How Outsourcing To KDCI Can Streamline Retail Customer Service Operations

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November 23, 2023
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How Outsourcing To KDCI Can Streamline Retail Customer Service Operations
KDCI Outsourcing
November 23, 2023

According to Hubspot, 40% of customers will stop patronizing a brand if they get poor customer experience. This statistic emphasizes how important great customer service is in the retail industry.

However, providing good retail customer service can be difficult for medium-sized retailers in the US that are facing continuously growing customer demands. This is where KDCI, a leading outsourcing company in the Philippines, steps in. Their innovative approaches not only meet but elevate customer standards, ensuring scalability and efficiency. 

This article will walk you through how outsourcing companies like KDCI streamline retail customer service operations.

KDCI Provides On-Brand Training to Customer Service Agents

KDCI commits to elevating the standard of retail customer service, through specialized on-brand training. This approach ensures that every customer service agent understands the products and services, as well as the unique values of your brand. Here is everything you need to know about how on-brand training helps in providing excellent customer service.

What Is On-Brand Training?

On-brand training is a specialized form of employee training focused on aligning the customer service team with the provided core values, message, and identity of the brand. 

In retail customer service, this means going beyond the basics of product knowledge and customer interaction. The training focuses on familiarizing the agents with the brand's voice, tone, and values in every aspect of customer engagement. It also equips them with the necessary customer service skills to provide high-quality service.

What Are the Benefits of an On-Brand Training?

The benefits of on-brand training in retail customer service revolve around the improvement of customer experience and brand perception. Below are the things you can expect.

Consistency in Customer Experience

On-brand training ensures a consistent, excellent customer service experience. It teaches customer service agents to always use your brand's values and style in their service. This way, customers know what to expect and can trust your brand more, because they get familiar, consistent service every time.

Enhanced Brand Loyalty

On-brand training directly contributes to building and reinforcing brand loyalty. When customers receive good customer service that resonates with the brand's identity, they feel a deeper connection to the brand. 

Efficient Redundancy Planning

On-brand training provides a comprehensive framework that standardizes how customer service agents interact with customers and handle their queries. Because of this, you can equip your operations with more efficient redundancy planning, reducing the risk of inconsistent service quality and having to spend additional resources for training. 

How Does KDCI Conduct On-Brand Training?

KDCI's on-brand training is carefully designed and customized to make sure the brand's core qualities are deeply integrated into every part of customer service. Below is the process of how KDCI conducts on-brand training.

Step 1: Understanding Your Retail Brand

During the call with KDCI, their team will try to understand everything about your brand, including your needs and capabilities in customer service, company overview, the products and/or services you’re offering, etc.

Step 2: Customizing A Training Manual

The second step involves the creation of a comprehensive training manual. KDCI either uses an existing training manual or creates a new one based on initial meeting information for customer service agent training.

This manual, developed in close collaboration with the client, serves as the cornerstone of the training program. It includes an extensive brand guide, detailing the company overview, values, tone of voice, and visual identity, an FAQs section, a detailed manual on what the agent needs to do in terms of specific situations, and more.

Step 3: Recruiting, Screening, and Hiring Qualified Customer Service Agents

Once KDCI fully understands your needs and requirements, and there is a training manual ready for use, they will then proceed to the recruitment, screening, and hiring process. 

In this step, the company will start looking for qualified customer service agents through its recruitment team. The recruitment team, being one of the company’s powerhouse, will take care of looking for job applicants, screening, interviewing, and assessing each one for you. 

Step 4: On-Brand Training and Certification of Agents

As soon as KDCI screens enough customer service agents for your team, they will go through the actual on-brand training. This involves immersive, interactive sessions where agents are not just passive recipients of information but active participants. 

Following these comprehensive training sessions, each agent undergoes a rigorous certification process, ensuring their capability to represent your brand effectively and consistently.

How Can On-Brand Training Help Streamline Your Retail Customer Service?

Efficient on-brand training can significantly streamline retail customer service. Below are the main ways how.

Reduced Miscommunication and Enhanced Clarity

By ingraining the brand's voice and messaging in agents, on-brand training minimizes the chances of miscommunication. Agents become more adept at conveying the brand's message clearly and effectively, leading to fewer misunderstandings, great customer service, and more satisfied and loyal customers.

Redundancy Planning

On-brand training can significantly streamline your retail customer service by emphasizing redundancy planning. This approach ensures that each team member is not only proficient in their specific role but also cross-trained in other key areas. Such a strategy minimizes service disruptions and maintains high-quality customer interactions, even in the face of staff absences or unexpected surges in customer demand.

Cohesive Brand Experience Across Channels

On-brand training ensures that whether a customer contacts a customer service representative via phone, email, social media, or in-store, they receive a consistent, high-quality experience that reflects the brand's identity. This consistency across channels strengthens the brand's image and helps build customer trust.

KDCI Only Deploys Agents That Are Certified for Your Brand

KDCI understands the importance of representing your brand accurately and effectively. They ensure that every agent they deploy is not just trained, but also certified to represent your brand. Here are the things you need to know about KDCI’s agent certification process.

How Does KDCI Certify Agents for Your Brand?

After the intensive on-brand training, KDCI will assess the agents through various methods, including tests, simulations, and role-playing scenarios, to ensure they meet the high standards required for certification.

This process is necessary to ensure that you’ll get agents that are certified and fully capable of meeting your retail store customer service needs, while still being able to act according to your brand.

What Are the Benefits of Having Certified Customer Service Agents?

Having certified customer service agents work for you makes a big difference. Here are the benefits that you can expect.

Enhanced Brand Alignment

Certified agents embody your brand's ethos, ensuring that every customer interaction is a true reflection of your brand's identity. This alignment results in more authentic and relatable experiences for customers, strengthening their connection to your brand.

Improved Resolution Efficiency

Agents with certification are more adept at quickly understanding and resolving customer issues in a manner that aligns with your brand's approach. This efficiency not only improves customer satisfaction but also increases the effectiveness of your customer service operations.

Increased Customer Confidence

Customers tend to have greater confidence in online shopping and trust in agents who demonstrate a clear understanding of the brand and its products. This trust is fundamental in building long-term customer relationships and loyalty.

How Can Certification of CS Agents Streamline Your Retail Customer Service?

Certifying customer service agents in your brand's specific methods can transform your retail customer service. Below are ways on how it can streamline your operations.

Consistent and Excellent Customer Service

Certification ensures a standardized level of expertise among all customer service agents, creating a consistently high quality of service. This uniformity is crucial in maintaining a strong brand image, as each customer interaction becomes a reliable reflection of your brand’s standards and values. 

Faster Problem-Solving Abilities

Agents who are certified in your brand’s specifics possess an enhanced ability to resolve issues swiftly. Their deep understanding of your products, services, and brand nuances allows them to identify and address customer problems more quickly than their non-certified counterparts. 

Proactive Customer Engagement

Certified agents, with their in-depth brand knowledge, are not limited to reactive customer service. They can anticipate potential customer issues and needs, offering solutions and advice before the customer even realizes they need it. 

KDCI Manages Your Operations

Managing customer service operations can be challenging since you have your in-house teams and core business functions to consider. KDCI steps in to ease this burden by managing your operations. Below is everything you need to know about this.

How Does KDCI Manage Your Retail Customer Service?

KDCI takes pride in managing your retail customer service operations along with you, to ensure business success. Here’s a detailed view of what they do when managing your customer service.

Certifying Agents for Your Brand

In managing your retail customer service, KDCI ensures that every interaction your customers have is aligned with your brand's values and expectations. By deploying certified agents who are specifically trained in your brand's characteristics, KDCI guarantees a consistent and high-quality customer experience.

Planning for Redundancy

KDCI's approach to managing retail customer service also includes a strong focus on redundancy planning. This aspect is crucial for maintaining uninterrupted service, a key element in retail where customer queries and needs are continuous and time-sensitive. KDCI's redundancy planning ensures that there are effective backup systems and cross-trained staff ready to step in during unforeseen circumstances.

Assigning a Dedicated Account Manager

Your customer service team may also come with a dedicated account manager who will lead the agents’ training, monitor their performance, and gather relevant insights from customer feedback and KPI analytics. 

Tracking and Monitoring Performance

As a part of the approach, KDCI will also provide regular monitoring and performance evaluations. This is to ensure that the customer service team is meeting the necessary KPIs and brand requirements to provide high service quality.

Providing Feedback for Continuous Improvement

KDCI establishes a system of continuous improvement, involving the monitoring of important metrics and gathering feedback from the customers. Based on the data, our team will then provide insights and recommendations to further improve your brand’s customer service operations.

What Is Managed Operations?

Managed operations in customer service involve taking complete responsibility for all the operational aspects of your customer service. This includes staffing, training, technology implementation, strategy development, and continuous improvement ensuring a seamless and efficient customer service process. They will handle everything revolving around your customer service operations.

What Are the Benefits of Managed Operations in Retail Customer Service?

Managed operations play an important role in saving time and resources for your retail business. Here are the benefits that your customer service operations can get from it.

Operational Expertise

Because of KDCI’s extensive experience in the outsourcing and e-commerce industry, they’re experts in building customer service teams for businesses like yours that are struggling to meet growing demands and ensuring consistently high-quality service.

Resource Optimization

Managed operations boost customer service efficiency and reduce operational costs by strategically optimizing manpower and technology use. This approach includes aligning employee skills with specific tasks, implementing continuous training, and leveraging automation and data analytics for more personalized service.

Continuous Improvement

Managed operations play an active role in improving operations, products, and services, which is crucial for businesses focusing on strategic growth and core competencies. With customer service operations expertly handled, your business can dedicate more resources and attention to leveraging opportunities for expansion and innovation.

How Can Managed Operations Streamline Your Retail Customer Service?

With KDCI managing your retail customer service, you can expect a more streamlined operation because of a number of additional benefits. Here are some things you can expect.


Through KDCI’s managed operations, you can expect full redundancy in terms of productivity. Because we have grade-A office facilities, our internet and electricity are fully redundant. More importantly, should your assigned agents be unavailable, your dedicated account manager ensures you have backup agents who are trained on your brand to take over and ensure zero downtime.

Adaptability and Scalability

This approach offers the flexibility to scale customer service operations up or down based on business needs, allowing for more agile responses to market demands or seasonal fluctuations.

Data-Driven Insights

Managed operations at KDCI utilize data-driven methods for continuous improvement. By systematically analyzing KPIs and customer feedback, we generate insightful recommendations about your brand, ensuring each decision is grounded in solid, empirical data for enhanced results.

Quality Assurance

Managed operations ensure a consistent, high-quality customer service experience. Through rigorous monitoring and standardized processes, they maintain service excellence, enhancing customer satisfaction.

Cost Efficiency

Opting for managed operations in retail customer service significantly reduces operational costs. It eliminates the need for extensive in-house training and infrastructure, offering a more economical solution.

Advanced Tech & Automation

Managed operations integrate advanced technology and automation to streamline customer service. This approach enhances efficiency and accuracy, leading to faster resolutions and improved customer experiences.

Focus on Core Business Operations

With managed customer service operations, businesses can concentrate on their core functions. This focus leads to improved overall performance and innovation in their primary offerings.

Streamline Your Retail Customer Service Operations With KDCI

Outsourcing your customer service requires working with the right people. Trust an outsourcing partner like KDCI with a solid track record of building customer service teams that serve as an extension of brands’ customer service teams.

With KDCI, you can enjoy streamlined operations with our comprehensive customer support services

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