5 Most Offshored Ecommerce Back Office Support Services

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January 13, 2022
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Mark Daniel
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5 Most Offshored Ecommerce Back Office Support Services
KDCI Outsourcing
September 6, 2023

Offshoring back office services is not only a cost-effective strategy. It’s also ideal for businesses like eCommerce with growth challenges.As your eCommerce business grows, it’s inevitable to have more diverse customer needs. Some businesses go for outsourcing some their operations to address such challenges. But most of them hire the wrong positions.According to SSON, Fortune 500 companies squander an estimated $480 billion owing to inefficient back-office activities. So how can you nail outsourcing services without losing your hard-earned money?Below, we listed the top five most commonly offshored back office support functions to help your eCommerce business achieve consistent, sustainable growth:

Back Office Support Functions Your eCommerce Business Might Need

1. Salesforce Administrator

Salesforce is one of the most powerful CRMs in the market. Businesses use this application to manage interactions with prospects and customers. With companies pushing toward digital transformation, the need for Salesforce administrators is increasing.For starters, they don’t have a handle on how Salesforce works. They are also baffled by its time-consuming configuration and setup.If your business is struggling with managing this tool, it’s time to offshore a Salesforce administrator.How can a Salesforce administrator help you with the administration of your Salesforce platform?Essentially, a Salesforce administrator’s job entails customizing a company’s Salesforce platform to improve the team’s workflows and procedures.A Salesforce administrator’s job description is frequently extensive. However, their scope of support may be broken down into specific functions:

  • Salesforce system upgrades and configuration for optimal integration
  • Management of all data stored on the platform
  • Importing of sales department leads, contacts, and other data
  • Upkeep of the sales cloud and creation of custom reports and dashboards
  • Performing diagnostic tests and duplicate entry cleansing
  • Documenting error reports and changes to field history tables

2. Data Entry Specialist

What is back office support without the implementation of an accurate data entry?Data entry may be as simple as entering product details on e-commerce platforms. But maintaining an effective data management system can take a massive chunk of time.If you have a large volume of data that requires daily processing, you may consider hiring a data entry specialist. Whether building spreadsheets or performing quality checks and data validation, a data entry specialist can help save your time.How can a data entry specialist improve your data management?The duties of a data entry specialist are not limited only to entering information into databases and systems. Data entry specialists are also expected to execute the following with speed and accuracy:

  • Examining data for errors and identifying irrelevant information
  • Checking and updating data into relevant database
  • Conducting research and obtaining further information for incomplete documents
  • Creating spreadsheets with a high number of figures that are error-free
  • Responding to requests for information and access to pertinent files
  • Keeping tangible copies of data arranged to make retrieval easier

3. Product Data Entry Specialist

So you have plenty of items to put on your eCommerce store but don’t have the means to do so? Are you struggling to keep your store regularly updated with product data? Maybe you need the robust support of a product data entry specialist.eCommerce is a fiercely competitive industry with an ever-demanding customer base. With emerging online marketplaces, it’s a challenge to attract customer attention.However, there’s a smart way to attract customer attention to your store. You can do this by presenting the appropriate product characteristics, descriptions, photographs, and reviews. This could be a lot easier if you have a product data entry specialist.How can a product data entry specialist keep your online store up-to-date?Most business owners hire product data entry specialists to better focus on their core business tasks. This is because product data entry specialists perform various functions to keep their stores up-to-date.Below is a quick overview of how product data entry specialists ensure all product data entry operations are highly accurate and error-free:

  • Entering all relevant product data such as product images, descriptions, prices, specifications, features, and offers
  • Obtaining product-related data from a variety of sources, such as catalogs and websites
  • Sorting items into various categories for an easier customer viewing experience
  • Deleting outdated products that are no longer available or have been discontinued
  • Optimizing product titles and descriptions to ensure they are original and keyword-rich
  • Upload product data for upselling and cross-selling opportunities

4. eCommerce Product Data Specialist

Companies that use e-commerce might have a lot of product data. Unfortunately, it often results in managing a huge inventory. Good thing there’s an expert that takes care of all aspects of product data.eCommerce product data specialists ensure that all data displayed on the eCommerce backend is updated and accurate. In addition, they perform critical functions not limited to implementing seasonal strategies and boosting the website’s catalog performance.Moreover, eCommerce product data specialists take charge of your data-related projects. For example, they can supply information in the system on particular product features if the description is lacking and needs to be improved. They may also use this information to create product descriptions that appeal to buyers.How can your business benefit from an eCommerce product data specialist?Hiring product data specialists offers many advantages to businesses using eCommerce. For hundreds of items displayed on the eCommerce site, these specialists manage bulk product data transfer, pricing optimization, content generation, and accurate data. Other than that, the key responsibilities of an eCommerce product data specialist may include:

  • Coordinating with multiple cross-functional teams to analyze product requirements
  • Conducting data market research to ensure product descriptions and features meet industry standards
  • Providing detailed information to assist eCommerce business owners in determining the administrator’s effectiveness
  • Studying visitors’ behavior and analyzing all of this data regularly
  • Maintaining product data accuracy across all sales channels

5. Product Catalog Specialist

The standard for effective eCommerce catalog management is straightforward. That is a user-friendly site with up-to-date information and enticing product images. But if this is not what your customers see from you, converting them into loyal customers is less likely to happen.Product catalogs are a great way to reach out to new customers, develop your consumer base, and show off all of your lovely items. However, creating a product catalog is more complicated than just throwing all of your items into a website. This is where a product catalog specialist comes in handy.A product catalog specialist knows the best practices in creating and maintaining a catalog. They give comprehensive product information that informs potential customers about what you offer. Hence, building brand trust for everything you sell.How can a product catalog specialist enhance your online catalog?There is more to catalog management than managing product-related information. To deliver a rich customer experience, a product catalog specialist does the following crucial tasks:

  • Manage eCommerce operations daily, including product catalog updates
  • Maintain control over the product material shown on website marketplaces
  • Resolve catalog difficulties to improve the speed of the catalog upload process
  • Manage and generate new product listings on the e-commerce platform
  • Ensure that the product information in the catalog is accurate and of high quality
Four dedicated offshored members of an Asian eCommerce back-office BPO team, located in a vibrant Philippine office, radiate enthusiasm and eagerness to help businesses flourish.

Offshore eCommerce Back Office Services to KDCI

Looking for a reliable partner for your eCommerce support services doesn’t need to be daunting. If you are an eCommerce business owner, you can benefit from more than ten years of our eCommerce expertise in back office support services.KDCI is a leading offshore staffing company based in Manila that offers full-service eCommerce solutions. Name it—customer support, digital marketing, eCommerce design, product information management, eCommerce web development, eCommerce web design—we have all the solutions to optimize your workflow, reduce costs, bring more revenues and increase your savings.Are you ready to talk to our experts? Then, click the button below to get your free consultation today!Contact Us

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