Why Should You Outsource Marketing to the Philippines?

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July 2, 2024
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Top 5 Reasons to Outsource Marketing to the Philippines
KDCI Outsourcing
July 1, 2024

What is Outsourced Marketing?

Outsourced Marketing, also known as offshore marketing, is when you are allowing an outside agency to take care of your marketing needs. Many companies offer outsourced marketing services and have an outsourced marketing team of trained professionals who will support your business.

Why Outsource Marketing to the Philippines

The Philippines is known for being the outsourcing capital of the world, making it an ideal location to outsource marketing. It has plenty of opportunities to help you achieve your marketing goals and grow your business. Many corporations have found that the Philippines has a lower cost of labor compared to many other countries, and a variety of outsourced marketing services, causing its popularity among other outsourcing destinations.

According to Manila Standard, the BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) industry is expected to increase by 7% in revenue growth in 2024. This growth is not just expected in major areas in the Philippines such as Manila, but in smaller areas such as Davao and Clark as well. 

The integration of AI among corporations in the Philippines has helped businesses evolve and become more technologically advanced. These developments have given individuals the opportunity to become more knowledgeable in market research and web development. When outsourcing marketing to the Philippines, many professionals are skilled in using the newest marketing technology, supporting your company for the future.

There are many benefits when you outsource your marketing to the Philippines and we've provided a list of reasons to consider this option!

1. Cost Efficient

One of the most attractive benefits of outsourcing to the Philippines is how much you can save by offshoring to the Philippines. By outsourcing marketing services, you are able to save about 60% in overhead labor costs.

Finding experienced employees in the field of marketing can be challenging and costly. Many companies are looking for alternative options that are cost-efficient while still maintaining quality. The solution several companies have found is to outsource marketing to the Philippines.

In comparison to Western countries, the average salary of a marketing employee in the Philippines is up to 70% lower than that in the United States. Besides the labor cost, outsourcing to the Philippines can lower overall expenses. When you outsource, you pay one flat fee, while your outsourcing partner covers all other expenses such as employee benefits, equipment, and utilities.

With the lower labor costs here in the Philippines, your company has the flexibility of being able to reallocate your funds to other areas of your organization. Having the benefit of lower labor costs, you also have the ability to maximize your ROI (return on investment).

2. Skilled Workforce

With a large pool of skilled individuals, the Philippines is home to many professionals experienced in the fields of SEO (search engine optimization), graphic design, web development, content creation, and outsourced sales and marketing. Many outsourcing companies are able to incorporate technical expertise when it comes to marketing, SEO, and SEM (search engine marketing).

According to the PSA (Philippine Statistics Authority), 60% of Filipino professionals are also proficient in English and are able to discuss a variety of subjects when it comes to the world of business. They are able to clearly communicate with English-speaking clients, as well as understand your preferences and company branding. Such communication ensures high-quality work and seamless collaboration when it comes to outsourcing and marketing.

The cumulative benefits of working with experienced professionals, with English proficiency, and great communication abilities, create a skilled workforce that can meet any of your business needs as having individuals with a diverse set of talents can assist you in reaching your marketing goals and business objectives.

3. Time Zone Convenience

The time zone advantage (Being 13-16 hours ahead of most Western countries) in the Philippines can benefit many businesses that operate globally, specifically those in Western countries. 

Moreover, the Philippine time zone overlaps with the business hours of the United States, Canada, several parts of Europe, and Australia, providing 24/7 operational flexibility.

This allows for real-time communication, and extended operational hours, and also supports faster project execution, which creates opportunities for enhanced productivity globally.

These benefits give a strategic advantage when outsourcing marketing to the Philippines, giving your company a unique edge against the competition. 

4. Diverse Marketing Experience

Outsourcing marketing to the Philippines provides access to a wide range of individuals who specialize in traditional and digital marketing, email marketing, content creation, graphic design, and social media management. With experience in these areas, they can create unique, effective, and successful marketing campaigns for your business.

Professionals in the Philippines are also especially skilled in the field of digital marketing. There are also many benefits of outsourcing digital marketing such as global reach, personalization, and target advertising, making digital marketing outsourcing ideal for many businesses. Several companies outsource a team of digital marketers since there are many businesses that offer appealing digital marketing services, here in the Philippines.

Many Filipino marketers are also able to use data-driven insights and leverage analytics to track campaign performance. By using analytics and data-driven insights, you are able to optimize your marketing strategy, enhancing results. 

Having these experienced marketers with a wide range of experience and analytics expertise gives you the ability to continuously improve your marketing tactics based on consumer interest.

5. Scalability

Through outsourcing marketing to the Philippines, your business can build a team that adapts to market demands, while also being cost-effective. Because they tailor services to your needs, they can seamlessly accommodate changes without any problems.

Moreover, these marketers are well equipped with a variety of specialized skills for any project, improving your campaign's results.

Scalability also helps in reducing risks with certain marketing campaigns by enabling you to quickly adjust any resources and manage them in an effective manner. This flexibility provides a “safety net” that lets your company avoid major losses while adapting to challenges.

Outsource Marketing to the Philippines

When outsourcing marketing, we understand that it can be difficult to find professionals who understand your unique vision and provide effective solutions for challenges you may face in the marketing world.

Discover a new level of outsourced marketing with KDCI Outsourcing. As a marketing outsourcing agency, we take marketing outsourcing to a new level, ensuring you reach your marketing goals by building an offshore marketing team that collaborates well with your organization. We provide a large talent pool and can tailor our services to your needs, creating an effective solution for any challenges you may face.

Learn more about marketing outsourcing. Contact us today!

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