How to Beat the Summer Heat in the Philippines

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May 14, 2020
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How to Beat the Summer Heat in the Philippines
KDCI Outsourcing
September 6, 2023

Living in a tropical country has conditioned us to deal with heat. Every time summer rolls around, we expect to beat the season like we always do. But every year, summer hits never-before-reached heat indexes and gets even hotter than the year before.

10 Tips to Beat the Summer Heat

Working from home has removed us from the comfortable air conditioning of our offices, and having one at home would mean higher electricity bills.So, to help you manage the heat at home and save electricity at the same time, here are 10 things you can do:

1. Get hydrated with lemon water.

Get hydrated with lemon water to beat the heat

Drinking lots of water sounds like the best way to get hydrated. Take it up a notch by adding lemon wedges or squeezing lemon juice into your glass of water for additional benefits like vitamin C, weight control, better skin quality, and kidney stones prevention.

2. Steer Clear of Excessive Caffeine.

coffee on a business table

Research shows that caffeine has mild diuretic effects, which can drive your body to produce a higher amount of urine and contribute to dehydration. But don't worry, coffee lovers -- if the caffeine temptation is too strong to resist, you can still have your favorite cup of coffee as long as you drink it moderately.

3. Eat Smaller Food Portions

empty plate with fruits on side

A spike in your body temperature will only make the heat feel worse. Prevent this by limiting your consumption of foods that take longer to digest. The more you eat, the more heat that your body will produce, so have smaller food portions to avoid slowing down your digestion.

4. Try Some DIY Cold Treats

strawberry popsicles to beat the summer heat in the philippines

A variety of cold foods available in the market comes with summer. With the quarantine still in place, you can resort to DIY creations that can cool you down. With the right ingredients and kitchen tools, go local and international with your dishes, from halo-halo, mais con yelo, and sago't gulaman to dalgona coffee, flavored milk tea, and fruit smoothies.

5. Learn Your Body's Cooling Points

Here's a life hack to easily cool down -- your body's cooling points. Your neck and wrists are the most well-known. Aside from these, the insides of your elbows, knees, and ankles and the top of your feet are other common cooling points. Once you've determined the most convenient place for you, apply a towel-wrapped ice to this area to quickly and effectively cool down.

6. Know the Symptoms of Heat-Related Illnesses

It might be hard to accept that even when staying inside the house, anyone is still susceptible to heat-related illnesses and emergencies such as heat stroke, heat rash, heat cramps, and heat exhaustion. Just in case all else fails, get one step ahead of them, and have the ability to recognize their symptoms. And if the worst occurs -- knock on wood -- you'll know what to do to best help the victim.

7. Get Creative With a DIY Aircon

DIY aircon to beat the heat in the philippines

As much as you want to switch on your aircon all day every day, mounting electricity bills would be a slap of reality to that fantasy. It's a good thing that creativity can help you through tough times. If you have ice and a spare fan, you can already start your own aircon projects with other items at home, such as styrofoam and plastic soda bottles.

8. Refrigerate Your Skin-care Products

skincare products on a table

Most of us have a skincare routine that we stick to day and night. To add a twist to your regular routine, keep your skincare products inside the refrigerator. Once it's time to use your skincare products, experience a refreshing sensation and a soothing effect when applying your lotions, moisturizers, and creams.

9. Exercise at the Right Place and Time

It's easy to let the quarantine and the weather turn into excuses to stop exercising. But just because it's hot doesn't mean that you can't do your regular workouts anymore. Exercise early in the morning or later in the evening -- the weather during these hours is a little cooler. Plus, with thousands of fitness videos online, you can use them as a guide when doing your workouts at home.

10. Check on Your Fur Babies

dog on a pink background

Even pets are affected by this seemingly never-ending heat. Keep an eye for symptoms of heatstroke, which can go from rapid panting and drooling to seizures and coma. Prevention is still better than cure, and you can save your fur babies from this by giving them a well-ventilated space, always providing them fresh drinking water, and avoiding exercises under hot weather.

Cooling Down in the Summer

The overwhelming summer heat has caused many discomforts since the start of the season. These tips can help relieve the uneasiness brought by the hot weather.Are you working from home? Check out these tips to stay productive.

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