Top 10 customer service & sales roles you can outsource to the Philippines

Experience unparalleled efficiency in your operations by outsourcing these content customer service & sales roles to the Philippines with KDCI.
1 of 10 KDCI customer service & sales roles you can outsource to the Philippines: customer service agent


Customer Service Agent

A Customer Service Agent at KDCI Outsourcing provides exceptional support to the client's customers, addressing inquiries and resolving issues promptly and professionally. Their role is crucial in enhancing the customer experience, retaining client-customer relationships, and upholding the client's reputation for excellent customer service.
  • Effective Communication: Clear conveyance and grasp of customer needs
  • Problem Solving: Finding practical resolutions to customer issues
  • Empathy: Understanding and sharing customer feelings and concerns
  • Patience: Maintaining composure and service quality under pressure
  • Product Knowledge: Deep understanding of the company's offerings
  • Adaptability: Flexibility in handling diverse situations and customer responses
1 of 10 KDCI customer service & sales roles you can outsource to the Philippines: sales representative


Sales Representative

At KDCI Outsourcing, our Sales Representatives excel in sales roles, seamlessly engaging potential customers to enhance sales, elevate revenue, and expand the client's customer base, ultimately fostering growth and profitability.
  • Product Knowledge: Well-versed with product/service benefits and features
  • Persuasion Skills: Presents products/services compellingly
  • Communication Skills: Articulating information clearly and effectively
  • Relationship Building: Forms solid bonds with customers
  • Resilience: Maintaining a positive attitude despite rejection or obstacles
  • Negotiation Skills: Navigating deals to reach mutually beneficial agreements
1 of 10 KDCI customer service & sales roles you can outsource to the Philippines: technical support specialist


Technical Support Specialist

At KDCI Outsourcing, our Technical Support Specialists provide comprehensive technical assistance related to the client's products or services to help customers troubleshoot and resolve issues. They play a key role in ensuring seamless user experiences, maintaining customer satisfaction, and upholding the client's reputation for reliable product support.
  • Technical Proficiency: Mastery of product/service technicalities
  • Problem-Solving Skills: Ability to diagnose and resolve technical issues swiftly
  • Communication Skills: Explaining technical concepts in understandable terms
  • Patience: Managing complex issues under pressure without losing composure
  • Customer Service Orientation: Prioritizing user satisfaction and support
  • Adaptability: Keeping pace with evolving technology and user needs
1 of 10 KDCI customer service & sales roles you can outsource to the Philippines: quality assurance specialist


Quality Assurance Specialist

A Quality Assurance Specialist at KDCI Outsourcing meticulously reviews customer interactions and processes with the objective of improving service quality and boosting customer satisfaction. They provide feedback to teams and implement strategies to maintain high quality of customer experience and boost the client’s brand reputation.
  • Attention to Detail: Identifying minor errors that could impact quality
  • Analytical Skills: Interpreting data to assess quality and performance
  • Problem-Solving Skills: Identifying and rectifying quality issues swiftly
  • Technical Knowledge: Understands the technical aspects of products/services
  • Communication Skills: Efficiently reports findings and improvements
  • Quality Standards Knowledge: Proficiency in relevant quality regulations
1 of 10 KDCI customer service & sales roles you can outsource to the Philippines: customer service lead


Customer Service Lead

At KDCI Outsourcing, a Customer Service Lead manages and supports the customer service team, ensuring excellent service that meets client expectations. They coordinate workflows, provide training, handle escalated issues, and track performance metrics, fostering a productive environment and strong client relationships.
  • Leadership Skills: Effectively leads the customer service team
  • Communication Skills: Conveys information and feedback clearly & effectively
  • Problem-Solving Skills: Quickly addresses escalated customer concerns
  • Decision-Making Abilities: Making strategic decisions to improve service quality
  • Team Collaboration: Facilitating cooperation and collaboration within the team
  • Product/Service Knowledge: Deep insight into the company's offerings
1 of 10 KDCI customer service & sales roles you can outsource to the Philippines: gaming support agent


Gaming Support Agent

A Gaming Support Agent at KDCI Outsourcing supports the players of the client's games, addressing inquiries and resolving issues related to gameplay, accounts, in-game purchases, and more. They not only helps improve player satisfaction and retention, but also provide valuable feedback to the client about player experiences and potential.
  • Customer Service Excellence: Delivers standout service to gamers for loyalty
  • Problem Resolution: Addressing of inquiries and resolving issues promptly
  • Empathy and Patience: Understanding and patience in player interactions
  • Gaming Expertise: In-depth knowledge of games and industry trends
  • Technical Proficiency: Familiarity with gaming systems and troubleshooting
  • Communication & Active listening: Conveys information well & listens actively
1 of 10 KDCI customer service & sales roles you can outsource to the Philippines: finance support agent


Finance Support Agent

At KDCI Outsourcing, a Finance Support Agent provides support to the clients' customers by addressing inquiries, assisting with transactions, and resolving issues related to banking and financial services. They ensure high level of customer satisfaction for efficient and effective customer service in the banking and financial sector.
  • Financial Knowledge: Understands banking and finance procedures
  • Communication Skills: Conveys financial information clearly to customers
  • Problem-solving Abilities: Resolution of customer issues with suitable solutions
  • Attention To Detail: Ensures accuracy in financial transactions & documentation
  • Patience and Empathy: Handles concerns with understanding
  • Compliance & Regulation: Understands customer protection rules
1 of 10 KDCI customer service & sales roles you can outsource to the Philippines: hospitality support agent


Hospitality Support Agent

At KDCI Outsourcing, we have Hospitality Support Agents who can handle inquiries, assist with bookings, and resolve issues related to hotel stays or travel arrangements. They enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty, which can lead to repeat bookings and positive word-of-mouth for companies in the hospitality and travel industry.
  • Communication Skills: Effective and friendly communication with customers
  • Customer Service Orientation: Dedication to ensuring customer satisfaction
  • Industry Knowledge: Familiarity with hotel and travel services
  • Problem-solving Abilities: Ability to resolve customer issues and find solutions
  • Multitasking and Organization: Handling of multiple tasks efficiently
  • Adaptability & Flexibility: Can adapt to changing situations and customer needs
1 of 10 KDCI customer service & sales roles you can outsource to the Philippines: e-commerce support agent


E-commerce Support Agent

At KDCI Outsourcing, our E-commerce Support Agents are key figures in sales roles, dedicated to providing top-notch support for online customers. They tackle inquiries, resolve concerns, and play a crucial role in boosting e-commerce success by fostering positive client-customer connections.
  • Product Knowledge: Mastery of E-commerce platform's products/services
  • Technical Skills: Navigating E-commerce systems and technology effectively
  • Communication Skills: Interacting clearly and effectively with customers
  • Problem-Solving Skills: Resolving customer issues swiftly and satisfactorily
  • Patience: Handling customer complaints and queries calmly and professionally
  • Customer Service: Prioritizes satisfaction & relationship building
1 of 10 KDCI customer service & sales roles you can outsource to the Philippines: social media support agent


Social Media Support Agent

A KDCI Outsourcing Social Media Support Agent is a skilled professional who is trained to deliver exceptional support, addressing inquiries and fostering positive experiences on various platforms. Their objective is to enhance brand loyalty and support the client's social media success.
  • Social Media Savviness: Proficiency in using diverse social media platforms
  • Communication Skills: Engaging effectively with customers online
  • Problem-Solving Skills: Resolving customer issues swiftly in a public forum
  • Patience: Handling criticism and complaints calmly and professionally
  • Empathy: Understanding and addressing customer emotions and concerns
  • Quick Responsiveness: Prompt response to maintain customer satisfaction
Outsourcing customer service & sales roles to the Philippines with KDCI delivers a significant boost in customer satisfaction and sales performance, critical for success in the competitive market. If you have specific customer service or sales tasks not mentioned here, don't hesitate to reach out for customized solutions.
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