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Reasons why Shopify is the Best Platform for eCommerce Websites

Setting up an eCommerce website can both be intimidating and challenging for business owners. Aside from hosting and design templates, it can also be confusing to select a platform to use. Shopify is one of the most popular for eCommerce, and the majority of the developers recommend it. It shouldn’t come as a surprise too, as Shopify has proven throughout the years that it is capable of supporting business growth through its design, functionality, as well as the progressive nature of its community.

At KDCI, our expert web development team has firsthand experience of just how great Shopify is; they have a solid understanding of the platform and what it achieves by utilizing it. Our developers and digital managers are all more than capable of creating the perfect eCommerce website with Shopify. Working with the platform allows our clients to access a complete eCommerce website that is rich in features and optimized to its full potential. With that, here are five reasons why we think Shopify is the best platform for eCommerce websites.

1. Effective Product Management

Whatever you’re selling, managing products using a website can be challenging and intensive. With Shopify, you’ll have features like product administration, inventory management, and stock control. Shopify has the most thoughtful and well-considered eCommerce product management interface compared to other platforms. The accounting software installed is integrated with labels and packaging slips, making it simple, fast, and easy to manage products for store managers.

2. Solid Performance and Security Patches

Shopify websites come with enhanced store performance already pre-installed. Loading speeds are always as fast as your connection allows. Performance and site load speed are both essential in retaining customers as they deliver positive and rewarding user experience when shopping online. Aside from the speed advantage, hosting from Shopify includes regular security updates that are automatically passed on to every merchant. You can stress way less because this all happens in the background while you don’t have to think about it.

3. Easy Installation and Set-up

All of the must-have features are already included and ready to go when you first use a Shopify website. Features like integrated payments, product management, and analytics are all included in the base model — it makes startup easy for small businesses. Store owners can spend their valuable time in setting things up: adding products and serving customers rather than the problematic implementation process.

4. Vast Supportive Community

Fast and responsive support is available for Shopify and its communities through multiple platforms. Even the smallest merchants have access to the help they often need to troubleshoot and improve their website. You can post in their slack channel and forums, and you’ll find a dynamic and engaged community who are ready to help solve your eCommerce challenges.

5. Advanced Customization

For many businesses, custom solutions are an essential part of the way they sell products online. Shopify is well built to work with custom design interfaces. The base-level options for Shopify are already extensive and can accommodate most of the business needs, but it is also flexible enough that it can also handle custom product services. Shopify can push boundaries, and often than not, custom interfaces are the best option.


These are the primary reasons why we believe that Shopify is the best eCommerce platform: it is the best choice for small merchants and bigger, evolving businesses. If you’re planning an eCommerce startup, or want to improve an existing website, our designers and developers are happy to be committed to Shopify. It is rewarding for the whole team to help smaller merchants with instant guidance and quick fixes and develop sophisticated solutions for larger companies.


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