10 software development & IT job roles to outsource to the Philippines

Experience unparalleled efficiency in your operations by outsourcing these software development & IT job roles to the Philippines with KDCI.
1 of 10 KDCI software development & IT job roles you can outsource to the Philippines: software developer


Software Developer

A KDCI Outsourcing Software Developer designs and develops functional and efficient software applications tailored to clients' needs, driving business growth and efficiency. Their expertise in various programming languages and development methodologies allows them to create custom solutions that enhance productivity and business operations.
  • Programming Skills: Proficiency in multiple programming languages
  • Problem-Solving Ability: Able to identify and solve technical issues
  • Creativity: Ability to devise innovative software solutions
  • Software Architecture Knowledge: Structuring and implementing of software
  • Team Collaboration: Ability to work well in a team
  • Attention to Detail: High level of precision to ensure error-free coding
1 of 10 KDCI software development & IT job roles you can outsource to the Philippines: web developer


Web Developer

A Web Developer at KDCI Outsourcing builds and maintains websites or web applications, delivering an interactive and seamless user experience that aligns with the client's brand and business objectives. Their ability to convert client requirements into responsive, high-performing websites makes them integral to the client's online presence and reach.
  • HTML/CSS/JavaScript Knowledge: Familiarity with these web technologies
  • Responsive Design: Designing websites that work well on various devices
  • Problem-Solving Skills: Aptitude for overcoming technical challenges
  • SEO Basics: Knowledge of optimizing websites for search engines
  • Server/Hosting Understanding: Knows how to deploy and manage websites
  • Collaboration: Ability to work effectively within a team
1 of 10 KDCI software development & IT job roles you can outsource to the Philippines: mobile app developer


Mobile App Developer

The Mobile App Developer at KDCI Outsourcing develops robust and user-friendly mobile applications for various platforms like Android or iOS, enhancing the client's reach and engagement with their mobile-user customers. They create mobile solutions that are user-centric and meet business needs in terms of scalability, usability, and functionality.
  • Platform-specific Development Skills: Proficiency in Android, iOS, etc.
  • UI/UX Design Understanding: Able to design user-friendly interfaces
  • Back-End Computing: Awareness of database management, security, etc.
  • Problem-Solving Skills: Ability to troubleshoot and solve issues
  • Creativity: Capacity to create unique and engaging apps
  • Attention to Detail: Ensuring high-quality, error-free applications
1 of 10 KDCI software development & IT job roles you can outsource to the Philippines: QA tester


QA Tester

At KDCI Outsourcing, a QA Tester is a skilled professional who conducts thorough checks and tests on software and applications, identifying and fixing bugs to improve product quality. Their dedication to delivering error-free software helps boost client satisfaction and maintains the end-users' trust in the software's reliability.
  • Development Process Knowledge: Familiar with software development stages
  • Problem-Solving Skills: Ability to identify, troubleshoot, and resolve issues
  • Attention to Detail: Thorough in testing to ensure bug-free software
  • Documentation Skills: Proficient in recording test results accurately
  • Communication Skills: Effective in reporting issues to the development team
  • Time Management: Efficiently balancing multiple testing tasks
1 of 10 KDCI software development & IT job roles you can outsource to the Philippines: front-end developer


Front-end Developer

The Front-End Developer at KDCI Outsourcing handles the client-facing aspects of web applications, focusing on creating a user-friendly and visually appealing digital experience. Their work directly impacts the user interface and experience, thereby improving customer satisfaction and engagement rates for the client.
  • HTML/CSS/JavaScript Knowledge: Proficiency in these key technologies
  • Responsive Design Skills: Ability to create sites that work across devices
  • UX/UI Design Understanding: Familiarity with user-friendly interface design
  • Problem-Solving Skills: Aptitude for tackling technical challenges
  • Version Control/Git: Knowledge of tracking and managing code changes
  • Testing/Debugging: Skills in testing and fixing front-end code
1 of 10 KDCI software development & IT job roles you can outsource to the Philippines: back-end developer


Back-end Developer

At KDCI Outsourcing, we hire Back-end Developers who work on server-side web application logic, ensuring seamless data flow between the front-end and the server. Their role is crucial in ensuring the performance, reliability, and speed of web applications, directly impacting the end-user's experience and satisfaction.
  • Server-side Languages: Proficiency in languages like PHP, Ruby, Python, Java
  • Database Management: Knows database creation, management, & interaction
  • Server Architecture Understanding: Familiar with server setup & management
  • Problem-Solving Skills: Capacity to overcome back end-related challenges
  • Communication Skills: Can work with front-end developers and others
  • Security Compliance: Awareness of security risks and how to counteract them
1 of 10 KDCI software development & IT job roles you can outsource to the Philippines: e-commerce developer


E-commerce Developer

An E-commerce Developer at KDCI Outsourcing specializes in developing and optimizing online stores, improving the shopping experience, and facilitating secure transactions for the client's customers. They play an essential role in driving online sales and business growth by creating a streamlined, user-friendly, and robust e-commerce platform.
  • E-commerce Platforms: Familiarity with platforms like Shopify & Magento
  • Web Development Skills: Experts at HTML, CSS, JavaScript, & responsive design
  • SEO Understanding: Can optimize E-commerce sites for search engines
  • UX/UI Design Skills: Ability to create user-friendly shopping experiences
  • Problem-Solving Skills: Capacity to address technical challenges
  • Payment Gateway Integration: Knowledge of integrating payment systems
1 of 10 KDCI software development & IT job roles you can outsource to the Philippines: systems administrator


Systems Administrator

At KDCI Outsourcing, we source the best Systems Administrators who can ensure the client's IT infrastructure operates smoothly, performing upgrades, system backups, and troubleshooting as needed. Their role is crucial to the client's business continuity and efficiency, as they minimize downtime and ensure optimal system performance.
  • Technical Aptitude: Deep understanding of the organization’s IT infrastructure
  • Problem-Solving Skills: Ability to identify and fix network issues
  • Understanding of System Security: Implements & maintains security protocols
  • Project Management: Able to handle IT-related projects effectively
  • Collaboration Skills: Good at coordinating with various teams
  • Attention to Detail: Ability to monitor and maintain complex IT systems
1 of 10 KDCI software development & IT job roles you can outsource to the Philippines: IT project manager


IT Project Manager

The KDCI Outsourcing IT Project Manager, central to IT job roles, ensures IT projects are timely, within budget, and meet specifications. Their mastery in IT job roles facilitates effective resource management and team coordination, leading to successful project completions that align with client objectives.
  • Leadership Skills: Ability to guide and manage a team
  • Technical Understanding: Knowledge of IT processes and systems
  • Project Management: Proficient in project management methodologies
  • Risk Management Skills: Ability to identify and manage potential risks
  • Communication: Clearly conveys information to colleagues & stakeholders
  • Problem-Solving Skills: Aptitude for overcoming project-related challenges
1 of 10 KDCI software development & IT job roles you can outsource to the Philippines: security analyst


Security Analyst

At KDCI Outsourcing, we source top Security Analysts who protect the client's IT infrastructure from cyber threats, ensuring data privacy and system integrity. Their expertise is critical in maintaining the client's trust, as they mitigate risks and respond to security breaches, preserving business continuity and reputability.
  • Understanding of Cybersecurity: Knowledge of security systems & procedures
  • Problem-Solving Skills: Ability to identify and tackle security threats
  • Risk Management: Knowledge of risk analysis and mitigation techniques
  • Technical Skills: Proficiency in network and data center operations
  • Attention to Detail: Capacity to identify vulnerabilities and anomalies
  • Regulatory Compliance: Awareness of cybersecurity regulations and standards
Outsourcing software development and IT job roles to the Philippines through KDCI enhances operational efficiency and technological capabilities, vital for gaining an edge in a competitive marketplace. For specialized software development and IT services or support needs not mentioned, KDCI is equipped to provide customized solutions.
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