Building Your Own Dedicated Development Team in the Philippines: The Pros & Cons

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November 24, 2023
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Building Your Own Dedicated Development Team in the Philippines: The Pros & Cons
KDCI Outsourcing
February 29, 2024

One of the best ways to get your own dedicated development team in the Philippines is by working with an outsourcing provider. However, some businesses hesitate to work with a third-party company due to concerns over losing control, communication issues, data security risks, and challenges in integrating external teams with internal processes.

So, can you build your own dedicated development team in the Philippines? Let’s talk about the advantages and disadvantages of doing so.

Why Should You Build Your Own Dedicated Development Team in the Philippines?

Choosing to build your own dedicated development team in the Philippines comes with several advantages.

Cultural Similarities

One significant advantage of building your own dedicated development team in the Philippines is the similarity of Filipino culture with Western culture, especially compared to other Asian countries like India or Vietnam. 

The Philippines has a strong historical connection with the West, especially the United States, which has influenced its educational system and business practices. This shared cultural background facilitates smoother communication and collaboration between Filipino teams and Western companies, reducing the cultural gap often encountered in global outsourcing.

Access to the Right Talents

Building your own dedicated software development team in the Philippines allows you to access a wide talent pool, so you can pick and choose the expertise and skills needed for each role in your team

This level of control is a significant advantage, as it ensures that every developer, designer, and analyst on your team possesses the exact knowledge and experience needed to tackle your project's unique challenges. 

Enhanced Control

By building your own Philippine dedicated development teams, you can expect enhanced control over the entire software development process because you can directly manage project timelines, allocate resources efficiently, and make immediate adjustments based on evolving project needs or feedback. 

This level of control will also allow you to closely oversee project progress, from the initial planning stages through to final delivery, ensuring that every aspect of the software development project aligns with your business objectives and quality standards.

Better Collaboration

Building your own dedicated development team in the Philippines offers a stark contrast to working with a team of freelancers, particularly in terms of collaboration and cohesion. 

A dedicated team provides a unified environment where members collaborate closely, ensuring seamless communication. This level of teamwork is essential for project success, as it guarantees that everyone is fully aligned with the company's culture and objectives, pursuing shared goals with a collective commitment. 

In comparison, while freelancers can offer flexibility and specialized skills, the disparate nature of their work can sometimes lead to challenges in achieving the same level of coherence and alignment with the company's vision, potentially impacting the project's overall direction and unity.

Dedicated Development Team

Having your own dedicated development team means benefiting from a group of professionals wholly committed to your project's success over the long term. This dedication ensures a level of consistency and reliability in development efforts that is hard to achieve with temporary teams or external contractors. 

The continuous focus of a dedicated team allows them to develop a deeper understanding of your business objectives, technology stack, and market challenges. This allows them to tailor their efforts more precisely to the company's needs, ensuring that the solutions they create are not only technically sound but also strategically aligned with the company's goals.

Cost Efficiency

Building your own dedicated development team can lead to significant cost efficiencies over time, making it a financially sound strategy compared to outsourcing or contracting external agencies. 

While the initial investment in recruiting and setting up an in-house team might seem substantial, the long-term benefits often outweigh these costs. One of the primary financial advantages is the reduction of overheads associated with third-party fees, which can accumulate significantly over the duration of a project. 

Why Should You Reconsider Building Your Own Dedicated Development Team in the Philippines?

Like any business strategy,building a dedicated development team in the Philippines without proper guidance or support from a reliable outsourcing partner can bring a number of disadvantages, such as the following.

High Initial Investment

Building a dedicated development team involves significant financial and time investment upfront, starting with the recruitment and hiring process that requires resources for extensive searches, job postings, and possibly relocation expenses for top talents. 

After forming the dedicated teams, the commitment continues with competitive salaries and benefits to retain skilled developers, alongside investing in the necessary physical and technical infrastructure, including workspaces, servers, software licenses, and development tools. 

These cumulative costs make up the substantial initial investment needed to establish a high-performing tech team.

Time-Consuming Recruitment

The recruitment of a dedicated development team presents a time-consuming challenge, particularly in securing Philippine talent that not only matches the technical skill requirements but also aligns with the company's culture. 

This extended recruitment phase in the software development team can lead to delays in project kick-off and milestones. For businesses operating on tight schedules or looking to quickly capitalize on market opportunities, these delays can translate into missed deadlines, slower time-to-market, and potential financial implications. 

Management Challenges

Building your own dedicated development team introduces a set of management challenges that demand additional efforts and resources. 

Overseeing a team, especially one focused on complex development projects, requires addressing the nuances of team dynamics, motivating individuals, and ensuring consistent productivity and quality of work. You may need to hire an additional project manager to help you with the task, leading to higher operational expenses.

Scaling Difficulties

As projects evolve, the demand for additional resources or different skill sets can arise, necessitating a rapid adjustment in the size and composition of the dedicated software team. 

However, scaling an in-house team is not as straightforward as it might seem. It involves navigating the complexities of recruitment, onboarding, and integration of new team members into existing workflows, all of which can be time-consuming and resource-intensive processes.

Ongoing Training Costs

Maintaining a dedicated development team's effectiveness necessitates ongoing investment in training and development to ensure that team members' skills remain up to date with the latest technologies and methodologies. 

This continuous learning is crucial to ensure that the dedicated development team stays competitive in the rapidly evolving tech landscape, but it also represents a significant ongoing cost for businesses.

Build Your Development Team in the Philippines

When you build your own dedicated development team in the Philippines, you’ll get an offshore team that can provide you with high-quality service without breaking the bank, all while letting you keep the control over your operations.

For businesses that lack the expertise to build their own teams, work with a company like KDCI who can build you a dedicated development team that will work according to your specific requirements and needs. We’ll also take care of everything for you, from vetting, training, and certifying developers to managing the development project, allowing you to better focus on your core business operations.

Click the button below to learn more about how we’ll build a team for you.

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