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Our team of professional web designers knows the importance of having a corporate website with stunning animations, awesome graphics (photos, videos, and illustrations) and an awesome creative concept. We build powerful digital solutions for startups and enterprises by creating amazing web experiences, beginning with deep market research, practical strategies, and professional execution.

When developing and designing corporate websites, we think through possible user scenarios on how people will navigate, create a large number of working layouts and prototypes, and then carefully draw each detail of the user interface. We’ll focus on all of the design elements, never missing out on any important detail.

01 Planning & Wireframes
Competent planning on how to layout your website ensures success of the project. Even before the actual design, we’ll show how the website will work and the use of each design element that we will implement.

02 Custom Design
We offer a distinctive quality website that can’t be copied, found or bought elsewhere. We design everything from logos to the actual websites and everything is made by hand combined with strategic online marketing ideas.

03 Expert Monitoring & Analytics
Market research is conducted; information about your business and the line of your competitors is collected. We’ll implement all strategic solutions — both technical and visual, based on data that we have gathered.

04 Customer Support & Maintenance
KDCI’s web development team will quickly fix urgent bugs and will make sure that your website is always running.

Corporate Website Design

Our team of web designers will develop a responsive and SEO-friendly website that does not only look great but is also functional and fits your corporate identity. We’ll analyze your business and design a website that brings creativity while delivering your brand message clearly and consistently.

Maintaining all devices in mind, we design unique websites driven by usability and well-thought user experiences. We make use of the right typography, custom illustrations, animations, and even tone of voice.

Logo and Branding

Our expert designers specialize in creating the best brand style guide for startups. We’ll carefully layout the composition, design, and general look-and-feel that reflects your company’s branding. From typography, buyer persona, editorial style guide, to the actual logo, we’ll be sure to connect you to your future audience.

Our design team comes from artistic backgrounds in traditional and digital graphics & illustration. We will incorporate artistic elements, custom illustrations, and handmade details into our design work. From infographics, product mockups, visual diagrams, graphics, custom icons, and photo manipulation, you can count on us to produce whatever it takes to make a design stand out.

Web UX/UI Design

User experience matters, if a website cannot successfully engage users it will fail its goals. This is where our design team, with expertise, comes into place. During site analysis, we additionally create wireframes, perform testing and prototyping. Upon completion, we identify the most appropriate solution and solve any issues that may arise prior to any web design work.

With users and functionality as our main focus, we create extensive style-guides, component designs, and user interface assets through tools like Dreamweaver, Sketch, Adobe XD, and InVision Studio. Overall, we create a comprehensive visual language for any startup to be used for the build of specific or even multiple products.

Top Tools We Use for Web Design:

Adobe XD
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Dreamweaver
GoogleWeb Designer
Framer X

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