Get Hired in 2023: Microsoft’s Free Resources & Expert Interview Tips

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November 15, 2022
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Mark Daniel
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Get Hired in 2023: Microsoft’s Free Resources & Expert Interview Tips
KDCI Outsourcing
September 6, 2023

Have you been sending out resumes without getting a callback? Yes, it’s frustrating and makes you anxious about whether you’ll be employed by the end of the year.

But hey! Don’t let this discourage you from finding your dream job. The last two months of the year are the busiest time for employers. They don’t have the urgency to fill in vacant job positions, and most hiring managers are already on their break.

According to experts, January is the perfect month of the year for job seekers. It’s because hiring managers will receive new hiring budgets putting candidates at a better advantage when it comes to job hunting.

While you’re waiting to start your job search next year, you may want to brush off your resume and get the best job interview tips from the industry’s top recruiters.

In this blog post, we compiled a list of FREE Microsoft resources that can serve as guide for your interview tips. Learn how to land a job faster this 2023 without costing you a penny!

Learn How to Land a Job Faster From Microsoft’s Top Global Recruiters

1. Resume and Personal Branding

First on the interview tips is building your resume and personal branding. Do you need professional interview tips for creating a resume that attracts recruiters? Do you want to learn how to update your resume after your first job? Watch this one-hour workshop and interview tips and learn valuable insights about personal branding and resume building from Microsoft’s top industry experts!


Miri Rodriguez: She’s been working at Microsoft for ten years and started her career as a Business Operations Readiness Manager. She has pivoted her career as a Senior Storyteller and applies narrative techniques to business practices.

Kamara Swaby: She’s been a University Recruiter for five years and focuses on attracting students to apply and be prepared for internships and full-time roles at Microsoft.


In this one-hour workshop, Miri Rodriguez will give you interview tips and walk you through the key elements of a personal brand. You’ll learn how to combine your skills and experience to set yourself apart from everyone else. Also, you’ll get a step-by-step guide on creating a sample brand mission to establish what you do and identify what makes you unique in your field.

Furthermore, in her interview tips, Rodriguez will demonstrate how to use storytelling in building an impactful resume. She’ll also introduce to you the concept of the Design Thinking process and how it can help you craft a resume tailor-fit to your personal brand.

After discussing the fundamentals of personal branding, Kamara Swaby will put everything you’ve learned into crafting a perfect resume. She’ll explain the goals and reasons for constantly having a resume and how to land a job faster for your next job search.

In addition, she’ll break down everything you need to know about resume building blocks—what makes up a perfect resume. You won’t want to miss out on her resume examples that show the dos and don’ts of writing a high-value, attention-grabbing resume.

2. LinkedIn Profile Enhancement

Second on this interview tips is improving your LinkedIn profile. Did you know that six people get hired on LinkedIn every minute? LinkedIn is a powerful networking platform for seeking job opportunities and maintaining a personal brand. A highly-optimized LinkedIn profile can go a long way, such as in expanding your networks and landing your dream job.

If you don’t have a LinkedIn profile yet or want to enhance your existing profile, here’s a short interview tips encompassing a webinar on LinkedIn profile enhancement by a Senior Technical Recruiter from Microsoft. Learn the nitty-gritty of designing a standout LinkedIn profile that gets seen in the digital world.


Geetika Kumar: She has been a Technical Recruiter at Microsoft for over two years. She has 15+ years of expertise in full lifecycle technical recruiting with a background in software development.


In this 30-minute webinar, Geetika Kumar will give interview tips and further discuss the important steps to crafting a winning resume that gets results. You’ll get actionable tips from writing professional headlines to optimizing every section of your LinkedIn profile. She’ll also give practical advice on how to land a job faster with a stand-out resume.

In addition, you’ll get a sneak peek at Microsoft’s application process and even internship opportunities for aspiring engineering and data science professionals.

3. Job Interview Tips

Third and last on the interview tips is learning how you can ace that interview! Attending job interviews is the most daunting task of job hunting for most job seekers. Don’t worry! The best minds from Microsoft will have your back. Here are some free resources packed with interview tips for job seekers to ace their technical and virtual interviews.


Daisy Isibor: She was a Senior Software Engineer at Microsoft for more than six years. Now she works as a Technical Program Manager at Meta, formerly Facebook Inc.

Ellen Thorley: She was a University Technical Recruiter for over three years and now works as a Business Manager at Microsoft for two years.


This interview tips consisting of a ten-minute session is a helpful resource for professionals in the field of engineering. You’ll learn what to expect in technical interviews in the first few minutes. Experts will also discuss different types of interview questions and introduce to you an interview technique called the ‘STAR method.’

If you’re an aspiring software engineer, you must finish this very short session. They prepared a mock interview that provided the best techniques for cracking coding questions.


Kelsea Pullin: She has spent her nine years in Microsoft as a University Recruiter and Account Manager. Now she’s currently employed at Meta as a Technical Recruiter.

Chase Thomas: Before becoming a Principal Software Engineer at Microsoft, he worked with IBM as a Software Engineer for over four years.


Virtual interviews are the new norm in recruitment and talent acquisition. In the past couple of years, about 60% of hiring managers have conducted remote interviews with candidates using video technology. That said, any job seeker should learn how to make a good impression in virtual job interviews.

In this five-minute interview tips and training, Kelsea and Chase will discuss how to prepare before, during, and after your interview. They will also give troubleshooting tips you should take note of for a seamless virtual interview.

If you want to learn more about Microsoft’s best job interview tips and practices, you may check out these free resources:

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