KDCI's Modern Filipino Year-End Party 2023

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December 7, 2023
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KDCI's Modern Filipino Year-End Party 2023
KDCI Outsourcing
February 25, 2024

Can you believe that another year is already coming to an end? 

To celebrate a year’s worth of achievements, memories, and milestones, KDCI celebrated its year-end party 2023 on December 3 at Oasis Manila. With a modern Filipino theme, everyone flaunted their fashionable Barong Tagalog and Filipinianas, each incorporating their own twists into it. Come with us to reminisce about this wonderful night that many of us looked forward to!

Diving Into the Amazing Night

Though the program does not begin till 7PM, our HR team and our CEO were already on the scene hours before to make sure that everything is in place and everyone is greeted with a warm KDCI welcome.

Our Very Own Stars: KDCI’s Got Talent

The evening kicked off with KDCI’s Got Talent, a talent competition that allowed members from different departments to show off their talents and try to win the hearts of their colleagues, as well as the top spot in the competition. 

Though this segment is held every year, this year, one of the criteria for winning was to give a performance that matched the Modern Filipino theme of the occasion. 5 contestants gave their best, and three won, bringin home the cheers and applause of their colleagues, as well as some well-deserved cash prizes to reward their efforts.

First Place: Jevy Sumulong’s Flag Twirling Experience

Our champion of the night was Jevy Sumulong from Kole Imports who wowed us with his international talent, flag twirling. With his brilliant choreography, dazzling showmanship, and numerous flags, Jevy performed to “MAPA” by SB19, “Sirena” by Gloc 9, and “Panalo” by Ez Mil.

As the champion of this year’s talent competition, Jevy advises future contestants, “[a]lways do your best and make sure that you will be able to captivate your audience to win the crown.”

Second Place: Gio Adriano’s Limitless Performance

Coming a close second is Gio Adriano from CPO PIM, who showcased his versatility as a performer. Elegantly swaying to Filipino classics like “Cariñosa, Gio surprises everyone when he did a split second costume change and broke the dance floor with modern songs like“Water”, “Drink Your Water Bhie (DYWB)”, and “Gento”. 

According to Gio, his dance number represents the complexity of Modern Filipinos, illustrating the coexistence of traditional beliefs with modern culture. But at the end of the day, what matters is how you see yourself. As Gio says, “[p]repare something you'll enjoy because what matters the most isn't the title or how people will see you but how proud you'll be of your performance.”

Third Place: Jazz Veridiano’s Kundiman

To round up our 3 winners for the talent competition, we have Jazz Veridiano from the Creatives Department who serenaded the party with her angelic vocals. Her rendition of “Ang Tangi Kong Pag-Ibig” transported us to the late 19th century Philippines, when kundiman was popular.

What a marvelous performance it was, especially considering how little time Jazz had to prepare due to a last minute song change. At the end of the day, what matters isn’t perfection, but action. In Jazz’ words, “Join lang nang join, and be part tayo palagi mga events ng KDCI.”

The Rap Sensation

Besides the winners of the competition, we also had the pleasure of listening to John Lery Caingat from Cedar who gave an upbeat rap performance of “Panalo” by Ez Mil. 

His rap performance was storytelling at its finest, weaving tales of the everyday struggles and triumphs of Filipino people. By the end of his performance, the audience was in a grove, moving to his beat.

The Bebot Babes 

All the contestants were individual performers save for KDCI’s admin and recruitment team who did a montage of traditional Filipino and modern Filipino dances. They started off with a harana, then rocked to “Bebot” by Black Eyed Peas. Most entertaining was their modernization of the classic Filipino dance, Tinikling, where their feet tipped in and out of bamboos that opened and closed to the beat of modern music. The dance number is truly a marvel of synchronicity and a seamless merging of the old and the new. 

A Modern Filipino Feast 

The best parties have the best food. And that’s how everyone found themselves piling their plates with sumptuous Filipino dishes while sipping on modern cocktails. The meal was as modern as it gets – the buffet was a mix of classic lechon, beef caldereta, and fluffy white rice with more modern creamy pasta, cricket stew, and fish fillet. Everyone had their fill and then some, ending the night with sweet desserts, coffee, and more cocktails!

Fun and Games – KDCI Style!

The KDCI’s Got Talent performances set the bar very high, but the games segment that followed was the cherry on top, injecting a playful spirit into our already joyous evening.

"Pera o Bayong" - A Thrilling Challenge

Sticking to a modern Filipino theme, we had "Pera o Bayong," a game started and popularized by… KDCI played its own twist on this classic game, using trivia games to dwindle down the number of game participants to four. After which, the remaining contestants were asked to choose between pera and bayong. The suspense as each contestant made their choices was palpable. We held our breaths, cheered, and laughed as some unveiled grand prizes, while others found whimsical items (we’re looking at you, chicharon and lambanog) that added a twist of humor to the game. 

Philippine History Quiz Bee - A Battle of Wits

Then came the quiz bee on Philippine history, a segment that was both entertaining and enlightening. Our company president, Ray Jamin, hosted this intellectual showdown, firing question after question, each more challenging than the last. Everyone found their knowledge of the Philippines’ rich and diverse history tested. Many participated and gave their best shot at getting the answers right, and those who succeeded brought home cash prizes to celebrate their wins.

A Round of Applause for Our Awardees

Before ending the program for the night, we wanted to recognize the dedication and hard work of our loyal employees. We called to the stage our colleagues who committed five and ten years of their careers to helping KDCI become the successful company it is today. Below is a list of our 10-year and 5-year loyalty awardees.


Elizabeth Gueco

May Carla Masajo

Michael Djikmans

Lynda Concepcion

Timothy Paul Leijon


Angela Rose Hidalgo

Annie Macawile

Daniel John Israel Gutierrez

Darwin Medrano

Dave Warren Hans Co

Genesam Credo

Nikki Lanic

Marscel Miranda

Mike Andrew Santos

Mumtazah Umal

Rachelle Joy Santos

Rosalinda Esmade

Honoring Achievements and Unity

We ended the night with an uplifting speech from our CEO, Tony Layug, that not only reflected on our past achievements but also reinforced the values and aspirations of our company. 

At KDCI, we foster a culture of appreciation and support, evident in our grand annual celebrations that honor everyone's contributions. The night's energy, filled with dancing, laughter, and camaraderie, perfectly mirrored this ethos, reminding us that our collective efforts and unity are the keystones of our success. 

This memorable event was not just a celebration of the year's wins but also a testament to our commitment to nurturing a workplace where every member feels valued and empowered.

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