KDCI’s Hiking Club Conquers Mt. Mapalad

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October 17, 2023
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KDCI’s Hiking Club Conquers Mt. Mapalad
KDCI Outsourcing
November 5, 2023

On October 14, 2023, KDCI Outsourcing’s hiking club embarked on its first trip, a hike up the distinct trails of Mt. Mapalad in Tanay, Rizal. Composed of thirteen members from multiple teams in the company—a blend of first time hikers and seasoned mountaineers—the group set off at the crack of dawn, led by two local guides who knew the mountain’s trails like the back of their hands.

The Way Up The Mountain

Armed with trusty flashlights and a sense of shared purpose, the hikers braved the darkness in the wee hours of the morning and began their climb up the rocky path. Though the path was far from a traipse in the park, the trail fortunately started off on a good note with everyone in good spirits. However, the journey quickly turned arduous. With its level 3 to 4 difficulty, Mt. Mapalad challenged the hikers more than they anticipated, pushing their limits and testing their endurance. Every step on the rocky paths tested their mettle, pushing the boundaries of their physical endurance. Yet, with mutual encouragement and shared determination, they steadfastly moved forward.

KDCI Hiking Club Conquers Mt. Mapalad - The Way Up The Mountain

Encountering Kinabuan Falls

Equipped with cheery humor, the trendiest pop songs, and bagfuls of sugary treats, the team of hikers eventually encounter the beautiful sight of Kinabuan falls halfway up Mt. Mapalad. The waterfall, with its cold, clean waters provided a much-needed and refreshing break, allowing the hikers to take a moment to wash and refresh their feet, and of course, take some memorable photos with the gorgeous background.

KDCI Conquers Mt. Mapalad - Reaching The Peak

Reaching The Peak

Encouraged by the breathtaking view of the waterfalls, the hikers became more determined to finish the course. And with the promise to see the raw beauty of nature, marked by clear skies and cool weather that were boons to the hikers’ adventure, they eventually reach the summit of the mountain.

Conquering Mt. Mapalad was an exercise in triumph over physical and mental hurdles. Despite a few minor mishaps and the trail’s unexpected challenges, the exhilarating view at the peak made every step worth the effort. With the clear sky, the subtle rays of the rising sun, and the uniquely designed left and right palm daises, the top of Mt. Mapalad offered a moment of exhilarating victory and spectacular views of the Sierra Madre mountain ranges.

KDCI’s Hiking Club Conquers Mt Mapalad

Unwinding & Recharging

As the KDCI team descended Mt. Mapalad, a sense of calm and accomplishment enveloped them. Refreshing showers awaited, washing away the exhaustion from the challenging trails. This was complemented by a hearty, local feast of chicken adobo, longganisa, and rice, warming their bodies and replenishing lost energy. Each bite seemed to echo the rhythm of their journey, a delicious reflection of the adventure they had just navigated, providing a moment to pause and appreciate the day's experiences.

The unwinding continued at Palpitate Coffee. In this serene space, amidst picturesque views and the comfort of cool weather, the team found an environment conducive to relaxation and reflection. Shared stories and soft laughter filled the air, allowing each member to digest their experiences, recharge, and subtly transition from the escapade back to the impending rhythm of city life and work as the weekend neared its end.

KDCI’s Hiking Club Conquers Mt Mapalad - Unwinding & Recharging

Thank You KDCI

We owe a great deal of appreciation to the management and leaders of KDCI Outsourcing for fully sponsoring this adventure to Mt. Mapalad. Their support allowed us to experience the outdoors, test our resilience, and bond with our colleagues outside the confines of the office. It’s not just about promoting a vibrant company culture or fostering extracurricular activities; it’s about encouraging us to discover new facets of ourselves and find strength in unity and shared experiences.


If you're interested in being part of a company that nurtures such a balanced work life culture, consider joining KDCI. Visit our careers page or follow us on social media for updates on open roles and learn how you can be part of a team where camaraderie and personal growth are part of the journey. At KDCI, we’re not just colleagues working together; we are a community that values and supports each other’s well being and success.

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