Top 10 Favorite Digital Marketing News (January 2019)

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January 30, 2019
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Top 10 Favorite Digital Marketing News (January 2019)
KDCI Outsourcing
September 6, 2023

In today’s busy world, no one really has the time to sit down and catch up on every piece of news that gets released every single day. Admit it - you probably send your news subscription emails straight from your inbox to an obsolete folder somewhere.

Luckily for you, our digital marketing team at KDCI has created this handy roundup of some of our favorite digital marketing news bits that you might have missed this month. These ones are actually useful, we promise!

Our Top 10 Favorite Digital Marketing News this January

1. Buffer’s State of Social report

Buffer has recently released its annual in-depth report on digital marketing trends to help marketers in devising their strategies. It highlights some interesting points such as the rise in the use of organic stories, messaging apps, influencers, video content, and IGTV in companies’ digital marketing strategies.

This report is one of our favorites since it lays out data in a very reader-friendly, easy-to-understand format which is great for busy people who want to just cut down to the chase.

2. Video will be the king of Facebook

Facebook remains to be the top channel for sharing business content, and it is becoming clearer that video is the most engaging media type on the platform. Recently, Mark Zuckerberg has said that users watch an average of 100 million hours of videos every day.

It was found, however, that the main factor holding businesses back from engaging users with more video content is lack of time to produce the actual videos.

3. LinkedIn interest targeting

LinkedIn is a great platform to explore for companies looking to enhance their marketing initiatives. It is currently viewed as a promising marketing solution to help marketers reach their audience through relevant ads and interest targeting.

The predominantly business-to-business platform has also seen a 212% rise in ad growth as marketers use the site for reach and lead generation.

4. Amazon’s Influencer Commission Initiative

Advertisers now spend more than $40k a month on their advertising efforts. This growth is being attributed to efforts to take part in the rising influencer marketing industry.

In fact, business giant Amazon is set to give up to 10% influencer commission using a tool made by their influencer marketing platform collaborator,

5. Netflix on Instagram stories

Netflix has recently added a feature allowing users to share what shows they’re watching on Instagram. This clearly shows that more and more brands recognize the value of social media platforms in terms of marketing.

According to reports, the number of brands posting Instagram Stories has quadrupled in 2018, and this in their efforts to generate engagement and impressions.

6. Mobile now houses 75% of search shopping impressions

The fastest-growing paid search segment continues to be on Mobile.

E-commerce channel ads (ECA) have grown five times over the course of 2018 as three out of four search shopping impressions are done using a mobile phone in a quarterly report by Kenshoo.

7. Brands are banking on e-commerce in 2019

$3.5 trillion in digital opportunities in the online retail space is being seized by the 76% of brands increasing their investments on e-commerce.

This growth is followed by an increasing need for e-commerce support agencies providing data processing solutions and specialized fields like search engine optimization that isn’t readily available in-house.

8. Google Chrome’s ad blocking initiative

In the light of Google’s withstanding $56.8 million GDPR fine, the company will stop displaying disruptive ads by July 9.

Expansion of Better Ad Standards is also in the talks to improve the experiences of Chrome users. Critics, however, are alarmed of the “self-serving possibilities” in Google’s pursuits.

9. AI healthcare is one of the top growth industries

AI healthcare is among the top emerging industries this year.

This is due to the growing demand for accessible healthcare and influencer agencies for effective advertising support along with personal coaching and drones.

10. AI Gartner Report

AI is gradually creeping into our daily lives, and it is predicted that 70% of organizations are bound to have some form of AI integrated into their workflow by 2021.  

AI is expected to be used in the workplace for increased efficiency and productivity in the automation of manual tasks, enhancing customer experience, and lessened human error—ultimately improving ROI.

Though the first month of the year is nearly over, there’s still time for you to think about your business strategy for digital marketing this year. Hopefully, these news tidbits go a long way in helping you create the awesome strategy you need to really boost your business growth in 2019.  

Do you want to boost your digital marketing efforts but find yourself just not having the right people for the job? Getting an offshore team to help you out could just be the best marketing strategy for you to employ this year.  

KDCI is a leading Philippine outsourcing company that specializes in offshore staffing in the fields of Digital Marketing, Creative Design, and eCommerce development. Part of our mission is to provide the best quality and service, and keeping up to date with the latest news and trends is one of the many ways we embody our ideals.

Are you looking for the perfect outsourced digital marketing team to address your digital marketing needs? Contact us today to find out more!

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