Outsourcing Community Support Services for Property Management

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September 18, 2023
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Outsourcing Community Support Services for Property Management
KDCI Outsourcing
November 5, 2023

In property management, you’re not only taking care of properties, but you’re also responsible for a whole community. This includes everyone living or staying in the properties you’re managing. They can be office employees if you’re handling commercial properties, or tenants if we’re talking about residential or rental properties.This is where community support services come in. What is this, and how can outsourcing it help you take care of your community? This is what we’ll talk about in the following sections.

What Are Community Support Services in Property Management?

Community support services are one of the property management functions you can outsource. It’s all about making sure everything runs smoothly for people living or working in a place, whether it's an apartment complex or an office building. These include:

  • Amenity Management
  • Security Services
  • Maintenance Services
  • Financial Management
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Communication Services
  • Accessibility Services
  • Community Events
  • Emergency Support
  • Resource Sharing Programs

This isn't just about fixing leaky faucets or keeping the lawn mowed. It also means making sure the place is safe, handling the money stuff, and doing all the behind-the-scenes paperwork. The goal is to make life easier and better for everyone in the community.

What Is the Role of Community Support Services in Property Management?

Community support services are really important in managing places where people live, like apartment buildings, condos, and neighborhoods with homeowners associations. Here's a breakdown of how community support services contribute to property management.

Enhances Quality of Life

One of the main roles of community support services is to enhance the quality of life of the people using the property. Here are some of the tasks dedicated to this purpose.

Amenity Management

A key component in enhancing quality of life is the effective management of communal amenities. Community support services are responsible for overseeing shared facilities like swimming pools, gyms, and community halls. Their role involves ensuring these spaces are not only well-maintained but also easily accessible to residents.

Security Services

Community support services frequently oversee the installation and maintenance of surveillance cameras, the deployment of security personnel, and the development of emergency response plans. These measures are designed to create a secure environment, giving residents peace of mind and contributing to a safer, more comfortable living experience.

Property Maintenance

Community support services also take on the vital task of maintaining common areas, landscaping, and essential utilities like water and electricity. Regular upkeep of these elements not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of the property but also ensures that basic services function without interruption.

Conflict Resolution

An often overlooked but essential role of community support services is acting as mediators in disputes, whether those are between residents themselves or between residents and property management. By providing a structured avenue for airing grievances and finding solutions, these services help maintain a harmonious living environment.

Accessibility for People with Disabilities

Community support services also prioritize ensuring that the property is accessible to people with disabilities. This involves tasks such as installing ramps, widening doorways, or adding Braille signage, among other modifications.

Maintains Property Value

Effective community support services also make way for profit generation by maintaining property value. Here are some activities related to this.

Upkeep and Renovations

Community support services often help keep the property in top shape through regular maintenance and upgrades. This not only makes the place nicer to live or work in but also boosts its market value. They're key in spotting what needs fixing or updating, benefiting both owners and residents.

Regulatory Compliance

Community support services also make sure the property follows all local, state, and federal laws. This is important for keeping the property's value high and ensuring compliance with legal implications of property maintenance and other operations. steering clear of legal troubles. By staying on top of these rules, they help create a stable and reputable living or working environment.

Fosters Community

Another role of community support services in property management lies in fostering community relationships. Below are some ways on how the service can achieve the goal.

Community Events

One of the ways that community support services foster a sense of belonging is by organizing various social events, workshops, or meetings. These activities provide residents with opportunities to connect, engage, and build relationships, thereby enriching the community experience.


Effective communication is another cornerstone of community support services. Keeping residents informed about community updates, upcoming maintenance, and changes in rules or regulations helps build trust and transparency. This open line of communication ensures that residents are always in the loop.

Feedback Mechanism

Community support services often establish mechanisms for residents to provide feedback or voice concerns. Whether through surveys, suggestion boxes, or community meetings, these channels empower residents to contribute to decision-making processes, making them feel more invested in their community.

Local Partnerships

Community support services sometimes collaborate with local businesses or organizations to offer residents special benefits, such as discounts or community service opportunities. These partnerships not only provide tangible perks but also strengthen the sense of community by connecting residents with their broader local area.

Provides Additional Support

Finally, community support services allow property management companies to provide additional support to tenants with special or urgent needs, such as the following.

Emergency Support

In the event of natural disasters or other emergencies, community support services step in to provide crucial assistance. This can include arranging temporary housing, distributing food, and supplying other essential items. Their role in such situations is vital for the immediate well-being and safety of residents.

Resource Sharing

Some community support services facilitate resource-sharing programs, allowing residents to borrow tools, books, or other items. This not only fosters a sense of community but also provides practical benefits, making life a bit easier and more sustainable for everyone involved.

Elderly and Childcare Services

In certain communities, specialized services targeting the elderly or children may be available. These can range from daycare facilities to senior activity centers. By offering these services, community support helps cater to the diverse needs of its residents, enhancing the overall quality of life across different age groups.

Why Should You Outsource Community Support Services for Property Management?

There are certain pros and cons when outsourcing property management services, such as community support. Here, we’ll focus on the pros.


Hiring a full-time, in-house team for community support services can be expensive when you factor in salaries, benefits, and training. Outsourcing can often provide the same level of service, or better, at a reduced cost. Read more on how to save money when outsourcing property management services.

Access to Specialized Expertise

Outsourcing firms often specialize in property management and community support services. They bring a level of expertise that can be difficult to match with in-house staff, especially for smaller operations.

Better Scalability

As your community grows, your needs will change. Outsourced services can easily scale to meet these changing demands, whether you need more frequent maintenance, additional amenities, or specialized services like elderly care.

How to Choose the Right Property Management Outsourcing Partner

To get access to effective community support outsourcing services, you need to work with a reliable company that guarantees both top-notch results and specializes in property management. Here are the top ways on how you can choose the right outsourcing partner.

Evaluate Experience and Expertise

One of the first steps in choosing an outsourcing partner is to assess their experience and expertise in the property management sector. Look for a company with a strong track record in delivering community support services. Their past performance can be a reliable indicator of their ability to meet your community's specific needs.

Assess Technology Capabilities

Technology plays a crucial role in modern property management. Make sure the outsourcing firm you're considering uses advanced technology solutions that can easily integrate with your existing systems. This will ensure a seamless operation, from maintenance requests to financial reporting.

Check References

Always ask the outsourcing firm to provide references from other properties they've managed, and take the time to contact these references. This will give you firsthand insights into the quality of services the firm provides, their responsiveness, and their ability to meet commitments.

Best Practices for Successfully Outsourcing Community Support Services

Outsourcing community support services can offer numerous benefits, but it’s crucial to know the best practices to avoid the challenges that come with outsourcing property management services. Here are some of the things you can do to ensure a successful outsourcing partnership.

Clearly Define Objectives and Scope

Before you begin the search for an outsourcing partner, clarify what you aim to achieve with the partnership. Whether your focus is on cost-efficiency, scalability, or specialized expertise, having well-defined objectives will serve as a roadmap during the selection process and beyond.

Conduct Due Diligence

Choosing the right outsourcing partner is a decision that shouldn't be rushed. Conduct thorough due diligence to vet potential firms. This should include reviewing their track record, asking for case studies, and speaking with current or former clients. This in-depth research will help you assess the firm's reliability and performance capabilities.

Establish Communication Channels

Clear and consistent communication is vital for the success of any outsourcing relationship. Ensure that there are established channels for regular updates, feedback, and urgent communications. Whether it's weekly meetings, monthly reports, or a dedicated point of contact, effective communication will help both parties stay aligned.

Monitor and Evaluate Performance

Once the partnership is in place, it's crucial to keep tabs on how things are going. Use key performance indicators (KPIs) that are relevant to the community support services you're outsourcing to measure success. Regularly evaluate these metrics to identify areas for improvement or adjustment.

Plan for Long-Term Engagement

Outsourcing is often most effective when viewed as a long-term strategy. While short-term gains like cost savings are important, consider the long-term benefits as well. Choose a partner who can adapt and grow with your community's needs, ensuring a sustainable and fruitful relationship.

Outsource Community Support Services to Property Management Experts in the Philippines

Outsourcing community support services is a great way to ensure the satisfaction of the community members of the properties you’re managing. However, to ensure success, make sure to work with an outsourcing provider that specializes in property management functions - such as KDCI! At KDCI, we offer outsourcing solutions for property management companies who want to improve the quality of their community support services. With several experts in our team, you will be able to focus on your core activities, while also ensuring the safety and happiness of your community. Are you interested in our property management services? Click the button below to learn more.

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