How to Make Effective Video Testimonials To Boost Marketing

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February 3, 2022
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Mark Daniel
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How to Make Effective Video Testimonials To Boost Marketing
KDCI Outsourcing
September 6, 2023

Video testimonials are a powerful marketing tool to watch out for this 2022. In fact, 78% of businesses see an ROI in testimonial videos of 100 percent or higher.

However, many businesses are still stuck with written and audio testimonials. Also, they don't consider that modern-day users have an attention span shorter than a goldfish.

This kind of content has a 95% retention rate, while written materials only have a 12% retention rate. So, it doesn’t make sense if you’re still sleeping on it.

Since this kind of testimonials are quite underrated, we decided to provide you with an in-depth discussion of how this video content can boost your marketing strategy.

What are video testimonials?

It features a customer or a client sharing their experiences with a brand in video format. Instead of writing a typical review, the reviewer produces a video of themselves conveying their thoughts. In most cases, they talk about how the brand helped them solve an issue or how it affected their lives.

These testimonials may come in either customer or business testimonials in video marketing. These two are the most effective content marketing tactic today, according to 89% of marketers.

A customer testimonial video is a tried and tested B2C marketing tool. Here, real-life customers convincingly inform people how excellent a product is.

Meanwhile, a business testimonial video fits into the B2B customer lifecycle. Instead of customers, it highlights a client’s experiences after receiving a professional service.

Two dedicated Asian outsourcing staff, immersed in their work, are actively filming a compelling video testimonial in the bustling office environment, using high-tech camera equipment to showcase business success stories.

How long should a testimonial video be?

It should be long enough to deliver your message. But not so long that your audience loses interest.

The rule of thumb is to keep most videos under two minutes for most marketers. Like any other video, it has an intro, body, strong CTA, and outro.

To sum up, you may cover the following in no over 30 seconds in your intro. Otherwise, you run the danger of lulling the audience to sleep.

  • What is the brand/product/service all about?
  • What does the brand/product/service offer?
  • What does the brand/product/service aim to achieve?

As you go through the body, keep in mind to highlight results and benefits. Also, avoid generic scripts such as “It’s nice!” and “It’s great!”. Instead, you need something that is cut above the rest.

That said, you may double down on capturing your audience’s interest. You can do this by letting a customer or client talk about specific details like:

  • How does the brand/product/service fulfill their needs?
  • What did they accomplish because of that brand/product/service?

This section should run in less than one minute. Also, the reviewer must be enthusiastic and genuine throughout the entire video.

After fleshing out the winning experience, finish your video with a strong CTA. Your CTA could be a verbal call out—‘download, subscribe, shop, order, buy, learn more’. Whatever it is, make sure you do it persuasively in less than 30 seconds.

Moreover, don’t forget to provide more information about your brand. For example, wrap up your testimonial video content by incorporating where they can follow you online. Also, add how to address any common questions or concerns about your product/service.

How to get video testimonials from customers or clients?

Not everyone likes to face the camera to video themselves. Let alone speak for their experience with enthusiasm and professionalism. That said, getting great testimonials is not a walk in the park.

But don’t worry! You can follow easy steps to ensure you get them to say yes even if they are not paid to do it.

Choose the right subject

Finding the right people to speak for your brand is not easy. Therefore, you need to ask each of your clients/customers personally to move the needle.

You can start by sending them an email or a personalized video. Also, keep in mind to choose only those who have used your product or service for a long time and have experienced incredible results.

Initiate to write the script

Assuming you already have the subject, volunteer to write the script. Clearly, your main job is to make the pre-production as easy as possible. Hence, the reviewer will appreciate it if you guide them throughout the process.

A script should not make your reviewer sound rehearsed. Instead, encourage your reviewer to build an emotional connection with your brand by being sincere and authentic.

Emphasize the importance of their experience

Communicate to your reviewer why their story is valuable to your brand’s success. In addition, remind them how they can convince others to trust your brand from time to time.

For someone who speaks on behalf of a brand, they need to get motivated. Also, they need to feel credible enough to advocate for your brand.

Give perks if needed

Your reviewer would appreciate it if you give perks as compensation for their time. For example, you can give them discounts, free trials, or gift cards as a token of appreciation.

After all, they are not just a subject for your content. Moreover, they are part of your customer/client base that needs to get nurtured.

How to create great video testimonials?

Do you want to know the secret sauce to high-converting video testimonials?

We compiled here the best examples of video feedbacks from great brands out there. Learn how to get it right so you can start working on that video testimonial of yours!

Focus on big success stories

Success stories can evoke strong emotions. And that’s precisely what Salesforce did in their video “My Trailblazer Story: Stephanie Herrera.”

Herrera narrates her fair share of adversities in the video to get to where she is today, and Salesforce is part of the story.

Give someone a success story, and they’ll break out into a huge smile. Above all, everyone wants to hear success stories. Clearly, we all want to have someone we can identify with and get encouraged to take the first step.

So if you have these big, powerful stories to tell, go for it. The world wants to see people conquer their obstacles and overcome the impossible.

Compilation videos work

Amazon made one of the best business video testimonials out there! The ‘Seller Testimonial - Spring 2016’ is among the best to take inspiration from.

In this video, Amazon showcased these customer endorsements to build brand credibility. As a result, many people have spoken about how the company has changed their lives.

In conclusion, it’s not easy to pull off this type of testimonial advertising. But if you have an ample amount of resources, do the work. In short, make a compilation video of your clients and transform it into a lead magnet!

Don’t forget to add humor

While there’s a tension that comes with perfecting a video testimonial, you shouldn’t forget to have fun!

Learn it from Slack. They created a funny testimonial video with Sandwich Video Inc. Here, Sandwich Video Inc. tells how they found a new way of organizing their teams by using Slack. So, they executed it in such a lighthearted manner that you'll nearly forget it's a staged testimonial example.

What can you learn from this? Humor sells. So, if you want to get your audience to finish your video, make them entertained right from the start until the end.

Use the right animation

You can make your videos even more engaging with the right animation. Omada does this technique perfectly! For instance, they keep viewers focused on the benefits by emphasizing important key terms.

In this video, they don't just display words on the screen. To make it more fascinating, they employed animation, used various typefaces, and added visual illustrations.

If you want to have this kind of video testimonial, you should have a trusted motion graphic designer.

Show tangible results

A great way to show tangible results is to use before and after photos. 

Clearly, before and after photographs are common in marketing. Because they work, they're everywhere. Consider this Elite dental patient testimonial that successfully exemplified how to use this technique wisely. 

We soon recognize the worth of the service owing to the customer outcomes when we use before and after images of the patient's teeth prior to their dental operation. Therefore, the emphasis is fully on their happiness–and their lovely smiles.

Outsource your video editing needs to KDCI

Suppose you already have the videos of your customers/clients. So, the next step is to hire the best people out there to produce high-converting video testimonials. Well, that’s something we can help you with! 

KDCI offers a full-service digital marketing solution to help you with your marketing needs. In addition, we have the manpower everyone could ask for. Our marketing specialists, video editors, and vetted writers can work hand in hand to help you launch a video testimonial that makes your brand a success story. 

Would you like to talk to us for a free consultation? Then, click the button below to get started! 

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