Top Graphic Design Software & AI Tools Used By Offshore Design Teams (2024)

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Top Graphic Design Software & AI Tools In Creative Outsourcing
KDCI Outsourcing
May 6, 2024

Getting amazing graphics and designs, but unsure of how your outsourced graphic designer is making them?

Whether you're a business owner learning about how designers produce art works or you’re a designer looking for software to use, this guide gives a quick overview of what you need to know about the top graphic tools available, ranging from photo editing to AI.

Top 5 Graphic Designs Software

Graphic design software are the bread and butter of digital design, bridging imagination to life. Below are some industry favorites, each offering unique functionalities:

  • Adobe Photoshop: As a tried and true classic, Photoshop is the most used design tool among graphic designers. Because of its proven reliability and flexibility, it remains a top choice whether you’re photo editing or creating intricate digital paintings.
  • Sketch: For Mac users, Sketch is a vector-based software, ideal for creating sleek interfaces, web elements, and engaging app designs. It’s particularly useful in designing icons, banners, and social media graphics.
  • Adobe Illustrator: For designers who use vector graphics heavily, Adobe Illustrator allows you to create scalable designs that maintain their crispness regardless of size, making it a favorite for creating logos, illustrations, and intricate pattern designs.
  • Adobe InDesign: Merging design with publishing, InDesign is a tool that provides a lot of control over layout, text formatting, and image placement, making it easy to create polished magazines, brochures, and reports.
  • Figma: A design tool that prioritizes collaboration, Figma is a browser-based tool that allows multiple users to work on the same project simultaneously. This makes it perfect for UI/UX design, prototyping, and creating interactive animations. 

Top 5 AI Design Tools

With technology rapidly evolving, designers must learn to utilize AI tools, to help scale design operations and cut costs. Below are some rising stars in the design industry:

  • Dall-E: A pioneer in AI-driven image generation, Dall-E provides instant images from text descriptions, streamlining the creation of unique designs and enriching visual content in projects where traditional photography or illustration falls short.
  • Invideo AI: Adding to the suite of creative video editing tools, Invideo AI offers innovative AI video editing capabilities that seamlessly integrate artificial intelligence to enhance user productivity and creativity in multimedia projects.
  • Microsoft Designer: For those looking to design layouts and styles, Microsoft Designer helps you automate design processes. Through analyzing text and images, it suggests optimized layouts, color schemes, and typographic styles that best suit your purpose.
  • Autodraw: If you’ve already sketched some designs, you can use Autodraw as to transform rough sketches into more polished drawings. It's particularly useful for creating simple illustrations or diagrams quickly, without needing advanced drawing skills.
  • Looka: For those designing logos to help establish a brand identity, Looka can help. Simply input you preferences, and it will give you logo options and branding elements, catering mainly to startups and small businesses

The Designer's Arsenal

While software forms the core, a graphic designer's toolkit extends beyond the digital realm. Let's explore some essential companions:

  • Pen and Paper: The timeless duo – pen and paper – remain fundamental. Sketching initial ideas, brainstorming concepts, and jotting down notes all find their perfect medium here. Don't underestimate the power of low-fi exploration!
  • Your Computer: The unsung hero, your computer acts as the workhorse that drives your design software. Invest in a machine capable of handling demanding programs. A high-resolution monitor is a designer's dream, offering a crisp canvas for visual precision.
  • Stylus and Graphics Tablet: For those who enjoy working with their hands, they can get the same experience as pen on paper while enjoying all the perks of a digital canvas with a graphics tablet.
  • Storage Devices: Design files tend to be hefty, so ample storage becomes crucial. Cloud storage solutions or external hard drives ensure your creations are safe and readily accessible. Aim for at least a terabyte of storage to accommodate your growing design library.
  • Camera: For designers incorporating original photography into their work, a high-quality camera becomes indispensable. While smartphones offer convenience, a DSLR camera delivers superior image quality, perfect for capturing stunning visuals.

Choosing the Right Tools

With many options available, designers can easily become overwhelmed. To help anyone navigate, here are some tips.

  • Start with the Basics: Begin with a foundational toolset like Photoshop and Illustrator. These versatile programs equip you with a solid skillset applicable across design disciplines.
  • Specialize as You Grow: As you discover your design niche, explore software catering to specific needs. For web design, Sketch might be a perfect fit, while motion graphics artists may gravitate towards After Effects.
  • Free and Open-Source Alternatives: Don't let budget limitations hold you back. Several free and open-source design programs offer robust features. Explore GIMP for image editing or Inkscape for vector graphics.
  • Explore New Technologies: With the advent of AI, designers who enhance their work using new tools and software gain a considerable advantage over their competitors, especially in terms of scale and cost-effectiveness.

Remember, the most important tool is your own creativity! Experiment, explore, and don't be afraid to push boundaries. As your design journey unfolds, your toolkit will naturally evolve alongside your skills and artistic vision.

Work With An Outsourced Graphic Designer

The design world is constantly evolving, so it’s important to adapt new technologies and tools as they emerge. 

At KDCI Outsourcing, our outsourced graphic designers prioritize keeping up with design trends in order to produce next-level designs for our clients. By utilizing tried and tested tools while trying out new design technologies, we help our clients streamline their design processes and cut costs.

Maximize graphic design software for outstanding designs. Hire an outsourced graphic designer today!

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