All You Need to Know About Front Development Outsourcing

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April 6, 2022
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All You Need to Know About Front Development Outsourcing
KDCI Outsourcing
September 6, 2023

Are you considering front end development outsourcing this year? Before you start looking for a service provider, you may want first to dig deep into front end development. After all, additional knowledge could help you secure the right strategy as you get off to a good start.That said, we laid out here the most commonly asked questions about front end development outsourcing that you shouldn’t miss. By reading this blog post, you’ll get fresh insights into whether your business is prepared to outsource your web development needs.

What is Front End Development?

question about what is front end development outsourcing

Web development has two main parts: back end and front end development. Let’s concentrate on front end development for the time being.The building of front end elements of a website is what front end development is all about. These front end elements refer to features that you may see and interact with directly. In other words, front end development guarantees a rich user experience while interacting with a website, from design to navigation.To clarify, think of a website you have recently visited. What made you stay longer on that website? Your answer would probably be that it is functional and well-designed, right? You scrolled down because you were smitten by its quality graphics, fresh content, and mobile-friendliness.To sum up, front end development puts user needs first. Most importantly, it ensures your website is attractive enough to target visitors and convert them to leads. Certainly, if your web performance is not gaining traction, you now know what to do. Your front end development needs more polishing.

What Does a Front End Developer Do?

question about what does front end developer outsourcing do

Although the duties of a front end developer vary from company to company, a front end developer’s role should generally encompass any or all of the following:

  • Determine the structure and appearance of web pages
  • Employ markup languages such as HTML to make user-friendly web pages
  • Design features that improve the user experience regardless of browser
  • Establish functionality and mobile-friendliness of a web design
  • Improve the speed performance of web applications
  • Maintain excellent graphic standards and brand consistency
  • Assist back end developers with coding and troubleshooting
  • Improve website usability by collaborating with back end developers and web designers

Front End vs Back End Developer: What’s the Difference

front end vs back end development outsourcing

Let’s just say that web development is a fusion of art and technology. That is, front end development is concerned with the artistic side of the web, whereas back end development is concerned with the technical aspect.Earlier, we talked about how a front end web developer deals with different surface-level site elements. Let’s now dive deep into the function of a back end developer.While front end developers work on the visual components of a website, back end developers focus on server-side development. They manage databases, build the framework of software applications, and design APIs (Application Programming Interfaces).APIs are a set of programming code that allows data to be exchanged between software products. So, how does this interface work? Imagine you’re booking a flight and want to access your airline’s databases to see available seats that day. It’s the API that fetches data from your airline’s systems to your mobile phone so that you can book that flight hassle-free.But how does a back end developer work with front end developers?Front end developers typically send back end developers a list of APIs they want, as well as documentation of the intended behavior. For instance, a front end developer wants to correct the color or size of a button.Now, the back end developer may start building out the backend based on the functionality outlined. Hence, if the front end developer has an idea on how to improve the UI, they would communicate it with the back end developer to update the website.

How much does it cost to hire a front end developer?

how much is a front end developer

If you’re leaning towards hiring a full-time employee, you need to consider the difference between hiring locally or offshore.In the United States alone, the hourly rate of a front-end developer typically ranges between $41-$60. On average, the annual compensation for a front end developer is $86k. If you’re a start-up company, it may not be practical for you to hire local talent. It is expensive to build front end developer skills. Therefore, professionals would charge higher than you may expect.However, if your goal is to cut costs by paying lower wages, you may consider moving your business functions abroad. There are countries out there with low-cost labor that can provide you with quality service at a competitive price.The Philippines, for example, has been the outsourcing hub of many countries that opt to grow their team offshore. One of the primary reasons why other countries choose to outsource to the Philippines is labor costs and operational effectiveness.In fact, the average front end developer salary in the Philippines is ₱480,000 ($9,284.24) annually. So if you’re testing the waters of front end development outsourcing, offshoring to the Philippines is a good start.

Why Do Companies Choose to Outsource a Front End Developer?

why they outsource front end developers

Companies that opt to outsource are able to cushion their bottom line from the volatile market through outsourcing. If you’re torn between hiring local professionals or offshore team, here are reasonable reasons why front end development outsourcing is more of a smart move:

Cut employee costs

Do you know what comes along with hiring a local professional? You are responsible for covering their needs, such as training and recurring benefits. If you don’t fancy covering these additional costs, it’s in your best interest to outsource your web development needs.When you outsource to a low-cost country like the Philippines, you gain access to high-quality services at a much cheaper cost. Without a doubt, you may save up to 70% on labor expenditures.

Access cross-functional expertise

Moreover, you’re not only cutting costs by outsourcing. You’re also taking advantage of the multidisciplinary expertise that your offshore team may have.Remember that outsourced professionals have worked in various industries. Hence, they can help you navigate the competition and advise you on what has worked with their previous clients.

Scale up your project

The front end is just a minor aspect of web development. When your web development needs require you to scale up, a service provider can help you hire back end developers, graphic designers, and even content writers. They can ensure that you have all the expertise you need in one place.

Deliver projects on time

Furthermore, outsourcing companies follow a strict timeline while delivering outputs at faster turnaround times. If you hate micromanaging your teams and ask for updates from time to time, it means working with a service provider best suits your business.Also, outsourcing provides you with specialists for every stage of the development cycle. These experts play unique roles in executing a specific project on time.

Protect your business from turnovers

Terminating a contract with a service provider is easier than dealing with an employee leaving your company. It will cost you approximately $12,000 to replace an entry-level employee earning $36,000 per year.So if you don’t want a hefty sum of money to go down the drain, you should consider outsourcing. This is true, especially if employee turnover is a major concern in your business.

Outsource Front End Development to KDCI Outsourcing

Are you looking for experts ready to take on your front end development needs? Look no further! We are here to help you assemble the perfect extension of your team in the Philippines.Our company, KDCI, is one of the leading offshore staffing companies in the Philippines that is at the forefront of outsourcing. We offer scalable service solutions ideal for businesses with rapidly changing needs. Let us optimize your website performance with the help of our top-notch professionals in the realm of web development, graphic designing, and eCommerce.Are you interested to learn more about our services? Then, click the button below to get your FREE consultation with one of our client success managers today!Contact Us

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