KDCI Launches ‘Moments with Mom’ Photo Essay Contest

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June 7, 2022
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Mark Daniel
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KDCI Launches ‘Moments with Mom’ Photo Essay Contest
KDCI Outsourcing
September 6, 2023

As we pay homage to the most inspiring women of our generation, KDCI launched a Mother’s Day Photo Essay Contest inspired by the theme “Moments with Mom.”The submission of entries ran from April 22 to May 6, 2022, with the goal of encouraging all KDCI employees to share their adorable mother-child moments.The said event captured some of the tear-jerking milestones between a Mom and a child. Also, it provided an outlet for everyone to express their love and appreciation for their best Moms in the world.Last June 3, three lucky employees emerged as winners and took home prizes worth of gift certificates. Let’s have a closer look at the winning entries of this year’s “Moments with Mom” Photo Essay Contest.

The Official Winners of “Moments with Mom” Photo Essay Contest

Moments with Mom - 1st place, Clark Esperanza

mother's day photo contest 1
My mother went abroad to work when I was still in elementary school. I didn’t cry when we took her to the airport. Being the youngest among my siblings, I still had no grasp of the idea that my mother would spend years working away from us – her family. After that day, I walked through moving up and awarding ceremonies, with my dad, uncle, or another relative, who would present me my medals or certificates wherein other classmates would have their mother (and father) by their side, most of the time. She would send money for me and my family so we could eat somewhere special. For me, this was how it worked, my mom was working far away to provide for us.Academic milestones, achievements, and medals displayed on the wall are reminders of the many instances my mom would miss these events. Personal conversations were converted into Skype calls and Messenger video chats. It was our thing every Sunday and it would make me happy, albeit a little confused. That was my mom on the computer screen, and always, I would ask her when she will come home. And always, without falter, she’ll always answer, “Soon, anak.”This photo is a core memory of me and my mom. A rare occasion when she came home during my high school graduation. It felt surreal to have your mother beside you, and the reason why I tried to excel in academics. I even feel silly writing this, talking about how each moment with my mom I don’t take for granted as it is rare. She still works abroad as an OFW to help our family and here I am years after college, now working in KDCI. And I can’t wait to tell her, “Mom, it’s time to come home.”

Moments with Mom - 2nd place, Karla Fabon

mother's day photo contest 2
A child's life becomes different when a mother passes away. However, there's a saying that when someone bids you goodbye, another person will enter your life. Actually, my grandmother has always been the scenario in my life. From changing diapers to giving advice on a long-distance call when I was studying abroad. We were reunited when my mom was suffering from cancer.  I have been taking care of her for 7 years now since my mom died. She's 90 years old.  Despite our age and cultural differences, she never stopped playing her role as a mother. Her brain is still sharp like a sword even though she's turning into a fragile crystal.  Inevitably, we still have our mother-daughter. missions. I am glad that she's still beside me because I could share the dreams and she has been witnessing my achieved goals that I wanted to share with my mom.

Moments with Mom - 3rd place, Sharilyn Deseo

mother's day photo contest 3
As me and my family are living outside the Philippines before, these are just a few of the moments I have with my mother. Great fun adventures and memories that will forever be cherished. We want back 2019, then the pandemic happened. Two years of not seeing each other, although just one bus ride away! The photo at the bottom was when she can finally visit. Brought food and a whole lot of stuff! What a start of a new year! And this year’s Mother’s Day, we are the ones who will visit her! Hope I can share the lovely photos with you all next year. Until then!
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