What Does It Mean to Outsource Ecommerce Call Center?

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January 25, 2023
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What Does It Mean to Outsource Ecommerce Call Center?
KDCI Outsourcing
September 6, 2023

Many retailers think handling all call center processes in-house is the only way to guarantee first-rate customer experiences. But over the years, the number of online shoppers worldwide has grown to 2.14 billion. This has left many Ecommerce businesses grappling with fluctuating customer inquiries.To cater to their growing customer base, high-growth businesses have started outsourcing Ecommerce call center solutions. They tapped highly-skilled professionals offshore and scaled their operations as big as their competitors. It resulted in higher profit margins and customer satisfaction levels.Ecommerce call center solutions are now a staple part of a solid customer service strategy. If you have yet to implement this in your business, you’re missing out on many opportunities.In this blog post, we talked about Ecommerce call center solutions, the services it offers, and the benefits it can provide for your business.

What is Ecommerce Call Center Solutions?

An Ecommerce call center solution is a customer service solution that helps retailers create a seamless customer experience across Ecommerce channels and platforms. It is divided into two types of call center solutions: inbound and outbound services.

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Inbound call center solutions handle incoming calls from customers. When customers need in-depth information about a product, they can contact the business, and an inbound agent can answer their inquiries. This type of call center solution is important in retaining and building long-term relationships with customers.On the other hand, outbound call center solutions perform outgoing calls to potential customers. An outbound agent can contact prospects on your lead list and introduce your product to them to convert them into sales. This type of call center solution is crucial in nurturing leads that result in higher conversions.To serve clients from North America and the UK, Amazon started outsourcing their Ecommerce customer service to the Philippines in 2018. Since then, Amazon’s customer service has earned a reputation for being among the best at helping and delighting customers worldwide.

Different Types of Ecommerce Call Center Solutions

Ecommerce call center solutions have a wide range of inbound and outbound customer support services. Here are some of the services your Ecommerce customer service may need to increase your customer satisfaction and drive more revenues for your business:

Live phone answering service

It’s a type of customer support where an agent handles inbound calls from customers. This service provides detailed explanations of a service or a product. Here, agents follow a script that is customized in accordance with their client’s brand guidelines. Once they receive an important customer inquiry, they communicate it with the company they are representing.Ecommerce businesses outsource live phone answering services to ensure a real human attends to their customers’ needs 24/7. Instead of diverting a customer to a voicemail, an agent picks up the call and resolves customer issues. It is the strategy of most businesses to extend the hours of their customer support and respond to customers across different time zones.

Order taking and processing service

Businesses use this service to streamline taking and processing online order entries in marketplaces. It provides customers with a frictionless journey from placing orders to checking them out. Apart from taking and processing orders, this service also answers inquiries from tracking to fulfilling customers’ orders. This is to ensure the successful delivery of packages in a timely manner.Order taking answering service is among frequently outsourced services for faster order fulfillment. It also helps retailers reduce their cart abandonment rates and increase their average order value. In addition, it utilizes upselling and cross-selling techniques to maximize online sales in every customer interaction.

Help Desk Support

Help desk support is essential to providing excellent customer service. This type of customer support assists customers with concerns related to products. For example, when customers complain about the quality of their orders, they may reach out to help desk agents to process product refunds. They can also process other requests, such as processing returns or cancellations.Moreover, help desk support is necessary for products that require assembling or installation. For instance, a customer has purchased window blinds. They can contact the help desk agent to assist them with the installation. This gives customers more value for their money which encourages repeat business and customer loyalty.

Customer Satisfaction Survey

Companies that want to measure customer satisfaction levels often outsource customer satisfaction surveys. This helps them collect feedback about their products from end users, usually on a scale of 1 to 5. By understanding the likes and dislikes of customers, they can improve their products and offer a more positive customer experience.Customer satisfaction surveys are an integral part of market research. Apart from determining product-related satisfaction, it also measures the effectiveness of after-sales and customer service. This data allows businesses to devise better marketing strategies and improve customer insights.


This type of outbound call center solution is geared toward generating interest in your brand. When your product is new in the market, a skilled telemarketer can perform cold calling and reach out to your prospects. Typically, telemarketers introduce your product to prospects, share relevant information with them, and arrange a meeting or demo if necessary.The function of telemarketing focuses on building brand awareness rather than selling a product directly to customers. That means a telemarketer should understand your unique value proposition and what your brand stands for. Telemarketing prepares the ground for actual selling, making it simple for your sales team to close deals.


Telesales, on the other hand, deals with converting leads into sales over the telephone. This service works hand in hand with telemarketing to ensure prospects make a final purchase. An effective telesales team uses customer data to improve your upselling and cross-selling techniques. As a result, you increase your conversion rates while minimizing your costs per sale.Furthermore, your telesales team stays up-to-date with your latest product offerings. To encourage repeat business, they cold call customers who have previously purchased from your business. Not only do they help boost your sales, but they also increase your customer lifetime value.

Benefits of Outsourcing Ecommerce Call Center Solutions

Ecommerce call center solutions have helped many companies achieve better results by doing less. Here’s how outsourcing Ecommerce call center services benefits your Ecommerce business:

Low-cost customer support

Outsourcing Ecommerce call center solutions enables you to cut payroll costs. When you hire an agent from an outsourcing service provider, you only pay for the service you require. You don’t need to worry about the office space, equipment, and training, as these are shouldered by your outsourcing partner. By moving from in-house to offshore customer support, you save more on labor costs and allocate it to more important investment in your company.

Maximize in-house staff’s productivity

Ecommerce call center solutions can augment your existing customer support team during peak business seasons. An offshore agent can give your team greater flexibility in processing high-volume orders. This results in increased productivity and protects your in-house staff from being overwhelmed with unexpected customer inquiries.

Improve customer satisfaction

Providing 24/7 customer support over the phone creates higher customer satisfaction. If you want to be accessible even after business hours, you should outsource Ecommerce call center solutions. Customers can have split-second decisions when it comes to placing your orders on their carts. So make sure you can pick up their call and delight them with timely and efficient assistance. This will likely reduce your shopping cart abandonment rates.

Gain competitive advantage

Businesses that have outsourced are more likely to achieve better profit margins than their competitors. Some of your competitors are not playing the long game. They don’t see the importance of scaling up to counter their future growth challenges. Leverage outsourcing so you can focus on your core competencies while an offshore team handles your administrative tasks.

Increase online sales

Your Ecommerce business can reach more customers and sell high-value products with the help of Ecommerce call center services. Outsourcing companies employ highly-skilled agents to help you convert prospects into repeat buyers and brand advocates. With more repeat business, you increase your online sales and create a steady flow of income for your business.

Outsource Ecommerce Call Center Solutions to the Philippines

Get the same advantages as Amazon has by outsourcing your Ecommerce customer support to the Philippines. Reduce your labor costs by up to 70% and hire highly-trained customer support agents. Build a large customer base and become a successful seller on major marketplaces.Here at KDCI, we help Ecommerce businesses manage their increasing volume of customer inquiries across top communication channels. Aside from phone support, we also offer email&chat support, and social media support to provide your customers with a multichannel customer experience.Through our extensive quality assurance and industry-above first call resolution (FCR) rate, we can help you achieve the highest customer satisfaction level and fast-track your sales growth.Click the button below to get a FREE consultation with one of our experts today!Contact Us

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