Top procurement & supply chain roles to outsource to the Philippines

Experience unparalleled efficiency in your operations by outsourcing these procurement & supply chain roles to the Philippines with KDCI.
1 of 10 KDCI procurement & supply chain roles you can outsource to the Philippines: procurement specialist


Procurement Specialist

The Procurement Specialist at KDCI, key in procurement & supply chain roles, identifies reliable suppliers for cost-efficient and timely purchasing of inventory. This helps reduce costs, boost efficiency, and helps boost business operations.
  • Vendor Management: Ability to nurture relationships with suppliers
  • Negotiation Skills: Capable of negotiating contracts and prices with suppliers
  • Financial Acumen: Understands budgeting, cost analysis, & cost-saving
  • Analytical Skills: Analyzes market trends, supplier performance, & procurement
  • Attention to Detail: Manages complex procurement processes with accuracy
  • Communication Skills: Interacting with stakeholders, vendors, and colleagues
1 of 10 KDCI procurement & supply chain roles you can outsource to the Philippines: supply chain specialist


Supply Chain Specialist

At KDCI Outsourcing, our Supply Chain Specialists are skilled professionals who are experts at analyzing and improving the client's supply chain processes, including procurement, production, and distribution. Their valuable insights and recommendations help increase efficiency, reduce costs, and improve customer satisfaction.
  • Analytical Skills: Analyzing supply chain data and optimizing as needed
  • Technical Skills: Use of supply chain management systems & data analysis tools
  • Problem-Solving Skills: Capacity to address supply chain issues effectively
  • Communication Skills: Interpreting & communicating complex supply chain data
  • Supply Chain Expertise: Knows procurement, production, distribution, logistics
  • Forecasting: Ability to predict demand and supply trends
1 of 10 KDCI procurement & supply chain roles you can outsource to the Philippines: inventory controller


Inventory Controller

KDCI Outsourcing Inventory Controller specialize in the management and optimization of inventory levels to ensure a smooth production flow and ability to meet customer demand. They help clients prevent stockouts and overstock situations, thereby reducing costs and improving sales.
  • Organization Skills: Proficiency in managing and tracking inventory accurately
  • Detail Oriented: Inventory monitoring; discrepancy identification; data accuracy
  • Problem-Solving: Managing inventory issues and implementing solutions
  • Technical Skills: Knowledge of inventory management systems
  • Analytical Skills: Ability to analyze inventory data and provide insights
  • Inventory Control: stock management, replenishment, and safety
1 of 10 KDCI procurement & supply chain roles you can outsource to the Philippines: logistics controller


Logistics Coordinator

At KDCI Outsourcing, we source top Logistics Coordinators who are skilled at overseeing the client's logistics operations, ensuring timely and efficient transportation of goods from suppliers to customers. They help the client in reducing delivery times, minimizing costs, and enhancing customer satisfaction.
  • Organizational Skills: Managing shipments, schedules, and documents
  • Communication Skills: Liaising effectively with carriers, suppliers, & customers
  • Problem-Solving Skills: Ability to manage logistical issues & implement solutions
  • Time Management: Capacity to meet deadlines and prioritize tasks
  • Technical Skills: Proficiency in logistics software and platforms
  • Transportation Regulations: Knowledge of shipping regulations and protocols
1 of 10 KDCI procurement & supply chain roles you can outsource to the Philippines: purchasing agent


Purchasing Agent

The Purchasing Agent at KDCI Outsourcing is a skilled staff who is responsible for acquiring goods or services on behalf of the client, negotiating for the best price and quality. Their goal is to help boost overall business efficiency by optimizing for cost-effectiveness, improving quality assurance, and ensuring timely procurement.
  • Negotiation Skills: Ability to negotiate prices and terms with suppliers
  • Vendor Management: Skill in nurturing relationships with suppliers
  • Financial Acumen: Understanding of cost analysis and budget management
  • Communication Skills: Effectively interacting with suppliers & stakeholders
  • Attention to Detail: Meticulous in reviewing and preparing purchase orders
  • Procurement Expertise: Knows sourcing, ordering, and receiving processes
1 of 10 KDCI procurement & supply chain roles you can outsource to the Philippines: order processing clerk


Order Processing Clerk

At KDCI Outsourcing, an Order Processing Clerk is a trained professional who handles the client's customer orders, ensuring accurate and prompt processing from receipt through delivery. They help maintain customer satisfaction and loyalty, and improve operational efficiency.
  • Organizational Skills: Proficiency in managing and tracking orders accurately
  • Attention to Detail: Meticulous in entering and verifying order details
  • Customer Service: Interacts with customers and resolve order issues
  • Technical Skills: Familiarity with order management systems
  • Time Management: Ability to manage workload and meet processing deadlines
  • Problem-Solving Skills: Can manage and solve order-related issues
1 of 10 KDCI procurement & supply chain roles you can outsource to the Philippines: vendor management specialist


Vendor Management Specialist

The Vendor Manager at KDCI Outsourcing manages relationships with the client's vendors, negotiating contracts, and ensuring quality compliance. They help save on operational costs, mitigate risks, improve service quality, and strengthen business partnerships.
  • Relationship Management: Nurturing productive relationships with vendors
  • Negotiation Skills: Proficiency in negotiating contracts and terms with vendors
  • Communication Skills: Able to interact effectively with vendors and stakeholders
  • Problem-Solving: Manages vendor-related issues and implements solutions
  • Analytical Skills: Evaluating vendor performance and market trends
  • Contract Management: Understands contract terms, conditions, & compliance
1 of 10 KDCI procurement & supply chain roles you can outsource to the Philippines: materials manager


Materials Manager

At KDCI Outsourcing, our Materials Managers oversee clients’ materials and inventory, managing procurement, storage, supply, and demand forecasting. By coordinating with warehouse and storage teams, they optimize inventory levels, reduce wastage, minimize costs, and support timely production and distribution to optimize operations and satisfy customers.
  • Inventory Management: Manages material stock levels and ensures availability
  • Supplier Management: Nurturing relationships with material suppliers
  • Analytical Skills: Analyzes material needs, usage trends, and cost implications
  • Planning & Forecasting: Predicting materials based on production schedules
  • Problem-Solving Skills: Capacity to manage material shortages or issues
  • Communication: Coordinates with suppliers, production teams, & stakeholders
1 of 10 KDCI procurement & supply chain roles you can outsource to the Philippines: import/export corodinator


Import/Export Coordinator

The Import/ Export Coordinator at KDCI Outsourcing is a skilled professional who handles the client's import and export processes, ensuring compliance with customs and international trade regulations. By leveraging digital and communication tools, they guarantee smooth, legal, and efficient international trade operations, helping the client expand their market reach.
  • International Trade Knowledge: Knows import/export laws, tariffs, and customs
  • Organization Skills: Can manage import/export documentation and schedules
  • Communication Skills: Liaising with customs officials and shipping agents
  • Attention to Detail: Meticulous in managing complex import/export processes
  • Problem-Solving Skills: Capacity to manage trade-related issues
  • Language Skills: Knowledge of foreign languages can be beneficial in this role
1 of 10 KDCI procurement & supply chain roles you can outsource to the Philippines: freight forwarder


Freight Forwarder

A KDCI Outsourcing Freight Forwarder is a coordinator who manages the client's shipping operations, ensuring goods are transported safely and efficiently from origin to destination. Their role aids in optimizing transportation routes, reducing shipping costs, and ensuring timely deliveries, thereby enhancing customer satisfaction.
  • Logistics Knowledge: Proficiency in planning and coordinating cargo shipments
  • Shipping Expertise: Knows domestic & international shipping laws & customs
  • Communication Skills: Liaises with carriers, clients, & customs officials
  • Negotiation Skills: Skill in negotiating shipping rates and terms with carriers
  • Problem-Solving Skills: Can manage shipment delays, losses, or other issues
  • Organization Skill: Oversees documentation, schedules, and tracking shipments
Outsourcing procurement & supply chain roles to the Philippines through KDCI enhances operational efficiency and streamlines logistics processes, crucial for securing a competitive advantage in the marketplace. For specialized supply chain services or support needs not mentioned, contact us for tailored solutions.
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