Top 10 insurance staffing roles you can outsource to the Philippines

Experience unparalleled efficiency in your operations by outsourcing these insurance staffing roles to the Philippines with KDCI.
1 of 10 KDCI insurance staffing roles you can outsource to the Philippines: Insurance Claims Officer


Insurance Claims Officer

At KDCI Outsourcing, our Insurance Claims Officer, central to our insurance staffing roles, manages the client's claims process, reviews claims, determines coverage, and coordinates payouts. Their meticulous attention to detail enhances claims efficiency, customer satisfaction, and helps mitigate financial risks associated with payouts.
  • Insurance Knowledge: Understands insurance policies and claims process
  • Analytical Ability: Interprets claim information for decisions
  • Decision-making: Determines claim approvals or denials
  • Attention to Detail: Scrutinizes claim details for accuracy
  • Communication Skills: Liaises with policyholders and staff
  • Customer Service Orientation: Supports policyholders during claims
1 of 10 KDCI insurance staffing roles you can outsource to the Philippines: Insurance Underwriter


Insurance Underwriter

At KDCI Outsourcing, an Insurance Underwriter evaluates insurance applications to decide whether to provide insurance and under what terms, supporting the client's risk management and financial stability. Their work contributes to a balanced portfolio for the client, mitigating potential losses and ensuring profitability.
  • Risk assessment abilities: Evaluates client-related risks
  • Analytical skills: Interprets client risk data
  • Industry Knowledge: Grasps insurance policies and industry risks
  • Decision-making skills: Determines insurance offerings and terms
  • Attention to detail: Considers all details in assessments
  • Mathematical skills: Uses models and statistics for risk assessment
1 of 10 KDCI insurance staffing roles you can outsource to the Philippines: Policy Processing Clerk


Policy Processing Clerk

The Policy Processing Clerk at KDCI supports the client by processing, updating, and managing insurance policies, ensuring accurate and efficient administrative procedures. They aim to enhance the operational efficiency and customer service quality of the client's insurance operations.
  • Detail-oriented: Ensures accurate policy documentation
  • Organizational skills: Ability to manage multiple policy files
  • Proficiency in data entry: Efficiently updates database information
  • Knowledge of insurance policies: Understands diverse insurance policies
  • Customer service skills: Assists policyholders and keeps them informed
  • Time management skills: Processes policies within deadlines
1 of 10 KDCI insurance staffing roles you can outsource to the Philippines: insurance sales agent


Insurance Sales Agent

A KDCI Outsourcing insurance Sales Agent is a skilled professional who sells insurance policies on behalf of the client, thus driving the client's revenue growth. They help customers choose the right policies, enhancing the client's customer satisfaction and loyalty to the client’s insurance company.
  • Sales Acumen: Ability to persuade clients to purchase insurance policies
  • Communication Skills: Builds client relationships and conveys policy details
  • Insurance Product Knowledge:  Can recommend appropriate policies to clients
  • Customer Service: Ability to address client concerns efficiently
  • Negotiation Skills: Ability to balance client needs with company objectives
  • Persuasion Abilities: Skill in promoting policy benefits to potential customers
1 of 10 KDCI insurance staffing roles you can outsource to the Philippines: insurance claims adjuster


Insurance Claims Adjuster

At KDCI Outsourcing, we hire Insurance Claims Adjusters who are trained to investigate insurance claims, determining the extent of the insurance company's liability. Their work ensures fair claim settlements for the client, supporting customer satisfaction and protecting the client's financial interests.
  • Investigative Skills: Ability to investigate and determine the validity of claims
  • Analysis: Evaluates claim data to decide settlement
  • Effective Communication: Liaising with policyholders and stakeholders
  • Empathy & Customer Service: Helping policyholders during the claim process
  • Knowledge of Insurance Policies: Familiar with diverse insurance policy terms
  • Negotiation skills: Ability to negotiate claim settlements effectively
1 of 10 KDCI insurance staffing roles you can outsource to the Philippines: insurance support agent


Insurance Support Agent

The Insurance Support Agent at KDCI addresses the client's customers' inquiries and issues related to insurance policies and claims, which bolsters customer satisfaction and retention. Their effective communication and problem-solving skills contribute to an improved customer experience.
  • Customer Service Skills: Proficiency in assisting and addressing policyholders' queries and concerns effectively.
  • Communication Skills: Skilled in conveying complex insurance information clearly and understandably.
  • Insurance industry knowledge: Understanding market factors, trends, and competitors.
  • Problem-Solving Skills: Able to address and resolve policyholders' issues promptly and accurately.
  • Empathy: Can empathize with customers, showing understanding and support for their needs.
  • Patience and composure: Maintaining calmness in challenging customer situations.
1 of 10 KDCI insurance staffing roles you can outsource to the Philippines: actuarial analyst


Actuarial Analyst

An Actuarial Analyst at KDCI is a skilled professional who uses statistical models to analyze the financial costs of risk and uncertainty for the client. Their work supports the client's financial planning and risk management, contributing to the client's long-term sustainability and profitability.
  • Mathematical Skills: Uses math & statistics to analyze financial risks
  • Analytical Skills: Skilled in analyzing complex data to forecast risk
  • Risk Assessment: Assessing potential financial risks in the insurance industry
  • Insurance Industry Knowledge: Awareness of insurance trends and competitors
  • Problem-Solving Skills: Uses data for decision-making
  • Actuarial Software Proficiency: Skilled in actuarial software for risk analysis
1 of 10 KDCI insurance staffing roles you can outsource to the Philippines: insurance fraud investigator


Insurance Fraud Investigator

At KDCI Outsourcing, we hire the best Insurance Fraud Investigators who can help the client detect fraudulent insurance activities, thus protecting the client's financial interests. Their rigorous investigation and analysis efforts supports the client's risk management and regulatory compliance.
  • Investigative Skills: Examining insurance claims to detect fraudulent activity
  • Analytical Skills: Detecting inconsistencies or irregularities from data
  • Attention to Detail: Meticulously examines claims for potential fraud
  • Knowledge of Insurance Fraud Laws: Aware of related legal regulations
  • Communication Skills: Skilled at conveying findings effectively and succinctly
  • Decision-Making Skills: Making decisions based on findings
1 of 10 KDCI insurance staffing roles you can outsource to the Philippines: insurance account manager


Insurance Account Manager

The Insurance Account Manager at KDCI Outsourcing is a professional who specializes in managing relationships with the client's insurance customers, ensuring high levels of customer satisfaction and retention. They focus on improving the client's customer loyalty and revenue stability.
  • Customer Service Skills: Ensuring customer satisfaction.
  • Communication Skills: Provides updates on accounts & insurance policies
  • Relationship Management: Nurturing client & stakeholder relationships
  • Insurance Product Knowledge: Familiarity with diverse insurance products
  • Sales & Negotiation Skills: Boosts insurance sales & achieves mutual goals
  • Organizational Skills: Can manage multiple accounts efficiently and effectively
1 of 10 KDCI insurance staffing roles you can outsource to the Philippines: compliance officer


Compliance Officer

At KDCI Outsourcing, we source top Compliance Officers who ensures that the client's insurance activities comply with relevant laws and regulations. Their work supports helps mitigate legal risks, maintains the client's reputation, which not only ensures the client's regulatory compliance but also fosters a culture of ethical conduct.
  • Insurance Law Knowledge: Proficient understanding and adherence to laws
  • Attention to Detail: Thoroughly examining policies & procedures for compliance
  • Analytical Skills: Analyzing insurance policies & practices to ensure compliance
  • Risk Assessment Skills: Identifying areas of compliance vulnerability and risk
  • Communication Skills: Informing stakeholders of requirements & issues
  • Ethical Decision-making: Upholding ethical standards; promoting compliance
Outsourcing insurance staffing roles to the Philippines with KDCI as your offshoring partner enables you to streamline operations and enhance your insurance services. If you require specific insurance staffing roles not listed, feel free to contact us for tailored solutions.
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