How to Know If You’re Ready to Outsource Back Office Operations

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May 18, 2020
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How to Know If You’re Ready to Outsource Back Office Operations
KDCI Outsourcing
September 6, 2023

With various operations essential to your Ecommerce business, you'll need all the help you can get. But expanding your business can get tricky--especially if you want to add new services to the mix. Outsourcing companies can provide the support that you need to cover the back office operations essential to you and your customers.

Are You Ready to Outsource?

Still unsure if you're ready to outsource your Ecommerce operations? Watch out for these signs:

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1. Your Business is Growing Fast

At first glance, it looks like a good problem.Your Ecommerce business is on the rise, and you have no choice but to keep up with the growing volume of work and still ensure customer satisfaction. As much as possible, you want to avoid any roadblocks when the opportunity for growth is within your reach.With the increasing need for new services to fulfill your customers' needs, ask yourself, "Do I have enough resources to sustain my online shop's growth?"Outsourcing is the best way to pave your way from a small shop to an Ecommerce store. Lucky for you, there is a variety of cost-effective and flexible outsourcing solutions, custom-developed to drive innovation and improve your online shop's efficiency.

2. You're Stuck in Business Operations

Business operations keep a business afloat. This includes answering your customers' queries, advertising your online shop, and managing your product catalog online.When you were starting out, only you handled these activities. But as your online shop generates a wider reach, you'll need extra pairs of hands to keep the operations running so you'll have time to think strategically for your business.To get unstuck from the operation side of your business, you can consider outsourcing to support your day-to-day activities.Some outsourcing companies have Ecommerce services in their service list, from customer support to digital marketing, and product information management. Once you start outsourcing your back office operations, you'll have more time to develop your business and brainstorm new ideas.Help Me with My Business Operations

3. You Have New Ideas You Want to Develop

For any business, growth is essential--it's even crucial to your long-term survival.To sustain your growth, ideas propel your Ecommerce business to keep reaching new heights. They drive you to explore untapped markets, launch creative marketing campaigns, and innovate your existing product line.Ideas can mean additional revenue, but first, you must have the capability to turn your ideas into a revenue-generating machine.Finding the resources to develop these ideas gets more difficult the more your online shop grows. Good thing there are outsourcing companies that offer Ecommerce outsourcing services for back office operations.

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4. Your Budget is Tight

According to Paycor, up to 70% of total business costs are labor costs. On top of that, operating costs can account for up to 20%.With these tremendous costs, wanting to save money is understandable--reducing your operational and labor costs opens up more opportunities for you to boost profit.As an Ecommerce business owner, you need to look for ways to increase your bottom line without giving up the quality of your products and services.With outsourcing, you can save up to 60% in labor and operational costs, compared to hiring in-house resources. Delegating tasks to experts will yield higher savings and even deliver better results.

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5. You're Looking for a Richer Talent Pool.

A recent survey by ManPower Group states that 54% of global companies have talent shortages.Getting new people on board is a pain point for any business. Unfortunately, there are even times when you'll have incompetent people take over your back office operations.They might have a hard time managing your online shop or they might not be invested in fulfilling your customer service requests--these can drive you to start your recruitment process all over again.Outsourcing can help you solve your talent shortage problems. Better yet, offshoring will give you access to a large pool of highly qualified professionals for a lower cost.

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6. You Need the Right Expertise

Ecommerce provides a fast growth opportunity, but the risk of failure is high when you don't have the right people in your team.Out of these ten reasons why Ecommerce businesses fail, seven require people with the right expertise to help you avoid these pitfalls. Whether it's for SEO, site usability, customer support, or product information management, you'll need subject-matter experts to support your Ecommerce business.Outsourcing companies are the best place to find the right experts. They can provide access to well-versed Ecommerce specialists, who can drive you away from the pitfalls of navigating your online business.

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7. You Want to Improve Your Customer Service Experience

If you're transitioning your offline store online, you'll see that customer service is different.At a brick-and-mortar store, you can directly engage with customers. But with an Ecommerce shop, your interactions are limited to calls, chat, and email, and it gets more difficult to feature that personal touch critical to the customer experience.With this shift, upgrading your customer experience can help you crush problems that customers might encounter while going through the buyer's journey online.Outsourcing can bring customer service specialists into your business--even better if you choose a one-stop-shop Ecommerce outsourcing company with customer support services.Get My Own Customer Support Service Team

Outsource Your Ecommerce Back Office Operations at KDCI

Adapting your business to the growth of the Ecommerce industry is not an easy feat. When you want to expand your online shop, you'll soon encounter roadblocks while growing your Ecommerce business.Good thing you now know the signs to spot if you're ready to outsource your back office operations. In case you encounter any of them, we'll help you choose the right Ecommerce outsourcing partner for your business.

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