What To Look For a Data Entry Specialist When Hiring

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January 31, 2022
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Mark Daniel
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What To Look For a Data Entry Specialist When Hiring
KDCI Outsourcing
September 6, 2023

Data entry specialist jobs are in high demand in the era of big data. With roughly 2.5 quintillion bytes of data being generated every day, there must be experts who ensure these data are of sufficiently high quality before they’re used. However, data entry jobs only demand minimal requirements. As a result, freelancers dominate today’s job market for data entry. So how does this affect you? Well, your chances of having a bad hire are too high. In this blog article, we give you insights into the function of data entry specialists and what skills to look for in a promising candidate. Let’s begin by defining what a data entry specialist is.

What is a data entry specialist?

If there are people out there who enjoy compiling data, that’s data entry specialists. Yes! They can do it all day and all night without losing their cool. In general, data entry specialists work under administrative departments. Their tasks are primarily concentrated on converting a range of physical records from many sources into digital form. They look for information in databases and update data in computer programs on a typical day. But when the going gets tough, they also perform critical roles to meet strict deadlines. The following are the key functions of a data entry specialist:

  • Examining data for errors and identifying irrelevant information
  • Checking and updating data into relevant database
  • Conducting research and obtaining further information for incomplete documents
  • Creating spreadsheets with a high number of figures that are error-free
  • Responding to requests for information and access to pertinent files
  • Keeping tangible copies of data arranged to make retrieval easier

How much does it cost to hire a data entry specialist?

Most data entry specialist jobs are entry-level. So you’ve got nothing to lose even if you choose to hire today. Hourly salaries for data entry positions range from $10 to $17 per hour, according to PayScale. Meanwhile, the average hourly wage is $12.92.However, if these figures don’t sit well with you, you may want to outsource to a country with low labor costs. For example, consider the Philippines, the leading outsourcing destination globally. You can get premium support at half the price compared to many other countries. If you have all the luck in this world, you can get a decent data entry service for as low as $2-9 per hour. The Philippines houses the best outsourcing companies in the world. You just need to look for a trusted service provider to get the best service package.

In the heart of the office, an Asian boss and his newly hired data entry specialist is beaming with joy, engaging in a warm handshake following a successful hiring process. Their smiles radiate satisfaction, indicating the beginning of a fruitful professional journey together.

What makes a good data entry specialist, and how to hire the best?

Data entry jobs can be found in part-time, freelance, temporary, and full-time roles across various fields. And since it doesn’t require college degrees, the market is becoming saturated. There are over 142,242 data entry specialists currently employed in the US alone. With the growing number of professionals offering this service, how can you find the right fit for you? Below, we rounded up the data entry specialist skills to look for when hiring for data entry jobs.

Proficient typing skills

Speed is of utmost importance in data entry jobs. So it is no wonder why it is the number one skill businesses consider in hiring data entry professionals. Data is changing at a rate faster than ever before. Hence, data entry specialists must pick up the pace to deliver fast and accurate data entry. A skilled data entry expert should be able to type at a rate of 50-70 words per minute to get the job done in no time. Take note that typing speed is crucial, but so is precision. It’s pointless to type quicker if accuracy is lost. Before considering an applicant, make sure they pass a data entry typing test to measure their speed and accuracy. There are free tools out there that can help you with this. You just need to select what fits your requirements.

Knowledge of computer technology

Data entry tasks include using many computer software programs. That said, your applicant must be at least familiar with word processors, spreadsheets, and other record management software. Using database software is also a part of data entry functions. A data entry specialist may be expected to learn and utilize various types of software, such as a CRM system. However, this depends on your company’s business industry. Moreover, the data entry specialist should be competent to work with computer hardware. To do the work, the data entry specialist may be required to use printers, scanners, and other forms of computer hardware.

Exceptional communication skills

You don’t need a grammar nazi to perfect your data entry. But you can’t afford to have bad data due to spelling mistakes and sloppy grammar. Data entry specialists work with text and numbers. Therefore, literacy and numeracy skills have become essential in accurate data entry. Communication skills may be critical for some who work within teams. For example, data entry jobs entail answering customer calls and delivering information in most cases. Hence, verbal communication skills should be exceptional in this scenario. When selecting a candidate, you may include grammar tests in your assessment. It will help you evaluate the quality of their written skills, including spelling and grammar.

Basic research and data collection

Many organizations value research abilities in their employees. It is true, particularly in research-oriented professions like analysis and data management. Data may not always be available sometimes. And as data entry specialists, they must know where to look for it. For example, should they look into message boards? Is there a particular community where they can get information? Alternatively, certain Google search tactics could be useful. Whatever sort of research it is, a data entry specialist needs fundamental data collection skills and knowledge. The following data collection skills may be necessary for data entry tasks:

  • data analysis
  • obtaining pertinent information
  • determining the appropriate research problem
  • using data collecting technologies and methods
  • the capacity to recognize which sources of data are trustworthy

Time management and organization skills

While data entry is straightforward to accomplish, it needs a high level of time management and organization skills in repetitive operations. Data entry specialists come to work every day and spend many hours going over large amounts of data. However, their focus may fluctuate without time management and organization skills and eventually diminish. Aside from these attributes, some soft skills to also look for are attitude, patience, and teamwork skills. Bear in mind that nobody can maximize their hard skills without tapping into their soft skills. However, it requires a deliberate strategy to find the proper hard and soft skills mix. That said, you may need the help of a service provider to find the best talent for you!

Three dedicated Asian data entry specialists, nestled in a vibrant Philippine office setting, exude cheerfulness as they attentively work on their laptops, poised to deliver exemplary services to businesses.

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