The Best (LPO) Legal Process Outsourcing Companies In The Philippines

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June 7, 2024
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Top 10 Legal Process Outsourcing Companies In The Philippines
KDCI Outsourcing
June 6, 2024

Legal Process Outsourcing (LPO): What It Is and How It Works

Legal process outsourcing (LPO) is the practice of a law firm or legal department enlisting outsourced legal services from a third party agency or individual to provide support for their legal processes. The most common reasons for outsourcing legal support is to access specialized legal expertise, improve operational efficiency, eliminate staffing concerns, and reduce costs.

The types of legal services involved in LPO may be as simple as administrative support or may be as complex as litigation, with the most commonly outsourced being legal support roles include paralegal, legal researcher, and contract manager

Why Outsource Legal Services To The Philippines

There’s been a surge in demand for legal support services in the last few years, and being a top outsourcing destination, the Philippines is experiencing this trend. However, why are people outsourcing legal services and to the Philippines of all places?

Cost Efficiency

Compared to Western countries, the Philippines has a significantly lower cost of living, reflected in the lower labor rates of legal professionals. For instance, the average rate of a paralegal in the US is $4,212/month while it’s only $486/month in the Philippines. With the other fees involved in outsourcing such as management fee, equipment, and benefits, the cost of outsourcing one paralegal to the Philippines is around $2,900.

By outsourcing to the Philippines, law firms and legal departments can reduce their spending on staffing by up to 70%!

Top Talent

The Philippines has over 8,000 law graduates yearly, most of whom are well versed in common law systems similar to those in Western countries. By working with Filipino legal professionals, law firms and legal departments can expect high standards of legal expertise and a smaller learning curve.

Cultural Compatibility

The Philippines is the 3rd largest English-speaking country globally, and it ranks 2nd for English proficiency in all of Asia. Not to mention, Filipino culture is pretty close to Western cultures, making it much easier to communicate and collaborate well with legal support staff from the Philippines.

Advanced Technological Adoption

In line with the global demand for innovation, most legal outsourcing companies in the Philippines are picking up new technologies such as AI, machine learning, and blockchain to make legal process outsourcing more effective, secure, and cost-friendly. These advancements allow companies to offer more flexibility in outsourcing engagement models that tend to focus on volume rather than full-time equivalents (FTE).

Scalability and Flexibility

With Philippine legal outsourcing companies undergoing digital transformation, they're better able to scale their legal operations, providing clients with improved flexibility so they are better able to adapt to changes in business demands and the market.

This becomes a great advantage to maintain competitiveness in the market and, for this reason, the Philippines is a good destination for legal services that have been outsourced.

Top 10 Philippine (LPO) Legal Process Outsourcing Companies

Looking to outsource your legal services? Below are the top legal services outsourcing companies in the Philippines.

KDCI Outsourcing

Based in Ortigas CBD, Philippines, KDCI Outsourcing is a company that provides tailored  (LPO) legal process outsourcing services. They're known to build great offshore legal services teams by finding the right fit through sourcing roles such as paralegals, legal researchers, and contract administrators. For law firms and legal departments looking for extensions of their in-house teams, they're a great option for high-quality legal support at competitive costs.

Connext Global

Connext Global is a foreign-owned Philippine legal process outsourcing company known for its committed teams and flexible outsourcing options. With extensive knowledge in the industry, they can customize the service they provide to individual clients. Some of the key legal positions that are available with them are in the areas of legal assistants, compliance officers, and intellectual property specialists. This service provider is ideal for businesses looking for highly customized LPO solutions with a focus on quality and satisfaction for the client.

Flatworld Solutions

With headquarters in India, Flatworld Solutions is another key player in this industry, with a global spread having service centers in the Philippines. Its USP lies in handling voluminous legal projects with a cost-effective and time-bound approach. Specializing in legal research, litigation support, and document management, Flatworld Solutions is one of the best options for companies seeking scalable legal support services and a strategic outsourcing partner.


Sourcefit is a foreign-owned outsourcing company, headquartered in the Philippines, that provides an unmatched customized LPO, or legal process outsourcing. Their USP lies in the integration of sophisticated technologies and skilled legal professionals to deliver the most accurate legal solutions. The top outsourced roles are for legal analysts, document reviewers, and compliance specialists. Sourcefit is ideal for businesses looking for innovative, technology-driven legal process outsourcing.

Baer Reed

Baer Reed is based in the Philippines and is a foreign-owned company that specializes in top-class quality LPO services. The company's USP is its team of experienced U.S. lawyers who supervise and take responsibility for the quality of all work sent out. Important job roles include contract reviewers, e-discovery specialists, and legal project managers. This is a highly recommended company for U.S. law firms and corporations looking to maintain very high legal standards while outsourcing.

Infosys BPM

A multinational company, Infosys BPM has numerous service centers across the globe, one of which is in the Philippines. Their USP in the LPO market is strong process automation and analytics capabilities, making them highly efficient and accurate. Their services include contract management, litigation support, and legal research. Infosys BPM is the best option for big companies seeking a dependable and technically advanced LPO associate.


Based in the Philippines, PITON-Global is an onshore local outsourcing firm that is quite distinguished for its LPO expertise. Their USP is very deep understanding of local and international legal landscapes that enable one to provide individualised legal solutions. They're particularly good at legal transcription, document review, and paralegal support. PITON-Global fits best with those law firms and businesses who seek effective yet low-cost solutions, where knowledge is power in terms of legal support.


A BPO company, though LPO-capable, primarily operating from the Philippines with its headquarters there, is Microsourcing. It has flexible outsourcing models and a commitment to high service delivery. This company mainly deals with the management of compliance in legal research and the drafting of documents. This company would be recommended for any organization looking for adaptability and reliability in legal outsourcing services.


Emapta, the Philippines-based foreign-owned outsourcing company, offers an extensive array of LPO services. Their unique selling point is the building of dedicated teams that are an extension of the client's in-house team. The company offers roles of legal researchers, compliance officers, and contract administrators. Emapta is best if you're looking for a seamlessly integrated outsourced legal staff within your internal legal operations.

Outsourced PH

Outsourced PH is an LPO company established in the Philippines and is foreign-owned. The firm stakes its reputation on quality assurance and solutions specifically designed for its clients, thereby offering legal assistance with speed and accuracy. The services include legal document review, e-discovery, and contract management. Outsourced PH is ideal for enterprises in need of very reliable, customized legal outsourcing services.

Outsource Legal Services to the Philippines

Legal process outsourcing can help streamline operations, reduce costs, enhance efficiency, ensure compliance with regulatory requirements, and improve overall service quality.

At KDCI Outsourcing, we will build your offshore legal support team in the Philippines based on your requirements to ensure seamless integration with your in-house operations, and provide advanced technological capabilities with AI to enhance efficiency and compliance in your legal processes.

Learn more about legal process outsourcing to the Philippines, contact us today!

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