Omnichannel vs Multichannel Support for Customer Experience

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January 20, 2022
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Omnichannel vs Multichannel Support for Customer Experience
KDCI Outsourcing
September 6, 2023

The phrase omnichannel vs multichannel has been thrown out there for two reasons. First, the customer journey is becoming more complex than ever before. And second, businesses are now innovating their approach to meeting customer expectations.Nowadays, omnichannel is the new normal in retail and marketing. But statistics show that 26% of businesses have yet to implement this strategy. Are you one of them?If you’re still undecided about switching from multichannel to omnichannel support, then this blog article will do the job for you to differentiate and weigh omnichannel vs multichannel. Below we highlighted the key differences between the two so you unlock a new way to improve your customer support.

What’s the difference between omnichannel and multichannel support?

When diving into the topic of omnichannel vs multichannel debate, it is crucial to consider how these strategies shape and define the interaction between a business and its customersUnderstanding the distinction between omnichannel vs multichannel support is essential in today's competitive business landscape, as it directly impacts customer experience (CX).Omnichannel vs multichannel support, both of this have subtle similarities, which makes them confusing. One of which is they both use multiple channels to communicate with customers. But they have significant distinctions that allow them to perform different roles. So let’s dive deep into their definitions.Multichannel support basically means providing customers multiple channels to contact customer service. Here, customers can choose whichever channel is most convenient for them at any moment. These channels range from voice, text, live chat, email, social media, and more.

What are examples of multichannel support?

Navigating the landscape of modern customer service involves understanding key concepts like omnichannel vs multichannel support. While both omnichannel vs multichannel approaches aim to provide multiple ways for customers to interact with a business, they are distinctly different in how they integrate those interactions.Brands like Samsung, for example, provide a variety of customer support. They offer inquiry resolution assistance through multiple channels, including phone support, SMS, email, chat, and community support.However, it has limitations, particularly in keeping messaging consistent across different channels.If you have a phone call with the voice support team, that person may not be able to access the email you wrote earlier that day. The email support staff also may be unaware of what you discussed with the voice support team.That said, multichannel often leads to a fragmented experience since customers must repeat what they told the first agent to the second agent. To address these limitations, omnichannel was introduced to the marketing world.The focus of omnichannel is to provide an integrated experience across various channels. Here, a consumer cannot only pick the most convenient channel for initiating contact. They can also switch between several channels throughout the same conversation.For instance, customers may reach out to your customer support staff via social media and have their message escalated to a phone conversation without losing any contextual data.

What are examples of omnichannel support?

Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts are among the brands that have successfully implemented an omnichannel strategy. They have let customers order using a mobile app designed and launched into their sales and marketing mix in recent years.In a nutshell, omnichannel vs multichannel are not the same. Although omnichannel entails using many channels, the end result is an entirely different consumer experience.

  • Multichannel: Customers can access multiple channels in separate interactions.
  • Omnichannel: Customers can access integrated channels for a seamless experience.

Comparative aspects to consider: Omnichannel vs Multichannel Support

We listed comparative aspects below to help you differentiate omnichannel vs multichannel support. Take note of the following to determine which is better for your customer service.

Main Focus

After having a general understanding of the differences between omnichannel vs multichannel support, ask yourself about what should your marketing strategy be focusing? Is it on the product or your customers?Multichannel support aims to increase the number of channels via which a product may be promoted. If your company is product-focused, consider multichannel support. This approach helps your customers follow your product and get to the purchasing stage.But if you aim for a customer-centric approach, the best choice is omnichannel support. Why? It allows your customers to move freely across channels within the same discussion. With a seamless experience, you can’t lose customers.

Resolution Time

Weighing between omnichannel vs multichannel, you can reduce more of your resolution time by 50% with omnichannel support.Omnichannel can empower mobile optimizations. It means you can embed messaging in your website or app, making it easy to solve issues faster.That said, omnichannel has a lower resolution time compared to multichannel. In multichannel, transferring a customer from one channel to another is challenging. The process lengthens the amount of time to solve an issue. As a result, your chances of losing a customer are too high.

System complexity

While effective at providing near-perfect customer support, omnichannel support is no fairytale. In fact, many companies struggle to achieve and understand this approach.Businesses must first build up each channel’s natural sales pathways in omnichannel. After that, they have to determine where they intersect and establish integrations at each stage. This complexity requires a significant amount of setup work, the appropriate eCommerce infrastructure, and ongoing attention.Meanwhile, multichannel doesn’t require many significant resources. You don’t need to plan for sales pathways from one channel to another.Hence, if you want to employ omnichannel support to your business, you should consult with a service provider for expert advice. After all, you don’t want to waste your investments with blind faith.

Channel Integration

While multichannel provides customers with various options, it does not necessarily make it simple for them to connect.For example, suppose their preferred channel isn’t working. In that case, they must initiate a new engagement in a different channel, which can be annoying and perplexing. Good thing omnichannel can address these issues.Omnichannel supports channel integration by delivering coordinated customer experiences across all channels. Here, each of your marketing channels is still set up with distinct purchase paths. When customers move from your website to email to social media, they see where they left off rather than repeating itself.Take note that channel integration reduces transaction costs and improves inventory management. By considering the diverse needs of your customers, you now know where to place your bet.

A dedicated Asian professional working diligently in modern office environment, seamlessly coordinating offshore omnichannel support services to ensure exceptional customer experiences.

Offshore KDCI’s Omnichannel Support Services

Now that you have understood the different between omnichannel vs multichannel, then you can now decide whether which one will fit your business goals and needs. Ultimately, choosing between omnichannel vs multichannel support is not a matter of which, but a matter of how. If you don’t understand how to respond to your customer’s needs, neither omnichannel nor multichannel will ever work.So consider working with a reliable service provider to identify the best customer support for your business. Let KDCI help you improve your customer’s experience with your product or service.KDCI is a leading offshore staffing service provider that caters to best-value customer support globally. We have more than ten years of experience helping businesses realize the potential of smart outsourcing.Are you ready to discuss how to enrich your customer experience with your brand? Then, click the button below for a FREE consultation today!Contact Us

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