Gen Z Marketing Trends You Should Know

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July 11, 2019
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Gen Z Marketing Trends You Should Know
KDCI Outsourcing
September 6, 2023

While Millennials have been the focus of the large number of businesses these past few years, things are going to change soon as there’s a new market emerging — they’re called Generation Z. These different characteristics found in this new generation means that we will also have new marketing trends.

Born mid 1990’s to current 2000’s, these digital natives have never lived a life without internet. By 2020, they’ll have 40% of the purchasing power. So you’ll have to pour all the marketing efforts that you have now to make them notice you.

While you still have time to adjust, you’d have to hurry as the oldest members of Generation Z are in college or just about to graduate. With that, here are some vital information that you need to know for the next generation that will skew the trends.

They have shorter attention span

Members of the Generation Z like their information short and concise. According to studies, Gen Zers takes 8 seconds to decide whether the content is worth their time and if it benefits them. Also, you’d have to know that there are more than $44 Billion annual U.S. purchasing power for Genz so this is a huge opportunity for your business.

Micro-influencers are key

Generation Z are less concerned with brand appeal than Millenials and are less likely to be motivated by loyalty programs. They trust influencers because their lives are relatable. 63% of Gen Z prefer to see real people in ads.

You also need to keep in mind that micro-influencers (real people with around 2,000 – 500,000 following) are more to skew the purchasing decisions of Gen Z than macro-influencers. That’s why you should consider seeking out these type of influencers who can align with your business’ voice.

You need Social Proof

60% of Gen Z wants to positively impact the future of the world and participate in social activism. They really care about the world so your business needs a purpose other than making money.

They really like companies who are aware of what’s happening in the environment, those who are politically correct and spear-heads economic problems that society faces today.

With that, start by making your core values known and contribute to the society and environment. If you’re not really related to any of that, you can partner up with companies that focuses on that matter and make a collaboration with them.

A Vocal Generation

They are likely to give feedback or reviews online. 44% showed interest in contributing ideas to brands.

You also have to note that this generation wants to take matters into their own hands that 72 percent of teens in the US say that they want to start their own business one day and 61 percent of this group wants to start immediately after college.

They really don’t focus on education as they believe that everything can be learned online. They really know how to research and self-educate. 33 percent of them watch online lessons, 20 percent read ebooks on tablets and 32 percent work with classmates online. 64 percent of Generation Z plans to pursue college compared to 71 percent of Millennials — a significant decline.

With that, your content online must also include behind-the-scenes and show them how your business works. They are really interested in that aspect with clear determination and resilience.

Mobile is Fast and Convenient

Gen Z uses up to five devices at a time and checks social media about 100 times a day. Also, according to a survey conducted by IBM, 75 percent of Generation Z mostly use a smartphone as their primary device rather than a laptop/desktop. This is true because kids receive their first nowadays at the age of 12 or 13 while us in the millenial side received our first smartphone around 20.

According to Google, teens prefer shopping online because of convenience. They also have all of the time to find a better deal online and compare other brands — you have to optimize your business for mobile devices. Keep in mind that 45% of them prefer to get information about new products on Instagram then prefer to research those said products on YouTube.

Always keep in mind that technology is only the enabler, it’s not the actual product. So optimize your mobile version of the site while simplifying the checkout process and creating the content that are also optimized with mobile devices. Need a mobile website that will improve user experience and enhance search/SEO performance? KDCI’s got your back.

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