The Creation of an Identity: Haystak Logo and Branding Case Study

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November 22, 2019
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The Creation of an Identity: Haystak Logo and Branding Case Study
KDCI Outsourcing
September 6, 2023

Logos play an essential role in building a brand, especially for start-ups. Having a strong, striking logo and branding are integral in setting the stage for their entrance in today’s highly-saturated and competitive market.Coming up with a great logo and branding is not an easy task, however. It takes a combination of good eye for design and a great skillset to be able to execute it well.Today, we will share the creative design process that went into creating a logo and branding design for Haystak, an up-and-coming next generation index and search tool.The lead designer assigned to this case was Daniel Gutierrez, our Art Director, together with our 2 Senior Designers Bryan & Ryan.

The Task

Create the logo and branding style for the next evolution of index and search tool.

Design Process

At the start of the creative process, we asked the client to provide us with a brief that we could use to start the logo and branding design for them. They provided us with their tagline, which was “Helping you find your needles”. They also provided us with the core concept of a magnifying glass with a needle in focus against a clump of hay in the background.Playing off those main concepts, we were able to brainstorm and come up with a couple of fresh and modern design ideas that would fit the direction that the client wanted to pursue in terms of branding.

First concept

We started off with the most obvious interpretation: a magnifying glass and a needle. However, instead of having the needle at the center, as in the initial brief, we chose to transform it into a handle. While it was simple in terms of execution, it was effective, and it produced a modern and sleek interpretation of the needle-and-haystack concept.

Second concept

We approached the second concept with the intention of giving the idea of “hay” a more modern and unique feel. We thus came up with hay symbolized as a dotted spiral, with the needle at the center of it. This more abstract interpretation of hay was meant to reflect the concept of an endless void, and how data could be represented in that way as well.The general concept was also to stylize the needle as an arrow hitting a bullseye. This was meant to symbolize precision, a key characteristic of Haystak as a search and indexing tool for data.

Third concept

In the third exploration of the logo and branding concept, we aimed for something clear and uncomplicated. During this time, the brand name evolved from Haystack to haystak - a sleeker and more memorable form perfect for branding. It was from these ideas that the concept of the needle merged with a single strand of hay was born.Combining the two concepts hit the mark, creating a simple yet unique logo that was very modern and sleek at the same time. More importantly, it was the version that the client enjoyed, and which they ultimately decided to go with for their branding initiative.


Creating a logo and branding design may not be an easy task, but it is one well worth investing in. With the right logo and the right branding, a brand can hit the ground running, armed with some of the best tools it can use to break into the marketplace effectively and successfully.This is exactly why it is crucial that in building your logo and branding strategy, you have the right team to do the right kind of work for you.KDCI is a Creative design outsourcing company in the Philippines and we specialize in building teams of professional logo and branding designers who do exceptional work for some of the best companies around the world.With our team of expert designers on board, you are always guaranteed top-notch, professional logo and branding design services every time.To learn more about what KDCI has to offer, contact us today

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