KDCI Celebrates An Enchanting Halloween 2023 Where Filipino Folklore Comes to Life

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November 17, 2023
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KDCI Celebrates An Enchanting Halloween 2023 Where Filipino Folklore Comes to Life
KDCI Outsourcing
February 25, 2024

On October 27, 2023, the KDCI office was magically transformed, immersing employees in the eerie and captivating world of Filipino folklore. This unique Halloween celebration turned every nook and corner into scenes straight out of mythical tales, allowing the KDCI family to experience the rich tapestry of Philippine legends right at their workplace.

Office or Mythical Realm? A Workplace-Turned Folklore Fantasy

As early as October 20, teams across KDCI began the thrilling task of decorating their spaces, inspired by various elements of Filipino folklore. The transformation of the office for Halloween was nothing short of magical, as each department took on the challenge of bringing Filipino folklore to life.

For the Admin team, including teams from HR, Recruitment, Sales, and Marketing, their workspace was transformed into the enchanting realm of Diwatas, the mystical forest guardians.


The Creative Development department turned their area into a haunting abode, echoing the eerie tales of lingering spirits known as Multos.


Meanwhile, the Back-office team created a mesmerizing underwater world, complete with the mythical sea sirens, Sirenas.


As for the Contact Solutions 1 department, they brought to life the playful and mischievous forest dwellers, the Duwendes.

Lastly, the Contact Solutions 2 team, delved into the mysterious world of Filipino witches and enchanters, known as Mangkukulams, completing the office's transformation into a mythical realm.

Mini Monsters and Tiny Terrors: Kids Light Up Halloween


The event was enlivened by children in their Halloween costumes, transforming it into a vibrant spectacle of mini monsters and tiny terrors. Their range of imaginative costumes, from adorable to spine-tingling, added a playful and heartwarming dimension. These young participants not only brought smiles and laughter but also played a key role in selecting the best decorated station, infusing the event with youthful enthusiasm.

KDCI's thoughtful gesture of providing loot bags filled with gifts and surprises, along with the treats and prizes for their costumes, underscored the company’s commitment to an inclusive and family-friendly event. This approach ensured that the young attendees felt as celebrated and important as the adults, creating a memorable and inclusive experience for all.

A Spellbinding Spectacle: Clowns, Magicians, and a Feast of Filipino Delights

The Halloween event at KDCI turned into a spellbinding spectacle with the captivating performances of clowns and magicians. Their acts, filled with wonder and amusement, captivated the audience, especially the children, who were enthralled by the wide-eyed excitement. The clowns' playful antics and the magicians' mesmerizing tricks created an atmosphere of magic and laughter, adding an enchanting quality to the entire event.

Following the entertainment, the celebration continued with a grand feast featuring traditional Filipino delicacies. It was a moment for everyone to gather and indulge in the rich flavors of Filipino cuisine, sharing in the joy and camaraderie of the occasion.

Who's the Spookiest of Them All? Legends in Costumes and Decor Face-Off

The event saw employees embracing the Halloween spirit with costumes inspired by Filipino folklore. They brought mythical tales to life, each costume and decor echoing a piece of legend. And what costume party would be complete without some fun competition?

The teams held a face-off, and judging focused on theme authenticity, creativity, and the whimsical Kid's Choice Awards. Overseeing this imaginative contest, KDCI President Ray Jamin, along with other judges, faced the challenging task of selecting the winners from this creative display. The Kid's Choice Awards, voted by children's guests, added a fun little twist to the judging process.

In selecting the winners, theme authenticity was key. The judges evaluated how costumes and decor captured the essence of folklore, not just in appearance but in storytelling. Creativity encouraged originality and innovative design, pushing beyond traditional folklore interpretations.

And the Spookiest Corner Goes To…


As the event reached its climax, the anticipation for the announcement of the winners was palpable. The judging panel, led by KDCI President Ray Jamin, had the challenging yet exciting task of selecting the most impressive displays and costumes that encapsulated the spirit of Filipino folklore.

The standout winners in this enchanting face-off were the Admin team, who dazzled with their Diwata-themed station, claiming the top spot.

Coming a close second is the Creative Development team, with their eerie Multo theme.

Coming on third, the Back Office captures the essence of Sirena.

In the costume contest, Aileen Oracion from the Creative team shone the brightest, captivating onlookers in a white wedding dress with a sheer hood and bold, dark red lipstick. Her costume radiated a ghostly elegance, perfectly in tune with the event's folklore theme.

Meanwhile, a young costume-clad participant won in the kids' category.

All winners were rewarded with cash prizes, adding to the festive spirit of the occasion.

When Work Meets Folklore: KDCI's Halloween Masterpiece


This Halloween event was a vibrant showcase of KDCI's commitment to a rich work culture and a deep appreciation for Filipino heritage, transcending beyond a mere celebration to become a canvas of creativity, teamwork, and camaraderie. Employees across departments collaborated to transform the workplace into a mythical landscape, a testament to the company's care for its employees and their connection to cultural roots.

By blending a cultural celebration with the work environment, KDCI fostered a unique atmosphere where folklore and modern work life coexisted, enriching the experience for everyone involved. This approach not only fostered a sense of belonging among employees but also transformed the workplace into a community space where shared experiences and cultural connections were as celebrated as professional achievements. Such events echo KDCI's commitment to nurturing a work culture that values personal growth and cultural awareness, making each moment at work memorable and meaningful for the entire KDCI family.

Thank you, KDCI!

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