10 Tips on Staying Productive During Quarantine

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April 27, 2020
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10 Tips on Staying Productive During Quarantine
KDCI Outsourcing
September 6, 2023

Staying productive during quarantine can be a difficult adjustment if you’re not used to working from home. Since none of us have a concrete idea of when this period will last, the best we could do is to find a way in staying productive.Are you a business owner? Here’s a guide on how to keep your employees staying productive during quarantine and working remotely.

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How to Stay Productive During Quarantine

As an experienced outsourcing company, we’re not foreign to having full time employees working from home. So, to help you in staying productive during quarantine like our employees, here are some tips to help you as well.

Tip #1: Stick to a Routine

First tip on how staying productive during quarantine is to gave a routine. Create a schedule for yourself that includes regular work hours as well as time for self-care and relaxation.Pro tip: include news time into your routine!Don’t stress yourself out too much by keeping an eye out for news updates all day.

Tip #2: Get Ready for the Day

Treat it like a regular workday — do the things you normally do to get ready for work. Take a shower, get dressed, get a cup of coffee, and other things that remind you of working in the office.The act of preparing alone helps you to mentally transition from your home life to your work life.

Tip #3: Set Up a Workspace

In staying being productive during quarantine, you should create a distinct space for yourself where you can work peacefully, without distractions. Try to set ground rules with other people in your home about your workspace and schedule, so they know when to not disturb you while you’re working.

Tip #4: Catch Some Sunlight and Fresh Air

Try to bring some of the outdoors in by working in a room with good natural lighting. Only if safe (depending on your community’s situation), crack open a window, or go to your yard or balcony and spend a few minutes outside.

Tip #5: Stay Active and Healthy

Fifth tip on staying productive during quarantine is to move your body. Reduce your stress levels by getting plenty of sleep, staying hydrated, and eating well-balanced meals. Take your vitamins to boost your immune system, and find the time to move for at least 30 minutes each day.Something as simple as stretching in place or walking around the house can go a long way if you do it regularly.

Tip #6: Deepen Your Personal Relationships

Spend time with your family and try to inject some lightness and humor into your day. If you have children at home, spend extra time playing with them and help them understand and process the situation.Stay in touch with friends and loved ones through chat, text, or video calls to seek and offer support to each other.

Tip #7: Allow Yourself to Unwind

Staying productive during quarantine doesn't require you to move all the time. Give yourself time to relax and do activities you enjoy. Watch a movie, read a book, or listen to music. Revisit your old hobbies, or maybe do something new that will keep you busy and engaged.You can organize family activities like movie and singalong nights, teaching the kids how to cook, or create craft projects.Here are some online activities you can enjoy with your family for free:

Tip #8: Start a Passion Project

Consider this as an opportunity to do something productive during quarantine in other areas aside from work. Do that thing you’ve always been putting off — let Marie Kondo help you declutter your home, learn to play an instrument, or start your DIY home renovation projects.The goal is to focus on things you can control.

Tip #9: Minimize Negativity

While there is a lot of saddening information spread all over the internet, it’s important to counter balance the heavy with the hopeful. Read stories about successful recoveries and the countless ways people are helping one another to get through this.Take some time to say thanks to our frontliners and find ways, big and small, to give back.

Tip #10: Remind Yourself That This is Temporary

Although this whole crisis is unprecedented and will go on for an undetermined amount of time, try to remind yourself that this will pass.We don’t know for sure what lies ahead, but we’ll get out of this ordeal with lessons on what needs to change for the better.

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