Top 10 Reasons Why Online Retail Brands Outsource Graphic Design to the PH

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January 3, 2024
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Top 10 Reasons Why Online Retail Brands Outsource Graphic Design to the PH
KDCI Outsourcing
February 29, 2024

Balancing creativity, cost, and market relevance in graphic design is something that a lot of online retail brands struggle with. This is why leading brands like Tiffany & Co. and Adidas led to a global solution - outsourcing to the Philippines, a destination emerging as a graphic design hub for online retail brands.

The question is, why do online retail brands outsource graphic design to the Philippines? What are the advantages that this developing country can offer? Let’s answer those questions in this article.

1. Advanced Graphic Design Skills

One of the top reasons why online retail brands outsource graphic design work to the Philippines lies in the expertise of Filipino designers in contemporary graphic design techniques. This proficiency enables them to understand and apply design principles that effectively communicate a brand's message and appeal to its target audience.

Filipino designers are trained to craft designs that are not only visually appealing but also strategically aligned with the brand's marketing objectives. This includes an understanding of color theory, typography, layout, and visual hierarchy, all of which are essential in creating designs that attract and retain customer attention. 

This is further enhanced by companies like KDCI, who provide on-brand training to their graphic designers. This process involves mastery of the brand’s voice, values, and goals, which help them deliver excellent designs for your brand.

2. Innovative and Creative Talent

The vibrant creative culture in the Philippines significantly contributes to its appeal as a destination for outsourcing graphic design, especially for online retail brands looking to outsource. This culture fosters an environment where innovation and creativity are not just encouraged but celebrated. 

This ability is crucial in the online retail space, which is notoriously crowded and competitive. Brands are constantly vying for consumer attention, and standard, run-of-the-mill designs often fail to make an impact. Filipino designers, with their fresh and unique graphic design perspectives, can provide the creative edge that brands need to stand out.

This unique blend is particularly appealing to online retail brands that aim to appeal to a diverse, international audience. By offering designs that are both universally appealing and distinctively original, Filipino designers help brands carve out their own space in the digital marketplace.

3. Experience in Diverse Design Styles

Another reason why brands outsource graphic design to the Philippines is due to the versatility of Filipino graphic designers. This is shaped by their exposure to a wide array of both local and international design influences, something that an in-house design team can lack, which stands as a significant advantage for online retail brands targeting a global market. 

This exposure equips them with a unique capability to understand and integrate various aesthetic sensibilities and cultural nuances into their designs, making their graphic design work universally appealing yet distinctively nuanced.

Filipino designers, with their broad design vocabulary, can adeptly navigate through different styles - be it minimalist, contemporary, traditional, or avant-garde. This flexibility allows them to create designs that not only align with the brand's identity but also appeal to the cultural and aesthetic preferences of a global customer base.

4. Understanding of Digital and E-commerce Trends

The rapid growth of the digital sector in the Philippines has had a substantial impact on the capabilities of Filipino designers, particularly in the fields of e-commerce and online marketing. This environment has fostered a generation of designers who are not only creatively gifted but also highly attuned to the latest trends and best practices in the digital world.

Filipino designers, with their deep understanding of e-commerce dynamics, are adept at creating graphic design works that are more than just visually striking. They excel in crafting designs that are tailored to the nuances of online retail platforms, considering factors like user interface design, mobile responsiveness, and visual engagement.

Their designs are created with an inherent understanding of digital marketing strategies. This includes an awareness of how visuals impact consumer behavior online, the role of web design in search engine optimization (SEO), and the effectiveness of various graphic elements in social media marketing. 

5. Strong Graphic Communication Skills

Online brands also outsource graphic design because of the proficiency of Filipino designers in visual storytelling. This is a key asset in retail, where the ability to communicate brand messages clearly and effectively through graphics is essential. At the same time, it's also a common struggle in graphic design outsourcing to find designers who are both good at their work and communicating.

This ability to effectively communicate brand messages through graphics is crucial in the competitive world of online retail. For businesses looking to establish a strong online presence and connect with their audience, the visual storytelling expertise of Filipino designers is an invaluable resource.

Visual storytelling, at its core, is about conveying a narrative or message through visual media. Filipino designers excel in this area by creating graphics that do more than just attract the eye; they weave a story that resonates with the viewer. Such storytelling is crucial in building a connection with customers, especially in an online setting where direct, personal interaction is limited.

6. Flexibility

Another factor that pushes brands to outsource graphic design to Filipino designers is their flexibility, which allows them to create designs that fit with the requirements of different brands. Their experience in dealing with a diverse range of clients from various parts of the world has honed their ability to quickly understand and align with specific brand guidelines and aesthetics.

Filipino designers excel in blending a brand's core identity with fresh, innovative designs, suitable for both startups and established brands. Their skills ensure outsourced design work integrates seamlessly with existing branding, comparable to in-house designers.

This ability is particularly beneficial in the fast-paced online retail sector, where maintaining a cohesive brand image across various platforms – websites, social media, email campaigns – is essential for building brand recognition and customer loyalty.

7. Versatility 

The versatility of Filipino designers in handling a wide range of graphic design projects is a significant advantage for online retail brands looking for comprehensive graphic design solutions. Having designers who can cater to your various design needs can help you cope and set yourself apart in today’s fast-paced and diverse retail market.

Filipino designers possess experience and expertise that span across multiple facets of graphic design. This includes but is not limited to, web design, logo design, and product packaging, which requires a keen understanding of both aesthetic appeal and practical functionality. Moreover, their designs are not only eye-catching but also effectively communicate the product's brand and values.

Having a wide range of skills makes the Philippines a one-stop solution for all the design needs of online retail brands. Instead of coordinating with multiple design sources, brands can rely on a team of designers to handle their diverse graphic design needs, ensuring a cohesive and consistent visual identity across all their marketing and retail platforms. 

8. Rapid Technological Adaptation

The Philippines' reputation for rapid adaptation to new technologies and trends in digital design is a significant advantage for online retail brands looking to outsource graphic design and still stay ahead in a constantly evolving market. Filipino designers are recognized for their agility in embracing and mastering new design tools and software, placing them at the cutting edge of design technology.

Filipino designers stay abreast of the latest developments in digital design, from emerging design software to innovative techniques. This ensures that their graphic design services are always equipped with the most advanced tools and knowledge to create cutting-edge designs.

Their proficiency with new technologies extends beyond just using the latest software. It includes understanding how these new tools can be best utilized to enhance the design process and online retail experience. For example, they might leverage augmented reality (AR) to create immersive product previews or utilize advanced animation techniques to make digital advertisements more engaging.

9. Cultural Diversity in Design

The Philippines' rich culture has a great influence on its design aesthetics, creating a unique blend of Eastern and Western elements. The Filipino aesthetic that guides graphic designers is shaped by a history of diverse cultural interactions, resulting in designs that effortlessly combine the intricate and vibrant patterns of Eastern art with the bold and streamlined aspects of Western design. 

Moreover, the cultural diversity reflected in Filipino outsourced design services allows online retail brands to present themselves as inclusive and globally oriented. The ability to incorporate elements from various cultures into their designs helps these brands connect with a broader audience, making their products and services more appealing to customers from different backgrounds.

For online retail brands, leveraging the culturally diverse and unique design services offered by Filipino designers can be a strategic move. It not only enhances the visual appeal of their offerings but also positions their brand as diverse, inclusive, and globally relevant in today's interconnected world.

10. Strong Emphasis on Customer Satisfaction

Filipino designers are not just skilled artisans; they are also deeply committed to ensuring that when clients outsource their graphic design, they are fully satisfied with the work delivered. This service-oriented approach is ingrained in the Filipino work culture and is a critical aspect that sets them apart in the global outsourcing market.

This commitment to customer satisfaction means that Filipino designers are typically more open to feedback and revisions, ensuring that the final product truly aligns with the client's vision and requirements. They understand that in the online retail space, the success of their designs is measured not just by aesthetic appeal, but by how well they meet the business objectives of their clients.

For online retail brands, this means working with a partner who is genuinely invested in the success of their outsourced design services. The combination of artistic talent, technical proficiency, and a strong service ethic makes Filipino designers valuable allies in the highly competitive world of online retail.

Outsource Your Design Work to a Trusted Company in the Philippines

To successfully outsource graphic design to the Philippines, work with a trusted company that understands your needs, just like KDCI.

At KDCI, we can build you a team of talented graphic designers that can cater to your needs. They can design presentations, social media graphics, infographics, illustrations, videos, websites, and more. Our designers go through in-depth on-brand training, so you can rest assured that their works will reflect your brand’s messaging, voice, and values. View our full portfolio here.

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