Time Management Tips for Productive Remote Employees

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May 26, 2020
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Time Management Tips for Productive Remote Employees
KDCI Outsourcing
September 6, 2023

With all the things going on in your home, being productive with the WFH setting can be difficult if you don’t know effective time management.Some members of our KDCI team attended a webinar called Time Management and Productivity in the Time of COVID. So, to share what we learned to everyone, here are the key takeaways of that webinar.

The Four Cs of Time Management

1. Create

Create a dedicated workspace far from the busy areas in your home to avoid distractions, like the living room and kitchen. Additionally, create ground rules with your family about your work setting.To manage your time, create a list of daily tasks and schedule them based on priorities or deadlines. You can share this with your family as well, so that they’ll know when you’ll be busy.

2. Communicate

Communicate expectations with your superiors, team members, clients, and other co-workers. Talk about your specific working hours, speed of email response, and your productivity tracking.If you’re a leader, communicate through scheduled team meetings and one-on-one sessions to check everyone’s performance and personal situation.

3. Calculate

Calculate your time to complete your tasks so that you’ll be aware of how much time you spend per task.For leaders, calculate the speed of your team members to complete tasks so that you can see their speed and ability to complete tasks.

4. Check

Check on the trends in your productivity, tasks, and schedule. Find the time where you’re most productive, and manage your time between work and personal matters.See what can be improved in your current set-up and how you can accomplish that.

time management tips for work from home

Time Management Strategies to Increase Productivity

1. Pomodoro Technique

Set a timer for 25 minutes and dedicate that solely to work, without distractions. When the timer rings, take a short break and repeat until your task is finished.

2. To-do List

The most popular time management technique. All you have to do is create a checklist for daily and weekly tasks and cross items out once completed.

3. Time Boxing

Set specific times for your tasks to create a reliable routine, especially for personal activities like household chores.

4. "Eat the Frog"

Start with your biggest or most difficult task so you can get it out of the way and be inspired in dealing with other, smaller tasks.

5. Avoid Time-Wasters

Stay away from things that make you linger on them, such as checking your social media accounts.

6. Prioritize

Based on your list of tasks, select which of your tasks must be finished immediately, can be delegated, or can be canceled to give way to other tasks.

time management tips for remote employees

Time Management and Productivity Apps

  • monday.com
  • Monitask
  • Paymo
  • toggl
  • Buddy Punch
  • Clockify
  • Rescue Time
  • TomatoTimer (for Pomodoro Techqnique)

Balance Work and Life with Time Management

Using these tips, you can balance your time with work, family, and yourself. If you’re having trouble with productivity, don’t hesitate to communicate with your immediate supervisor so that they can help you.If you want to watch the full webinar, visit this link.

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