Understanding What is SEO: Key Concepts & Strategies

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September 14, 2020
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Understanding What is SEO: Key Concepts & Strategies
KDCI Outsourcing
September 6, 2023

What is SEO?” This should be one of your first questions if you want to attract the right people to your website. As a digital outsourcing company, this is one of many things we help our clients with. Now, we want to help you, too.In this article, KDCI teaches you what is SEO, how it works, and how to apply the best practices to your website.https://youtu.be/Wp8fjvHPics

What Is SEO? Explained.

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is a Digital Marketing practice that deals with optimizing your website content to increase organic search traffic. Essentially, it’s an umbrella term for any technique or procedure used to rank higher for keywords relevant to your business.

How Does SEO Work

To better understand what is SEO, you also need to understand what’s under the hood of the search engines.There are three steps every search engine takes:

  1. Crawling
  2. Indexing
  3. Ranking

Crawling is the process where search engines go out and gather new and updated data all over the internet. These data could be webpages, videos, images, files, and more.After crawling, search engines store all the information or URLs into their database — also called indexing. Once your website or webpage is indexed, it will appear as a search result for relevant searches or queries.Tip: To check if your website or webpage is indexed, type “site:(yourdomain)” in Google. This will show you what and how many of your pages Google has indexed.

how to know if your page is indexed - what is seo

Ranking web pages is the final stage where search engines choose the most relevant answer for a search query. The higher the ranking, the more relevant the search engines deem a webpage is to the query.As SEO experts, it’s our role to find ways to improve your website’s search ranking. With our understanding of search engines and our marketing experience, we can develop a customized SEO marketing strategy for your website.

What Is SEO Marketing?

SEO Marketing (more popularly known as Search Engine Marketing or SEM) is a part of Digital Marketing that focuses on designing, running, and optimizing ad campaigns for search engines.The main difference between SEO and SEM is the type of traffic they deal with. SEO focuses on optimizing for organic traffic, while SEM focuses on paid traffic. However different, these two need to work together in one marketing strategy.As a digital outsourcing company, KDCI specializes in both SEO and SEM.We conduct a two-pronged approach:

  1. Improve your website’s relevance by optimizing your content for keywords you want to rank for.
  2. Run paid search campaigns for relevant keywords. This includes landing page design, landing page copy, and Search Engine Results Page (SERPs) copy.

If you have more questions about our SEO and SEM strategy, just fill out the contact form on the right side of your screen or click the button below.I need help with SEOFor now, here are some basic tips to help you with your SEO.

How to Do SEO

While SEO may seem like a simple strategy to improve your website ranking, there are deeper, more complicated parts that you’d really rather have someone else do. SEO takes a lot of time and effort to pull off effectively.Essentially, there are five steps our SEO experts follow for basic SEO.

Step 1: Conduct Keyword Research

Keyword research is the process of finding terms that are relevant to your website.This is a data-based strategy that uses a tool (or set of tools) to help you determine whether a keyword is worth targeting. Here at KDCI, we use numerous keyword research tools like Ahrefs, SEMrush, Google Search Console, Google Keyword Planner, and more.Our keyword research process includes the following:

  1. Finding general keywords or the most common way people search for what you do.
  2. Finding more specific queries, related keywords, and granular searches.
  3. Gather essential data from keyword research tools (e.g., Volume, Keyword Difficulty, Cost per Click, etc.).
  4. Listing down popular and engaging topics related to all the collected keywords using forums, groups, FAQ websites, and more. These will be used for step 2.

Step 2: Create or Optimize Website Content

We will create or optimize your website content using all the keywords, terms, or topics gathered from Step 1.In this step, we will optimize your existing content by spreading the keywords in the relevant pages.With our website UI/UX (User Interface / User Experience) experts, we structure your pages according to what will satisfy whoever visits your website. We use design and typography to make it easier to consume your website content.After that, we will create and execute a blog content strategy according to search intent, keywords, and topics we’ve collected.A blog can increase your chances of improving website ranking and brand authority since your website answers questions and topics relevant to your industry.Other minor, yet relevant, tasks we do when optimizing website content include:

  1. Optimizing URLs.
  2. Creating meta titles and descriptions for all pages.
  3. Creating a logical structure for website content and blogs using H-tags.
  4. Optimizing images.
  5. Setting up schema.

Step 3: Improve Website Accessibility

Improving your website accessibility is an essential part of SEO that requires a web developer's technical expertise.To improve your website accessibility, a web developer needs to do the following:

  1. Improve site speed.
  2. Develop a responsive website (mobile-friendly website).
  3. Install an SSL certificate (vital for Ecommerce websites).
  4. Create a sitemap.
  5. Upload a robots.txt file.
  6. Apply internal link building strategy.

If you don’t have a web developer to help you with these tasks, we’d be happy to help! Web development and maintenance is one of our expertise here at KDCI.Just click the button below or use the form at the right side of your screen for inquiries.Help me with web development

Step 4: Create a Backlink Strategy

Link building is a part of SEO that involves increasing backlinks to your website (or a webpage within the site) to improve relevance and ranking. This is one of the most critical ranking factors that Google considers to rank websites.There are numerous ways to get backlinks, but here are some of what our SEO experts recommend:

  1. List down the websites your competitors are linked to.
  2. Disavow “bad” links.
  3. Reach out to websites that use broken links from your website to update them accordingly.
  4. Create a guest blogging strategy.

Link building is one of the most time-consuming parts of SEO. It will require you to hire for help as it involves a lot of tedious work and some technical SEO skills.

Step 5: Measure Your Data and Adapt

There are numerous tools you can use to measure your SEO data. Some of the tools we use are SEMrush, Ahrefs, Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Google Data Studio, Moz, and many more.Regardless of what tool you use, here are essential data that you need to measure:

  1. Organic traffic
  2. Website or web page ranking
  3. Keyword rankings
  4. Backlinks or referring domains
  5. Website authority
  6. Page speed
  7. Engagement metrics (bounce rate, exit rate, page per visit, etc.)
  8. Mobile traffic and rankings
  9. Organic click-through rate
  10. Competitor metrics

Knowing what data you need to track will help you find out what needs to be improved or optimized. After that, you need to adapt by developing a new strategy according to your data.

Improve Your Website SEO with KDCI

Working with KDCI means we’ll help you create, execute, and develop an SEO strategy backed by hard data. Our SEO experts are equipped with all the tools and knowledge required to bring your website to the first page of search results.Just fill-up the form on the right side of your screen for a free consultation or send us your inquiries by clicking the button below.Contact us

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