What Can A Product Photo Editor Do for Your Ecommerce Store?

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May 12, 2022
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Mark Daniel
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What Can A Product Photo Editor Do for Your Ecommerce Store?
KDCI Outsourcing
September 6, 2023

Did you know that 75% of online shoppers use product images to help them decide whether or not to make a purchase? Given these staggering figures, you now know where to focus your efforts to boost eCommerce sales. Clearly, it's eCommerce product photography, and enlisting the aid of a professional editor in assisting your business products. In this article, we'll dive deep into the role of creative editors in positioning quality product images in various marketplaces. Take this as a guide to finding the finest editing service for your product images if you have no experience with product photography.

List of Editing Services a Professional Photo Editor Can Do for your Products

Professional editors with expertise in business products are the masterminds behind the highly retouched images that sell for millions of dollars each year on marketplaces. They edit product images as realistic as possible, allowing customers to experience the product virtually. Do you want to know how they bring photos to life on the internet? Well, they provide the following eCommerce product photo editing services that help online retailers increase store conversions.

1. Background removal

a product photo editor removes photo background

One of the most basic skills a creative editor possesses is the ability to remove the background from an image. Although it is the simplest, online merchants overlook its significance. They assume that an image with a noisy background will not affect their chances of increasing sales. But it's the other way around.

An editor's job in backdrop removal is to help direct the viewer's attention to the shot's main subject. After the background has been eliminated from the shot, tons of creative things can be done to make the image even more enticing. One of them is replacing the old background with a new one that matches the backdrop color of prospects.

Also, background removal eliminates any dust, grime, marks, or other undesired flaws in the background. This creates a blank canvas that you may simply alter and utilize for things like product photos, banners, ad covers, and thumbnails, among other things.

Moreover, it's advisable to have your products in neutral backdrops like plain white if you're selling on Amazon or eBay. The pure white background creates a more professional and cleaner look from an aesthetic standpoint. It also aids in the display of your product's features. As a result, prospects will be able to assess your products' color and elements more easily.

2. Retouching

a product photo editor do retouching

Customers are more likely to choose you over other brands offering the same product if you have polished and professional product photos. So, how can an expert editor help you clean up your product images? To make your images stand out from a sea of brands, these professional editors might employ several on-demand photo editing tools and image-altering techniques. They can reduce wrinkles, improve shape and symmetry, and even remove skin imperfections. Also, they can enhance the brightness, color, and energy of your images to make them look better in prospects' eyes.

There's a learning curve in mastering product photo retouching techniques. That is why you may be hesitant to take on the duty yourself. However, having your images enhanced by a pro is a crucial element for achieving polished, high-quality product photos. In addition, with a retouching partner, you may see more than just an increase in online sales. Also, a retouching service can help you attract your target audience's attention across multiple social media channels.

3. Clipping paths

a product photo editor do clipping paths

Clipping path is a technique for photo editing similar to background removal. While the latter concentrates on eliminating everything else and only keeping the center object, the former is used to erase the backdrop from an image.

A clipping path service includes removing an object from an image to make it look more appealing. It is commonly used in photo editing and manipulation. Also, it's one of the essential techniques used by creative professionals to make images appear clean and polished.

For example, vector-clipped images of drills would be ideal in a hardware catalog when you want to exhibit a dozen power drills with clean, sharp edges. More importantly, this is effective if you want to illustrate the exact features of the unique shapes of different companies' drill models. The drill photographs can be placed on top of any desired color background in a page layout application because they have been clipped off.

Clipping path services are frequently utilized for various purposes such as product promotion, advertising, and social media campaigns. It's also in demand in the jewelry and modeling industries, aside from eCommerce.

4. Color correction

a product photo editor do color correcting

Did you know that color is the most influential aspect of online shopping for 85% of customers? Colors also play an 80% role in brand recognition. Since color catches the eyes of the prospects first, this is enough reason for you to prioritize color correction more than ever.

Color correction service is a vital part of any professional photography. It can correct a picture's unequal exposure to light or background light. Also, it can improve a photo's overall quality by boosting contrast, removing blurring, and enhancing color.

In addition, color correction comes in handy in your products' color accuracy and consistency. According to an EJM survey, nearly 11% of buyers would return their purchases due to color inaccuracies. To reduce return rates, it's wise to have creative editors at your disposal. These experts can bring instant life into your images while achieving the correct color combination.

Also, it's worth noting that during the product shoot, anything could go wrong. However, with the help of a photo editor specializing in color correcting, you can still make adjustments in post-production to capture the correct color of your product.

5. Image compositing

a product photo editor do image composting

Do you want to elevate your product by adding some creative elements? For example, you're selling a juice drink and want to illustrate it with tropical fruits splashing in flowing juice. If this is in your mind, you probably need image compositing.

Image compositing is combining two or more images to produce a new image for your online store. It's a concept that blends fantasy and reality. Do you want a Star Wars-themed wedding photo? Image compositing can make this conceivable, even though it's ridiculous. If you want to create a whole new picture of magic, this is the editing technique for you.

Compositing images, on the other hand, is not a simple task. To create a high-quality composite image, you'll need to be familiar with digital photography, digital editing, and the ever-growing list of tools available in modern software and apps. In addition, it would take you a whole day to edit photos, blend colors, and copy-paste options to indicate that the picture is in motion.

That said, it's best for composite images to be produced by a professional photo editor. They know everything that goes into creating seamless composite images, including perspective, lighting color, direction, focal length, distance from the camera, etc.

6. Invisible mannequin

6. Invisible mannequin can do invisible mannequin

Rather than hiring models, apparel business owners would just invest in mannequins. However, mannequins have the disadvantage of appearing amateurish on an eCommerce site. So, business owners often remove it to preserve the garment's shape and appearance. This technique of removing the mannequin from a clothing item to make it appear more fit and appropriate is called the "invisible mannequin."

One of the benefits of using this technique is that the 3D shape of the garments is preserved. This gives them a more natural appearance and allows customers to examine them from various perspectives. If you want to show off your product in a 360-degree view, you should use this technique with your apparel.

In addition, excellent product display is of utmost importance in eCommerce or online marketing. That is to say, your clothing items may appear useless if you don't use a mannequin technique.

To sum up, make sure your clothing items are taken on mannequins and then edited by a product photo editor before uploading them to your website. This will make your products appear more appealing to potential customers.

7. Shadow & Reflection

a product photo editor can do shadow and reflection editing

Shadows and reflections may add dimension to your online products and make them stand out. However, don't overdo it because it might be distracting. It's advisable to leave it to an expert if you're not knowledgeable in a specific type of shadow that complements your product.

There are two immutable rules for adding shadows and reflections to a photo. First and foremost, your shadows must appear realistic. Second, utilize the same type of shadow on all product images in the same category. Following these rules will not only give your photos a natural look and feel, but they will also give them a realistic vibe. It will also steer you clear of adding unnecessary effects to your images.

Shadows and reflections can also help your products stand out in print and the web. It's crucial to decide whether or not to use these effects ahead of time. If you're not sure whether to utilize it, you can get a professional photo editor to guide you in managing your business products.

Hire a Professional Product Photo Editor for eCommerce

When it comes to running an eCommerce business, there's more than meets the eye. Sourcing products and responding to customer inquiries eat up a lot of your time. And optimizing your store for product images on shopping channels is just one another. It's a good thing you can hire a product photo editor to take some of the workload off your shoulders.

If you're ready to outsource your product photo editing needs to an eCommerce expert, we're here to guide you every step of the way. Our company, KDCI, has been in the outsourcing industry for over ten years. With our experience of handling high-volume projects with different brands in the past, we're confident we have the expertise to drive increased revenue for your business. In addition, through our scalable solutions, we can also provide you with top-notch services such as eCommerce marketing, design, and web development.

Are you interested to learn more about our service? Then, click the button below to get your FREE consultation with our client success manager today!

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