Experience a Y2K-Themed Year-End Party the KDCI Way

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December 19, 2022
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KDCI 2022 Y2K Themed Year End Party
KDCI Outsourcing
September 6, 2023

2022 is the year of recovery, recovery from a global pandemic, recovery from sudden and drastic work changes, and recovery from setbacks. And KDCI celebrates this year of abundant recovery by throwing a colorful, fun-filled Y2K themed party to end our year!

The Entire KDCI Family Coming Together

On the eve of Dec. 17, 2022, KDCI employees from all around the Metro came to Black Olive, Estancia, where the company celebrated its 2022 year end party. After 2 years of celebrating the holidays remotely, friends and colleagues are seeing each other and celebrating the eventful year that is quickly coming to a close.To send off the memorable year together, KDCU prepared a lot of party activities. We held a talent show, played several games and raffles, and of course, enjoyed abundant food and drinks.

KDCI Got Talent?

KDCI 2022 Got Talent

What company party would be complete without a hit smashing talent show of its own? Like the previous years, KDCI held its very own talent competition, with various teams competing for the ultimate title of KDCI’s Got Talent!

KDCI 2022 Got Talent 2

We witnessed several talented teams compete, showcasing the song and dance numbers they took weeks to carefully prepare. And what an effort it was! The teams’ hard work paid off as they gathered a cheering crowd whose support was palpable throughout the party.

KDCI 2022 Got Talent 3

As the teams hyped up the crowd, they received overwhelming love from their colleagues, who rooted for any one of the teams to win the grand prize of the show.With three teams competing, all teams managed to take home a prize, with the winning team taking home the twenty thousand pesos in cash!

KDCI 2022 Got Talent winner

The Y2K Icons of KDCI

As fashion finds its way back to the present, we see a resurgence of early 2000s fashion and have it as our theme for this year end party. Y2K shows a blend of bright popping colors along with kitschy aesthetics that are unapologetically maximalist.This year, KDCI chose Y2K as its year end party theme. Here are some of our best looks for our Y2K theme party.

KDCI 2022 Y2K Best Dressed

This was truly a night to remember in KDCI fashion history. We witnessed our employees touting iconic trends from the late 1900s and early 2000s, with each showing off their Y2K outfits in true Y2K styles. As for our best dressed competition, we have outfits inspired by Barbie all the way to Michael Jackson in true Y2K aesthetic!

Give, Give, and Give!

KDCI 2022 Raffle Winners

The year is ending and KDCI is all about giving back to the people who helped us endure through the pandemic, and recover with a bang as we emerge from the economic turmoil post pandemic.

KDCI 2022 Games

To celebrate, KDCI held various end of year party games and raffles, with various prizes up for grabs.

KDCI 2022 Raffle Grand Prize

And as our grand prize, we raffled off a 52 inch wide screen LG TV, which one of our lucky employees brought home with her.

Great Food, And Amazing Company

KDCI 2022 Teams

More than the fanfare, the year end party is all about catching up and celebrating the great things we accomplished together in the past year. With hundreds of attendees, the whole restaurant was decked out for KDCI.

KDCI 2022 Food

We served delicious Filipino buffet, complete with a signature lechon, spaghetti, and chicken peri peri. And as we ended the party program, we had an open bar serving everyone sweet mojitos, zesty sprite vodkas, and thirst quenching beers.

Thank You KDCI

This 2022 Y2K themed year end party is a memorable one, not only for what the party signifies, but also for the new and old friends we have made in KDCI. As a workplace, KDCI is more than an office or a job that pays, it’s a supportive community that helps individuals grow into the best versions of themselves.

KDCI 2022 President & CEO

As we cap the night, our president, Raymond Jamin, and our CEO, Anthony Layug, thanked every single person who contributed to the success and growth of KDCI. The leaders also recognized the achievements and loyalty of employees who have stood by KDCI since the beginning of its journey.

KDCI 2022 Rewards & recognition

And before ending the program, we had a heartfelt celebration of camaraderie and gratitude, as team members flocked with their senior managers for a group photo.

KDCI 2022 Group Photo

After the heartwarming reunion, we officially ended the program thanks to our talented and energetic hosts, and we officially opened the dance floor and had a DJ pumping the house with electrifying music.

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