5 Marketing Ideas for Mother's Day To Boost Sales This 2022

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May 5, 2022
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5 Marketing Ideas for Mother's Day To Boost Sales This 2022
KDCI Outsourcing
September 6, 2023

It's that time of the year again — celebrating the role of our mothers in our society! While the rest are busy hunting for gifts, brands are in a frenzy of panic, looking for marketing ideas for Mother's Day! But what is the rush all about? Why is it important for brands to take advantage of Mother's Day marketing campaign ideas?  Well, customer spending on Mother's Day has continuously climbed year after year. According to the National Retail Federation (NRF), Mother's Day spending last year was predicted to hit a new high of $28.1 billion.In 2021, consumers spent an average of $220.48 on Mother's Day presents. More likely, we can expect that number to rise this 2022. So, with the numbers in mind, now is the time to double down on marketing ideas for Mother's Day. At the same time, ensure your products will get more eyeballs while making your customers whip out their wallets.

Must-Try Marketing Ideas for Mother's Day that Work

Mother's Day offers brands an absolute goldmine of opportunities to upsell and cross-sell their products. Most importantly, this event could also help businesses hit more than two goals in their marketing campaigns.Whether it is increasing revenue, engagement, or customer value, any brand can be the talk of the town with the right marketing strategy. Below, we put together the top five marketing ideas for Mother's Day that have generated incredible results through the years. Be sure to incorporate these Mother's Day promotion ideas to save much time before the special day!

1. Create Mother's Day Gift Guide

Last-minute gift buying is typical, especially as Mother's Day approaches. Well, there's a science behind this. Psychologists believe that our brains are hardwired to procrastinate. When we procrastinate, the brain releases a small amount of dopamine to compensate for not performing the less gratifying task.Moreover, dopamine also improves reward-related memory, motivating you to do it again because you enjoyed procrastinating the first time. So, if you've previously gotten great last-minute deals, your brain promotes the practice of shopping last minute furthermore.Knowing that last-minute shoppers would swarm to stores the day before the major event, your marketing campaign should cut a few hours off their present hunt. You can help them find the best gift by creating a gift guide.A gift guide assists new and existing clients in making purchasing decisions. Here, products are curated based on age, interest, and location.The primary goal of designing and disseminating a gift guide is to provide a frictionless buying experience for shoppers, allowing them to swiftly select a gift without spending too much time contemplating it.Here's how to kickstart your Mother's day gift guide.

Categorize your products

One way of doing this is to break down your gifts based on personas. If your target audience is a bookworm, maybe she'll like to receive books as a gift. Remember that a guide should cater to several profiles (e.g., fitness enthusiasts, travelers, and cooks) and offer gift suggestions for each.

Leverage product bundling

Offering a bundle of products at a single discounted price is known as product bundling. Shampoo and conditioner, for example, are frequently marketed separately. However, you could package them together in a set and sell them as a package to customers at a discounted price. This will allow you to highlight things that complement one another while discreetly upselling products.

Use a one-click buy system

The customer's payment credentials and shipping information are already stored and confirmed in a one-click buy system, so all the customer has to do is select an item, add it to their shopping cart, and check out. Let your customers make purchases easily so you can reduce your abandoned carts.

Let your target audience know

Spread the word out there. You can use your social media channels to promote your gift guides. Also, you may send promotional emails or consider writing a blog about it.

trio of premium chocolates image

Take a look at this perfect gift guide from K+M Chocolate. They were able to utilize product bundling subtly, all while upselling to the right audience. It's personalized and ideal for making the special occasion even sweeter.

2. Run giveaways on social media channels

Running social media giveaways is among the marketing ideas for Mother's Day that are proven effective. Here, brands invite their followers to take specific activities to be eligible to win a free prize.According to a survey, 55.82% of brands host giveaways on multiple social media platforms, with Facebook and Instagram being the most popular. And the primary reason for doing so is to enhance brand exposure and increase followers.For Mother's Day social media campaign ideas, there are multiple ways to maximize engagement with the help of giveaways. For example, you can ask your followers to tag a few friends on a post or encourage them to follow your brand. You may also prompt them to sign up for a newsletter and convert them into subscribers.

Take a peek at one of BumbleZest Drinks' Mother's Day giveaway ideas. Interaction on the promotional post was required to participate in the Mother's Day contest on Twitter. This requirement helped the brand gain more followers and allowed the product and brand to become more well-known. Above all, someone was given the opportunity to taste the new drink line!

3. Use relevant hashtags

Your post about Mother's Day is more likely to garner many eyeballs when you use relevant hashtags.More importantly, your brand can increase its popularity and expand its identity by constantly adding new posts with your brand name hashtags. Always keep a brand hashtag short and sweet when choosing one.Whatever hashtag you create, always consider your target audience. Please take note that your goal is to gain their attention and engagement. You can easily collect user-generated material if you prompt them to use your brand hashtag.If you're running out of Instagram hashtag ideas for the upcoming Mother's Day, here are some effective hashtags to use that can guarantee you better engagement:

  • #happymothersday
  • #mothersday
  • #mothersdaygift
  • #momlife
  • #motherhood
  • #mothersdaygiftideas
  • #mothersdayquotes
  • #mothersdayweekend
  • #mothersdayspecial
  • #mothersdayflowers
  • #mothersdaycard

Examine Coravin, a wine gadget that extends the life of a wine. Because they use both #Mothersday and #Wine, their adorable Mother's Day posts speak directly to moms (and wine enthusiasts). However, they could have garnered more likes and engagements if they combined the above Mother's Day hashtags with many wine hashtags.

4. Launch a photo contest

Nearly three-quarters of Americans now carry a smartphone with a camera with them at all times. Hence, taking and sharing images has never been easier. So if you want to fill your social media pages with lovely photos during Mother's Day, then a photo contest would be good for you!Photo contests are simple to organize and offer a great way to tie your brand with Mother's Day. Give your followers the chance to win a special Mother's Day gift by posting a photo and asking them to like and share it. Certainly, you'll generate much attention for your brand and product promotions.You can promote your photo contest by doing the following:

  • Putting together an email newsletter
  • Publishing a social media post
  • Adding a link to the front page of your website

Start promoting your contest weeks before it goes live to ensure that you get a lot of attention and submissions right away.


It's critical for a photo contest to have clearly defined contest guidelines. For example, take a look at this social media artwork from Magikland. They specified how to join the contest and the number of possible winners at the end of the event.

5. Offer exclusive discounts or coupons

Mother's Day sale ideas are the most obvious approach to thank moms on Mother's Day. This could entail combining things at a bargain or lowering prices on especially appealing items to mothers.Customers are sure to flock to promotions like "A Gift for Mom" or "Here's What Your Mom Will Love," which offer incredible discounts. On Mother's Day, websites will be saturated with enticing deals, so make sure yours are better than your competitors.To attract attention, make your advertising large and bold on your website or social media. Think outside the box and create a special Saturday promotion because that's when most customers will be out hunting for gifts.Offer your target clients several discounts, such as buy two, get one free, and any purchase over $50 saves the customer 10%.Whether it's increasing brand exposure, introducing new products, or lowering cart abandonment, successful promo code campaigns have a specific goal. So consider what you may provide on Mother's Day and how this promotion can help your brand grow.


In the example above, Optinmonster was able to hit two birds with one stone. That is, they managed to offer exclusive coupon codes while focusing on growing their email list.

Do You Need Help Generating Marketing Ideas for Mother's Day?

Is your Mother's Day marketing strategy foolproof to beat the competition for the upcoming holiday? If you're uncertain, you may consider hiring marketing professionals who keep tabs on the latest and most effective marketing ideas for Mother's Day.Our company, KDCI, employs globally competitive talents with a gamut of expertise ranging from content marketing to creative design. With our team of writers, designers, and marketing experts, we ensure to infuse your holiday campaigns with creativity and data-driven strategies.Are you interested to learn more about our best digital services? Then, click the button below for a FREE consultation with one of our client success managers today!Contact Us

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