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KDCI leaders spend down time in Japan

After another busy year of work, it was great to cap it off with a little rest and relaxation.

Last December, our company President, Ray Jamin, together with our Senior Project Manager, Allan Hernandez, travelled to Japan to spend the holidays snowboarding at Madarao Ski Resort. The ski resort, located at the snowy peaks of Nagano Prefecture, was a great place to catch the cool mountain air and take a breather from work.

Unbeknownst to most, our company president, Ray, enjoys extreme outdoor sports such as snowboarding and wakeboarding. Allan, our senior project manager and a longtime friend and colleague of his, introduced him to these extreme sports. They’ve also both started to play with drones, so hopefully we can see some neat aerial shots soon!


In our company, our leaders serve as examples of how having a good work life balance can help drive success. This is the same principle that we apply to our teams, and this is exactly why KDCI is one of the leading outsourcing companies in the Philippines today.


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