Why Should You Outsource Product Catalog Management?

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February 10, 2023
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Why Should You Outsource Product Catalog Management?
KDCI Outsourcing
September 6, 2023

The year 2023 is brimming with infinite opportunities for online retailers. The total global retail sales are forecasted to rise up to 8% until 2024. Most importantly, more consumers will enter the Ecommerce buying landscape, mostly from younger generations (Gen Z & Alpha).With the emergence of new powerhouse generations, Ecommerce brands have yet to piece together how to adapt to their buying behavior. According to experts, these younger generations grew up in the digital age and have shorter attention spans. When your Ecommerce store does not provide an engaging user experience, you lose almost 32% of your potential customers.In 2023, it’s crucial that you focus on optimizing your product catalog management. The competition is now all about providing customers with clarity, precision, and relevance with your product catalog. If your Ecommerce catalog management team is not yet ready for fierce competition next year, then we give you big reasons why it’s better to outsource to an Ecommerce service provider.

Here’s Why You Should Outsource Product Catalog Management to Get a Competitive Edge Over Your Competitors

1. Increase product visibility on marketplaces

Did you know that 1.8 million online retailers operate in the US and 7.1 million globally? And in 2023, these numbers are expected to increase due to the rise in global retail sales. In a competitive market wherein visibility is of utmost importance, you might lose to emerging online retailers who are optimizing their sites correctly.

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To increase product visibility, you must ensure you appear in the top results. However, even with the enormous number of online shoppers, being seen among the top results on the product page can be difficult. Buyers won't look for your particular products unless you have a well-known and reliable brand.Your products won’t get the right attention unless you start optimizing your Ecommerce product catalog. You can begin by displaying eye-catching product photos and a detailed, SEO-optimized product description. This will help you nudge customers to proceed to the checkout page and increase your online sales.If you lack resource flexibility to optimize your product catalog, you may want to outsource product catalog management to a trusted service provider like KDCI. We can provide you with a dedicated product description writer and product photo editor ready to optimize your site for higher conversion rates.

2. Enhance the customer shopping experience

An image capturing a warm moment between a satisfied Filipino customer and a Filipino business owner.

A poor shopping experience results from an Ecommerce site lacking all the components of accurate product categorization. If you don’t want to lose a potential customer in 2023, you should start organizing your products into distinct, hierarchical categories.Budding retailers find it challenging to implement the most effective product categorization techniques. When they are unsure about how to categorize a product, they look for that product in a search engine to see what similar items another seller could be offering, and then they copy the category that the product is listed under. This might work for a narrow variety of products but won’t work for a diverse set of products that requires strategic categorization.To optimize product listings for an enhanced shopping experience, you may need the help of a product data entry specialist. From identifying data sources and gathering product data to creating product data attributes, you can ensure your products are accurately categorized. With an accurate classification of your products, you’re making your site easy to navigate and helping search engines fetch your products quickly.

3. Reduce your operational costs significantly

System integration and platform deployment require a lot of financial investments when managing an Ecommerce business internally. In addition, you might anticipate paying a significant amount of money for office spaces and hiring full-time workers to oversee your Ecommerce business.If you want to save a lot on your operational expenses in 2023, you should outsource product catalog management to a trusted outsourcing vendor. When you outsource to a low-cost country like the Philippines, you benefit from the 70% labor cost reduction because of the country’s low wage rates. At the same time, you can save on your overhead costs as your service provider will handle the facilities, recruitment, equipment, and even training for your offshore team.

4. Focus on revenue-generating activities

If you’re wondering why your business isn’t generating enough profits after years of selling online, you’re probably so fixated on your non-core functions that you overlook your sales and marketing. These revenue-generating activities are crucial to attracting customers and driving sales to your site. By neglecting these functions, a lot of potential revenue may go down the drain.Outsource your product catalog management this 2023 and shift your focus on your marketing and sales strategies. Let Ecommerce professionals handle your product catalog management while you focus on your email marketing and paid advertising. Concentrate on creating exclusive deals and offers your customers will love. Also, redirect your attention to your SEO and PPC to increase traffic to your website.There’s so much you can do to grow your Ecommerce business when you have the peace of mind that your non-core functions are well taken care of by a product catalog manager. Plus, you reduce the workload of your in-house team, which results in higher productivity and low turnover rates.

5. Elevate your Ecommerce brand identity

Your brand's positioning determines how your customers perceive your business. Sending a clear message about who you are and what your products stand for can help them form the proper perception of your brand. Indeed, a highly-optimized product catalog can solidify your brand identity and set your business apart from the competition.When you outsource product catalog management, you get a scalable, full-service Ecommerce optimization service. You have product information management experts to streamline your data entry operations. Also, you have web designers to give your website a responsive design for a better user experience. Moreover, you have writers and photo editors to enrich your product catalog with the most relevant data your customers need.Having a team that works hand in hand and understands your requirements gives your customers a unified experience. It also helps you make a good impression of your brand, which is essential to retaining repeat buyers and increasing customer lifetime value.

Hire the Best Product Catalog Management Experts in the Philippines

Outsource product catalog management today with the help of Ecommerce experts in the Philippines. Start optimizing your site for better conversion rates while you focus on the most important aspects of your online business!KDCI, an Ecommerce outsourcing company in the Philippines, is ready to partner with you in building the perfect extension of your team in the Philippines. Our facility is certified by the Philippines Economic Zone Authority and has a top-notch data infrastructure and 100% backup power. As your Ecommerce partner, we can provide your offshore team with ongoing recruitment, HR, payroll, facilities management, and IT support so you can reduce your operational costs and concentrate on your revenue-generating activities.Click the button below to learn more about our services and pricing plans.Contact Us

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