Where to Outsource A Skilled Multimedia Designer in the Philippines

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May 15, 2024
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Top Outsourcing Agencies For Filipino Multimedia Designers
KDCI Outsourcing
May 15, 2024

How do you find a skilled and reliable multimedia designer who meets your requirements and fits your brand? With thousands of designers to choose from, the process of sourcing, screening, and hiring can easily get overwhelming

To avoid this daunting task, many companies choose to outsource their creative work to third-party service providers, especially to agencies in the Philippines, not only to streamline the hiring and onboarding process, but also to reduce costs and ensure quality.

Why Outsource Multimedia Design To The Philippines?

There are plenty of reasons to outsource to the Philippines, making it a top outsourcing destination for multimedia. The top reasons include lower labor costs, large pool of creative talent, and high English proficiency.

Being a developing country, the cost of outsourcing to the Philippines is up to 70% lower than those in Northern America. This provides a great opportunity for companies to reduce overhead costs and increase profitability.

Also, the Philippines is a hotbed for skilled professionals, particularly in the creative industry. There are hundreds of colleges and programs specializing in design and supporting the arts. Not to mention, the government supports the arts through various initiatives and accreditation standards, ensuring high-quality education and training for all designers and artists.

Lastly, among Asian countries, the Philippines is the second most proficient country when it comes to English communication. With no language barriers with English-speaking clients, Filipino designers are very well positioned in translating client vision into beautiful designs.

Top Multimedia Outsourcing Agencies For Various Business Needs

Looking for a multimedia designer you want to work with in the Philippines can be a very long and arduous process. That’s why it’s easier to outsource to a company or agency that will do most of the heavy lifting for you. 

Below is a list of outsourcing companies and design agencies that caters to various businesses, industries, and needs to help point you in the right direction.

1. KDCI Outsourcing

A leading outsourcing company established in 2011, KDCI Outsourcing specializes in creative design outsourcing. Their mission is to empower global brands by building the best offshore teams from the Philippines, providing best-in-class multimedia services that bring results.

Each multimedia designer at KDCI Outsourcing is skilled at graphic, audio/video editing, and animation, and are proficient in tools such as Adobe Creative Cloud, Autodesk Maya, and CoreIDRAW Graphic Suite. These allow them to create diverse and engaging multimedia content that enhance the digital presence and improve user engagement for clients.

For companies with varied or changing design requirements, who are looking to scale their operations, but are looking for a tailored solution where everything is done for you, KDCI Outsourcing is a great choice. They tailor outsourcing solutions to each client to ensure a great fit, and the biggest benefit of working with them is they do everything for you.

2. 7th Media Digital

A full-service digital development and production company in the Philippines, 7th Media Digital specializes in creating high-impact designs using cutting-edge IT solutions to support digital campaigns. They offer a diverse range of multimedia services ranging from explainer videos all the way to e-learning.

They have an in-house team of multimedia artists who are skilled at various aspects of design, including graphic design, audio/video editing, and animation. They are also proficient in industry-standard multimedia tools and use their technical skills to provide diverse multimedia solutions to meet their clients’ requirements.

For those looking to hire offshore multimedia artists, especially for specific web-related projects, 7th Media Digital is a good choice. Their extensive experience with IT solutions and web design allows them to tailor their multimedia content, enhancing the overall web experience.

3. Creative Pool

Creative Pool is an outsourcing company that connects companies with creative professionals. They link you with creative agencies, freelancers, and employees so you can find the best designer for your needs. 

With thousands of creative professionals in its database, you can use their website’s search function, you may select multimedia designers based on skill level, type of employment, and other filters. 

The benefit of working with Creative Pool is you can find both agencies and individuals in their database. This flexibility is great for those who are not yet certain about their design requirements and would like to explore both options. And with their large pool of profiles to choose from, it’s easy to find very specific skills and background that you’re looking for.

4. Online Jobs

Online Jobs is a virtual marketplace that helps you find creative talent through their website. Companies can find skilled Filipino freelancers, including multimedia designers, based on their preferences. 

Among the many creative roles they have available, they have a large variety of multimedia artists’ profiles you can choose from. You can also select the specific multimedia skills you require when searching for the designer you want to hire.

Because of this wide selection, you can find a freelancer who can perform multimedia tasks for you at different rates and work arrangements. A great benefit to working with Online Jobs is they allow you to create posts on their job board, which simplifies the search process.5

5. Remote Staff

Remote Staff is a Philippine-Australian outsourcing agency that connects you with professionals, including multimedia designers. Their website displays various profiles, with their specific set of skills, level of proficiency, and even a short audio introduction.

The multimedia designers in Remote Staff cover a wide range of skills and expertise. Moreover, with their profiles and CVs clearly accessible online, it’s easy to screen candidates before committing to work with them.

As an Australian-owned agency that caters to entrepreneurs, Remote Staff is a great option for individual entities or SMBs in Australia looking for a handful of remote multimedia designers. You can pore through their wide range of profiles till you find the ones you want to hire, and they provide after-hire support to help make sure your remote hires smoothly integrate with your environment.

6. August 99

August 99 is a full-service digital agency that is known for its comprehensive multimedia design services. They cater to IT, BPO, and fintech companies, and offer various creative solutions, and can support various digital initiatives.

Their multimedia designers are excellent at both illustration and visualization skills. They can create designs for both online media and print. Moreover, they’ve worked with a variety of industries, making them well-prepared to support any client in their creative endeavors.

For companies in the IT, BPO, and Fintech industries looking for multimedia designers to augment their digital marketing teams or efforts, August 99 is a great choice. As they specifically cater to these industries, they have excellent experience and skills that in-house teams may lack.

Choosing Your Multimedia Outsourcing Agency

It would be great if there’s fixed criteria you can use to select the best outsourcing agency for you. However, there is no one-size-fits-all answer. Sometimes, you need to sit down and discuss your requirements with each outsourcing vendor to discover whether you’re a great fit with them. To help simplify this process, below is a list of factors you should consider in your search

Design Expertise

When choosing an outsourcing agency to work with, it’s important to look for their expertise in multimedia. Does the company have a portfolio for past multimedia projects? How about case studies to showcase the success of said projects?

Target Market

Another thing to consider is the clientele of the agency. Some agencies specialize in multinational organizations, while others cater to SMBs or professionals. Some cater to clients from various industries, while some specialize in a handful of industries like IT and business services. These factors influence the types of contracts offered by the agency, and is also an indication of their capacity, letting you know whether they can easily meet your demands or not.

Target Industry

You should also look at the industry they specialize in. Are they a generalist agency, offering all kinds of services so you can outsource multimedia along with other services? Or are they an agency that specializes only on multimedia design and creative services? Depending on your need, whether you plan to outsource other functions or not, this can be an important consideration.

Level of Control

Lastly, how much control do you wish to have when outsourcing? Some agencies do all the work for you, offering end-to-end service. This means you only tell them your requirements, and they’ll handle everything from sourcing to onboarding, and even management. Meanwhile, there are agencies that let you have greater control. You can look at profiles and shortlist candidates yourself, and once onboarded, they are virtually your employees whom you manage.

Outsource Your Multimedia With Ease

Why spend days and weeks finding the multimedia designer that fits your requirements when you can partner with KDCI and we’ll do it all for you?

KDCI Outsourcing knows that you want to simplify your outsourcing process. That’s why when you build your team with KDCI, we handle everything from finding the right person to onboarding them so you can start working with them as soon as possible. We’ll source and vet candidates based on your requirements, train them on your brand, and onboard them so they can seamlessly integrate with your organization. 

Interested in outsourcing your creative work to KDCI? 

Check out our creative portfolio or contact us to learn more!

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