a customer service rep is $5.00/hour on the low end and $12.00/hour on the high end. The cost or fees are usually calculated based on skill of the resource, Quantity of resources to be hired, and tenure of contract. Basically, the more people your hire and the longer the contract the lower the price.

There is a balance in finding the most cost effective outsourcing provider in the Philippines.
In the Philippines, outsourcing provider’s calculate their fees based on the employee’s annual salary, benefits, taxes, office space, internet & hardware/tools required for the job. This allows providers to come up with unique service models to fit their respective target markets. The popular outsourcing service models are based on a transparency model. This allows the outsourcing provider to be transparent on the actual monthly cost of the employee and charge a nominal service fee to make a profit.

There is a balance in finding the most cost effective outsourcing provider in the Philippines. That balance is usually determined by the volume of seats you plan on offshoring. Going with a smaller organization allows you much more flexibility than a much larger provider. Larger outsourcing providers mainly target enterprise organizations that are looking to offshore 100 to 1000 seats at a minimum of 3 years commitment. Where as smaller outsourcing providers will get you going with as little as 3 seats with a 6 month commitment.


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