Research & Analysis Outsourcing Services

We provide a versatile team of analysts that can be hired part-time and full-time depending on your business' specific research & analysis needs.

  • Strategic and tactical analysis across industries and business verticals
  • Customizable & scalable pricing structure that fits your business needs
  • Use of latest technologies
  • Custom reports for fast changing research scenarios

KDCI specializes in providing high-quality cost-effective back-office research & analysis staffing solutions that work

What we can do for you

KDCI provides a combination of traditional and contemporary methodologies to provide an all-inclusive market research & analysis service. Our seasoned researchers can provide support for business strategy development by offering foundational insights and statistics. Be it launching a new product or expanding into new region, we can help businesses gauge the potential effects of their business plans.

Job functions you can outsource to KDCI

Market Research

  • Brand Positioning Research
  • Census Study and Research
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Concept Testing
  • Consumer Behavior Studies
  • Feasibility Study
  • Industry Overview Studies
  • Media Research
  • Market Entry Demand Studies
  • Opinion Studies
  • SWOT Analysis

Financial Research

  • Credit Research
  • Equity Research
  • Invest Banking Research
  • Retail Risk Analytics
  • Quantitative Analysis

Business Market Research

  • Business Report Writing
  • Business Research Survey
  • Database Creation Services
  • Risk Assessments
  • Targeting Screening and Marketing Sizing

Holistic research & analysis service

We offer a full-service approach to our research and analysis service. Our team handles the whole process by defining case problems and objectives, collecting and generating information, analysing data sets, and organizing findings into a comprehensive report, all of which eliminates the need for businesses to fund expensive in-house research.

Research and analysis team

Our extensive pool of researchers are composed of qualified research professionals backed with years of considerable industry experience. They are composed of Statisticians, Analytics Experts, Marketing Professionals, and Software developers, amongst others.

Commitment to security

KDCI’s secure infrastructure is dedicated to protecting your data. Our measures include legally binding non-disclosure agreements for employees, digital signatures, secure email, biometric authentication, password protected networks, highly secure remote access and workstation locking procedures.

Simple & easy pricing models

Our pricing models are flexible, we offer staff leasing and Pay-per-project options that give you more control over your costs.

We offer a flat-rate pricing model that covers your entire project brief and specification requirements. We will work closely with you in scoping out the tasks needed to be done and provide you with a custom solution that fits your timeline and budget. This pricing model is great for startups that are looking for a partner that can help them effectively scale cost and drive growth.

Some of the tasks that could be outsourced are:

  • Regional Consumer Behavior Study
  • Business Activation Study
  • Investment Reports
  • Local Competitor Analysis

Under the staff leasing model, you can hire your own dedicated full-time researcher to work on all your specific research requirements. For larger scale projects, we can set you up with a dedicated team to work closely with your existing organization. The dedicated resources you hire will work as an extension of your organization and will adapt to your business’ culture, requirements and processes.

Job positions you can lease:

  • Market Research Data Analysts
  • Financial Analysts
  • Business Analysts

Perfect for any business size

We enable startups and established organizations the ability to obtain cost-effective high-quality labor without the added strains of accompanied overhead costs, by allowing the allocation of monotonous repetitive tasks to our team of skilled specialists.