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KDCI Outsourcing team of marketing experts will put together digital strategies that are driven by ROI and conversions to make sure that your startup will get the best out of the digital landscape. We base our data-driven digital strategies on different audits we conduct. Through benchmark and audit, we’ll propose ideas into your roadmap and help you execute the strategy to succeed.

We value social media as one of the driving forces that boost traffic and conversion of websites and utilize it by creating and sharing content on social media networks in order to achieve your marketing and branding goals. We’ll publish relevant content on your social media profiles while listening and engaging your followers, analyzing results and run social media advertisements redirecting to your website.

01 Marketing expertise from an entire team
Our team is made up of strategists, designers, writers, and SEO experts who are experts in a wide range of skills, knowledge, and experience.

02 Access to the latest technology
KDCI has access to superior tools, software, and analytical data, which will help your startup to increase productivity, efficiency, and performance.

03 Measurable results
Our SEO team will send you monthly and quarterly reports on your campaigns and a website audit to help you make sound marketing decisions.

04 Assured return of investment
With our team being focused on optimizing leads and gaining conversions, you are sure that your funds will be invested properly. We’ll make sure that to get you the results you paid for, plus more.

Website Content Writing

With KDCI’s marketing and content team, we will identify your personas based on your target audiences and segments to put together the perfect content strategy. We’ll also analyze your rivals’ content and give you high-quality content related to your business.

We will propose valuable relevant keywords and start creating content. All of our content can be applied both on your website and marketing campaigns to optimize your results and reach.

Lead Generation

Our designers and marketers can create the perfect landing — the page where visitors are prompted to give their information. We’ll optimize everything from the headline, on-page content, graphics, to the call-to-action element.

Our content writers are experts in creating lead-generating content such as how-to’s, expert round-up, and special blog series to engage your readers. We can also implement website live chat and user reviews to build relationships with customers, sales and revenue along with customer retention rates.

SEO Optimization

If your website ranks poorly in the search engines of your target markets, this will translate to less traffic, fewer potential customers and reduced profitability from your website. We will apply the best SEO tools and reveal all aspects that need to be addressed to ensure that we put your website in front of the widest possible audience to dominate website rankings.

Our SEO experts will conduct usability and user experience audits to analyze your website’s information architecture, in order to improve user navigation through the site, conversions, and overall engagement. We’ll check your landing pages, content usability, features, and functionalities.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Our marketing experts will need to make sure that any lead generating element in your website is properly configured, has no problem areas, and weaknesses. We will find out what causes high bounce rates on your website and give recommendations on how to entice your audience more through effective call-to-actions and positioning.

Through our professional optimization, your website will surely bring the growth of website traffic, higher positions in Google and, accordingly, income growth, improvement of image, and brand recognition.

Top Tools We Use for Digital Marketing:

Google Analytics
Google Ads
Bing ads
Agora Pulse
Sprout Social
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