5 Reasons Why You Need Product Image Editing

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May 27, 2020
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5 Reasons Why You Need Product Image Editing
KDCI Outsourcing
September 6, 2023

Nowadays, people enjoy the convenience of shopping in the comfort of their home—just a few clicks and the transaction is complete. Seeing this growing market, businesses have taken this opportunity to sell online. A multitude of tactics can make online stores stand out, but one proves to be particularly useful—exceptional product imagery.

Why Do You Need Product Image Editing?

A survey by Weebly shows that more than 75% of online shoppers find product pictures influential when deciding if they want to purchase online. This should drive Ecommerce businesses to product photo editing: a marketing strategy to attract potential buyers with compelling photos of your products. With that said, here are five reasons why product photo editing is essential to your success as an Ecommerce business.

1. Excellent Photos Attract Site Visits

For Ecommerce websites, first visual impressions last. Upon clicking a link to an online store, consumers expect to see product photos. Plus, they're good at remembering pictures. Just add a photo to a piece of information, and they'll likely remember 65% of it. To stand out, every product photo needs corrections, touch-ups, and enhancements.

Product image editing can achieve alluring photos that can showcase more details and clarity to your online catalog. Changing backgrounds, adding shadows, removing objects, correcting colors, and adjusting exposure—these are just a few techniques used to achieve an appealing product image. These product photos can become even more visually striking if professionally edited by designers who have the right expertise. With these experts, you'll only need to send one photo and they can do virtually anything to make your product stand out. The final output can then captivate a site visitor's attention, potentially leading to a substantial increase in daily sales.

2. High-Quality Images Get Better Results


High-quality product images are the most influential factor when considering online purchases, according to 47% of US online consumers. For most, these are more important in their buying decisions than product information, description, or reviews. An Ecommerce site with mediocre images lowers the impressions on its branding, which can lead to a decrease in customers' trust and eventually, the decline of an online business. With that said, there's no denying that high-quality product photos boost a potential customer's confidence and trust. Photos edited to achieve the best quality can get better results if optimized to the right size, format, and name. SEO-wise, it can lead to a higher position in the SERP and generate a stronger CTR, and it won't be long before you see higher conversions, longer time on site, and lower cart abandonment rate.

3. Potential Customers Want to See What They're Buying

Taking a good look at a product is more reassuring for your potential buyers. Unable to touch, try, and feel it, an online window shopper relies heavily on images to decide whether to make a purchase or not. These days, it's not even enough to feature one product photo. In the US alone, 51% of online consumers would like to see at least three pictures of a product first before purchasing. Aside from the quality of visuals, they value the number of product images available on your site. This is where product image editing comes in. A finely edited set of images gives potential customers an understanding and representation of what you have to offer. By editing your photos, you can guide your site visitors into seeing your products in the best light, no matter which angle they look at.I Want to Showcase My Products in the Best Light

4. Consistent Editing Enhance Your Branding


One of the most essential assets in your organization is your brand. It makes your business memorable among your customers, and it develops your brand identity. In the populated Ecommerce industry, taking care of your branding has never been more important.

Product image editing is a key element of your branding. No matter how subtle you edit your product photos, you can make your brand shine. Bonus points if you follow a particular style of photo editing for your business, as this lets you establish brand consistency across your product line. This, in turn, can lead to better customer recollection, and they'll feel more confident when purchasing from your business. And for online window shoppers, seeing your edited photos consistent with your branding can build up awareness not only for your products but also for your Ecommerce business.

5. Different Platforms Get Their Customized Image

Recently, Facebook introduced Facebook Shops, a new feature that helps small businesses sell on Facebook and Instagram. With the growing list of Ecommerce platforms available today, there's never been a better time to explore beyond your current online store and bridge more channels to your audience. As you branch out to other online shopping platforms, you'll need product photos that suit well with each interface and deliver the best experience to your potential customers.

Photo editing can help you curate your product images for different Ecommerce platforms without losing the same quality that you have on your site. Better yet, with the right service provider for product image editing, you can guarantee that we have experts knowledgeable of every dimension and design suited for each platform.

I Want the Right Service Provider

Find the Right Resources for Your Product Image Editing Needs

Investing in outstanding product photos positively affects any online venture. From elevating an amateur image to a professional photo, image editing can boost a product's marketability and improve a website's branding and ranking—thereby securing its spot as one of the powerful tools in the world of Ecommerce.However, it can also be time-consuming, especially if you don't have the right set of skills or you lack the right resources. Lucky for you, Ecommerce service providers can give you a hand in navigating the intricacies of product photo editing.

Help Me With Product Image Editing

Published: November 3, 2017

Updated: May 27, 2020

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